13 Non-Super Powers That’ll Convince You The Person Who Gave Birth To You Is From Another Planet

Moms are seriously the superheroes of every household. Not only are they the glue that literally holds everything together, they also have some terrifying and incredible superpowers.

The most incredible superpower mami has is telepathy. She can literally read your mind.

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Me: *thinks about asking mom to stay the night with my bestie*

Mom: Te vas a quedar aquí esta noche.

Me: How did you even know?! ?

Mom: *taps her temple*

Most people have five sense, she has a sixth sense that tells her when you are up to no good.

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She. Always. Knows.

She hears everything you say even when she’s deep in chisme conversation with her comadre.

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And you know that a “shh” to her friend doesn’t mean anything good for you.

She has her own arsenal including the chancla…

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The only superhero weapon that can make civilizations crumble.

…and her handy-dandy cinturón.

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Even superheroes need that nuclear option.

She even has a sidekick, a.k.a. papi, who always has her back and makes sure (her) justice is delivered.

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That is one united front that nobody is ever going to be able to break.

Moms legit have the echolocation skill which helps them find anything in the house.

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Doesn’t matter if you search for one minute or one week, she will always find it before you.

She. Is. Everywhere.

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Seriously. Either she has her own army of minions or she is the only person on earth able to be multiple places at one time.

She even has a secret identity, like when she answers the phone nicely after ruthlessly tearing you apart.

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Mom to me: ? ? “¡Te lo juro! If you talk to me like that again, I will smack the teeth to the back of your head!”

Mom when person answers phone: ?? “¡Hola mi niña! Cuentame. ¿Como estuvo la boda de tu hija?”

She can also become completely invisible just waiting for you to act up.

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Are you sure there is no one waiting for you to get home?

Two words: super strength.

CREDIT: Barcroft TV / YouTube

She will lift any piece of furniture in the house and she will also endure tremendous amounts of pain just to see her babies smile.

Her powers aren’t only used to scold you. She uses them for good like to show up at random times just to be by your side when you need her.

CREDIT: The Flash / DC Comics / Warner Bros. Entertainment / The CW / DavidSoboz / YouTube

No distance is too great to keep mom from taking care of her baby.

Because have you ever seen mom and Wonder Woman in the same room?

CREDIT: Wonder Woman / Bruce Lansbury Productions / christopherjonesart / Tumblr

Didn’t think so.

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You Will Cry Tears Of Joy When You See This Abuela Doing a Mariachi Howl After Getting Surprised On Her 93rd Birthday


You Will Cry Tears Of Joy When You See This Abuela Doing a Mariachi Howl After Getting Surprised On Her 93rd Birthday

Abuelas are the best. They’re wise, fierce, cranky, and, if you’re lucky, they are so loving. That is why it’s so important to pay them the respect they’ve earned, while also celebrating their incredible life. People should honor their grandparents each year as if it’s their last — and in a way that they’d love.

That’s exactly what one family did for their grandmother.

A family in Arizona surprised their 93-year-old abuela on her birthday and holy hell was it sweet.


As soon as nana opened the door, her family started playing mariachi music, and she loved it! We have no idea how many people were in that house, but by the sounds of it, there was a lot. Her stunned face clearly showed she had no idea a birthday party in her honor would be behind the door.

The coolest part is seeing this cute abuelita do a mariachi howl.


She seemed so ecstatic not only to be celebrating her birthday with her family, but also to be celebrating herself. Reaching that 93rd year is an incredible accomplishment and you can tell she was happy for herself.

The tweet — posted by @Bracamonteee21 — has since gone viral and has been retweeted more than 30,000 times.

“Thank you all for your kind words ???????? I’ll be going over to my nana house today to show her ❤️????,” @Bracamonteee21 tweeted. Although the family celebrated their nana’s birthday on March 25, today is actually her birthday. @Bracamonteee21 tweeted today: “Lunch with nana for her birthday ????❤️.”

Here’s some of peoples reaction to this heartwarming video.

She was so happy!

We live for these kinds of tweets.

If we’re not crying happy tears, then what’s the point?

We must see how they celebrate her 94th birthday.

She is everyone’s nana now.

The afterlife should feel like this kind of party.

We can only hope.

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These Are The Awkward Stages You Go Through When You And Your Mom Look Exactly Alike


These Are The Awkward Stages You Go Through When You And Your Mom Look Exactly Alike

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that my mom and I look like sisters, I’d be rich AF. And although it seems like nothing but a short and sweet compliment, it’s a little more complicated than that.

It starts with people pointing out that you and your mom look *exactly* alike.


I mean, she *is* my mom.

They comment that you look like sisters and, of course, your mom reacts like this:


Oh si, muy shy.

But as the daughter, you react like this:


*pretending it’s not the 400th time I’ve heard this*

As soon as you reveal that you’re not sisters, but mother and daughter, people react in complete shock.


“Really?! NAW. You’re lying.”

They’ll look at the two of you over and over in complete disbelief.


“¿Como que hermanas? ES IMPOSIBLE.”

And you KNOW she loves hearing that shit.


This is my mom every. single. time.

Things then start to get a little awkward when you’re out in public with your mom and dad, and people think your dad is out with his two daughters.


This happened to me at a public restaurant more than once.

Even more annoying are your immature guy friends who talk about how hot your mom is.


“Damn your mom looking good. Tell her I said wassup.” No.

Every time your mom was at your school for open house or parent conferences, all of those annoying boys would walk by her like this:



After hearing ‘you two look like sisters’ soooo many times, you’d begin to question yourself: “Do I look old AF or is it just my mom who looks young as hell?”


Which one is it?…

Despite these little annoyances, the good thing is that when you get older you’ll also carry on these fabulous genes.✨


Well, hopefully.

Work itttt, young lookin’ moms! ??


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