20 Bruja Spells You Can Cast to Improve Your Life Right This Very Minute

Ever wish you could say a few magic words and make your problems disappear? Well you can. Okay, maybe it’s not that simple, but Brujx covens have been casting hechizos (spells) for centuries and swear by the results. We’ve laid out 20 simple spells you can cast right now with everyday items. Because with the witching season approaching, what better time to test your powers?

1. Casting a Circle

Credit: Instagram. @theessentialhippy

You’ll need: table salt

“Casting a circle”, or creating a safe space for yourself to cast hechizos is the start of any good Brujx practice. This can be anywhere, but make sure to clean the surface before you begin. Then sprinkle salt around in a circle as wide as you are tall. Make sure the circle is complete and unbroken. Now you’re ready to begin, Brujx!

2. This Simple Spell to Help a Friend

Credit: Instagram. @jessii_1991

You’ll need: A candle, a bowl of water

Light the candle and let it sit in the bowl of water. While it burns, cup your hands over the flame and say: “Help arrives to [friend’s name] tonight. Answers arrive to [friend’s name] tonight. Peace arrives to [friend’s name] tonight.” Repeat three times, then picture your friend’s face in your mind while you blow the candle out.

3. This Spell to Trap Negativity

Credit: Instagram. @bonewitch

You’ll need: A jar with a lid, a candle, seven stones roughly the same size

Light the candle and arrange the seven stones around it in a circle. Place the jar between you and the candle. Place one stone in the jar, then drip three drops of melted wax from the candle on top of it. Replace the candle and say, “Seal away this evil, never to be released”. Repeat these steps until all the stones are in the jar, then seal it and blow out the candle. Put the jar away somewhere safe, and never open it.

4. This Spell to Expel Bitterness from Your Life

Credit: Instagram. @littleoak_ontheroad

You’ll need: a lemon, a black cloth or towel, a shovel and a place to bury something

Wrap the lemon tightly in the black cloth. Find a private, quiet place and dig a whole deep enough to bury it. Hold the lemon with both hands and your feet grounded in the earth. Say, “I release this past that no longer serves me. I send it to its grave”. Bury the lemon, then walk away in a straight line, without looking back.

5. A Spell to Invite Success into Your Life

Credit: Instagram. @violetforestcreations

You’ll need: a real feather, a candle (preferably yellow), and an outdoor space

First, cast a circle of protection around your outdoor space (see #3). Then, light the candle and catch the end of the feather on fire. Let the feather go and while it falls to the ground, focus intently on the success you want to see. It’s okay if it doesn’t burn completely. As always, be careful that you’re in an open space with nothing flammable around!

6. This Spell to Let Go of Pain

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You’ll need: a raw egg, a pen, running water (this can be anything from a river to your bathtub!)

Sit facing the water and take a moment to reflect on your pain. While you do, select one word about your trouble that sticks out in your mind, and write it on the shell of the egg. It could be a person’s name, a feeling, a place, whatever feels right in the moment. Press the egg to your heart and take a slow breath. Then crack it against a hard surface and let the yolk be washed away in the water. Say, “I will heal now” three times. Dispose of the shell in any way you want- it is not significant once it’s empty.

7. This Spell to Attract Your Crush

Credit: Instagram. @anjalidarji

You’ll need: a clean piece of paper, a red pen, a red or pink candle, and an outdoor space

Best done on the night of a new moon. First, cast a circle of protection around your outdoor space (see #3). Light the candle. On the piece of paper, write your full name. Fold the paper in half, and write your crush’s full name over yours on the other side. Catch the corner of the paper in the flame, and let it fall to the ground while you focus on your crush’s face. Make sure the fire is fully out, then blow out the candle.

8. This Spell to Bring Your Soulmate To You

Credit: Instagram. @slatepencilseller

You’ll need: 1 white candle, 1 red candle, one piece of red cloth, a piece of chalk

First, let go of any ideas you have about a specific person. This spell will bring a true soulmate to you, and it can’t work if it’s blocked by someone already in your life. Light both candles. With the chalk, draw a heart around them, and slowly move them closer while thinking about the qualities you want in an ideal partner. When the candles touch, tie the piece of cloth around them, then blow them out.

9. A Charm You Can Carry to Land Your Dream Job

Credit: Instagram. @sterkhovart

You’ll need: lavender oil, 3 cloves of garlic, a small bag

Dribble three drops of lavender oil on each clove (leave them in their paper wrapping). Close the garlic in a small bag, seal it tight, and carry it with you to your interview for extra good vibes.

10. A Spell to Open Doors to Opportunity

Credit: Instagram. @_rukodeliye_detskiyevikroyki_

You’ll need: Sand, a piece of yellow cloth, a needle and thread, a pen or marker

Write your full name and your goal on the piece of cloth. Place a small amount of sand over the words, then gather the cloth and sew it shut. Keep the charm near your bed and repeat your goal out loud every night before you sleep.

11. This Spell to Achieve Calmness

Credit: Instagram. @arayachongxoxo

You’ll need: A candle, a smooth stone, a bowl, water, music

Light the candle and place it next to the bowl. Fill your bowl with clean water, and place your stone in it. Take three deep breaths to cleanse your body and mind, and exhale into the bowl each time. Remove the stone from the water and carefully dry it over the flame of the candle, while maintaining calm, deep breaths. Once the stone is dry, blow out the candle. Carry the stone with you to keep a calm energy around you at all times.

12. This Spell for a Good Night’s Sleep

Credit: Instagram. @iamsodeluxe

You’ll need: Fresh lavender or lavender oil.

Sit in a dark, quiet room and close your eyes. Dab the lavender oil on your wrists and your temples, or gently rub the fresh lavender into the same places. Inhale deeply and exhale saying,” “Rest and renew” three times. Repeat the steps twice more and go immediately to bed.

13. This Spell to Find Inner Strength

Credit: Instagram. @voidscribbles

You’ll need: a smooth stone, a marker or a print out

Draw an Aztec strength symbol, or print one out and trace over it, as long as your hands cover the markings. Place the stone at the center and stand with your feet apart and head tilted upwards. Say, “a well of power, I bring to my surface. It is already in me.” The more forcefully you say this, the more strength you will likely find.

14. This Spell to Help Make an Important Decision

Credit: Instagram. @knowledgeisinfinite

You’ll need: paper, a blue pen, a red pen, a place to bury something

Having a hard time choosing between two people, places, or things? Just before you go to bed, go outside to a quiet, private place. With the blue pen, write your first option down. Flip the paper over, and write the second option with the red pen. Fold the paper so that both words are hidden, then bury it at least three inches in the ground. Walk three times in a circle around, with your right hand extended over the spot where you buried the paper, then turn around and walk three times in the other direction with your left hand over it. Go to sleep, and when you wake up, you’ll have your answer!

15. This Charm to Help Ace a Test

Credit: Instagram. @skeleton_key_homestead

You’ll need: fresh mint, a small feather, a piece of string

Mint brings us clarity and focus, while feathers symbolize lightness and freedom. Tie a sprig of mint to a small feather (a real one, not plastic) and carry it with you as a talisman to your next exam.

16. A Spell to Bring Wealth and Prosperity

Credit: Instagram. @rwr4a

You’ll need: a penny, white vinegar, a jar with a lid

This is not a spell to win the lottery, or find buried treasure, but rather to bring prosperity into your life over time. Pour several inches of white vinegar into a clean jar. Press the penny between your hands while focusing on your successes and strengths. When the penny is warm, drop it into the jar and seal it shut. Once a day, touch the lid of the jar and say “I will what is mine” out loud. After seven days, place your shiny, clean penny somewhere safe.

17. This Spell for Healing and Self Love

Credit: Instagram. @bluedragonmedicine

You’ll need: a white candle, a photo of yourself (with no one else)

Best performed at night during a new moon. First, cast a circle (see #3) somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. Light a white candle and inhale deeply. Hold the photograph in the light of the candle and say “You are worthy of goodness, greatness, love and life. What has harmed you does not define you”. Repeat three times, alternating with deep, cleansing breaths.

18. This Spell to Open Doors

Credit: Instagram. @marie_cher

You’ll need: white chalk, an empty wall

Just to be clear, we mean doors of opportunity, not actual doors. For those you need a locksmith. First, clean a space on the wall by wiping it with cool water, add essential oils or mint leaves if you want. Dry it with another, clean cloth. With the chalk, draw a door large enough for you to walk through. Decorate the door however your spirit moves you, but be sure to include a handle. When finished, press both hands against the door and push as hard as you can while focusing on your goal. Sleep. The next morning, erase the door with a clean cloth.

19. This Spell to Invite Humor and Laughter into Your Life

Credit: Instagram. @matt.ferr

You’ll need: a white candle

Best performed on a day when you have no obligations or stressors. Light your candle, and bring to mind a happy memory. Visualize a powerful, white light filling you from head to toe. Hold your hands open and say, “joy, happiness and love, fill my life from above!” three times.

20. A Spell to Protect a Loved One

Credit: Instagram. @lubashivaya

You’ll need: A photo of your loved one, a bowl of water, a candle

A white magic practicing Brujx takes care of her kin. If you have a loved one in trouble, first, cast a circle (see #3). Then, place their photo in a shallow bowl of water. Light a white candle and place it in the bowl over the photo and position both hands palm down over it. Say, “[Their name] I protect you with these words. Safe from danger, safe from harm” three times. Allow the candle to burn until it goes out.

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The Spanish ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Is Being Shared To Honor Hispanic Workers Fighting COVID-19

No Pos Wow

The Spanish ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Is Being Shared To Honor Hispanic Workers Fighting COVID-19

There’s no denying that the world looks a lot different now than it did in 1947. And while the list of all of the positive changes that the decades stretching between now and then have done for the world and minorities, a recent campaign is also highlighting the ways in which our current president could take some notes on certain values the United States held dear during this time. Particularly ones that had been pressed for by one of our former presidents.

As part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Good Neighbor Policy” effort, he worked to promote positive and healthy relations between the United States in Latin American countries.

At the time Rooseveltaimed to ensure that the North, Central and South American countries avoided breaking under the influence of Axis countries during World War II. As part of this campaign, Roosevelt comissioned a Spanish and a Portuguese version of the U.S. national anthem. According to Time Magazine he also “recruited Hollywood to participate in this Good Neighbor Policy; Walt Disney went on goodwill tour of South America, hoping to find a new market for his films, and ended up producing two movies inspired by the trip: Saludos Amigos (1942) and The Three Caballeros (1944). The Brazilian star Carmen Miranda also got a boost, and her role in The Gang’s All Here made her even more famous in the U.S. And alongside these cross-cultural exchanges, the U.S. government decided it needed an anthem that could reach Spanish speakers.”

According to NPR, Clotilde Arias, wrote wrote the translation at the end of World War II, was born in the small Peruvian city, Iquitos in 1901 and moved to New York City to become a composer when she was 22-years-old. Her version of the anthem is now part of an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Now in an effort to support Latino communities affected by the coronavirus, the non-profit We Are All Human Foundation’s Hispanic Star campaign commissioned the a remake of the song.

Hoping to raise awareness of its Hispanic Recovery Plan and efforts to help to connect Hispanic small businesses and workers with resources during the pandemic, the campaign brought the old recording from obscurity.

For the song, the 2019 winner of the singing competition La Voz,  Jeidimar Rijos, performed “El Pendón Estrellado.” Or, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” 

The song has already received quite a bit of comments and support on Youtube.

Hang in there, fam. We can only get through this together.

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These Online Botanicas Will Satisfy The Bruja In You


These Online Botanicas Will Satisfy The Bruja In You

With young Latinxs reclaiming the bruja identity, the demand for access to novenas, herbs and other specially crafted ritual tools has grown tremendously. Luckily, these Latinx-owned online botanicas have made it easy for brujas, or anyone who wants to dive deeper into the practice, to get their hands on the goods. Whether you’re looking to conjure up more cash flow or secure some extra protection from those pesky mal de ojos, these shops have the magia you need.

1. The Flowerchild Bruja

You know you’ve received some real tesoro when you open your delivery and see the holographic cellophane. Unmistakable and unique products are what make The Flowerchild Bruja’s shop un cielo de flores. Garden Smudge Sticks adorned with colorful flowers and loose herbs packaged in clear hearts make this online botanica a must-visit if you’re looking to manifest more love and beauty into your life.

2. Brooklyn Brujeria

No forlorn-looking saints and pale stricken Marys here! Brookyn Brujeria offers a fresh and modern take on the classic bruja necessity of novena candles. At $10 a candle, you can enhance the vibrations and style of your space without blowing all your chavo. With intentions like Boss Bitch and F*ck Outta Here, these ain’t your abuelitas’ novenas.

3. The Hoodwitch Store

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Thank you for all of your love & support to those who have been readers and customers of @thehoodwitch over the years. ♥️You know truly how hard I work and that this is my livelihood and culture. Visual art and magic ARE my life and practice. Not a peach flavored “turquoise” glitter drink. My magic is in my blood, my magic is in my ability to bring life to my visions, it is creation & destruction. Over the last 6 years, I have been so honored and lucky to be featured in some of the largest media publications internationally not limited to Instagram. This is bigger than that and the creative team for Starbucks knew that. I have personally worked on consulting large companies in their design concepts this work comes naturally to me. “So what’s the big fuss?” My personal style has become synonymous with the visual aesthetic of my brand. No, I absolutely did not “invent” the crystal balls nor acrylic nails but What I created was a space for myself along with other POC to feel represented and have visual imagery that was representative of us. The colorful candles of my local botanicas, my gold jewelry, and my long nails clutching my crystals are certainly not “new” but to see them presented in a manner that I shared visually in this space was. Katherine de Vos Devine @devosdevine is a lawyer and art historian who wrote a powerful and insightful look as to what exactly is happening with this situation and we are sharing it in our story today because more than anything she truly gives the full tea of the situation. I can strip away the crystal balls, the nail art, and delete all of my beautifully curated photos but I will always be me, I will always be my grandmother’s voices and wisdom. I will create, and I will always know my value and my worth. I trust and believe that my ancestors and my guides are looking after me. These giants may have the money to bully artists, creatives, and small business but we know the truth and absolutely must not allow it. As a small business owner, I appreciate you standing with us in this uphill journey and even if it goes nowhere, at the end of the day I can laugh to myself knowing that Starbucks made a drink inspired by HW 🔮

A post shared by The Hoodwitch® (@thehoodwitch) on

If you’re in the market for an obsidian scrying mirror, unique tarot decks or nail polish for your mystic manos, then The Hoodwitch Store is your one-stop bruja shop. Be sure to also check out the Bruja Bookshop tab, where you’ll find vintage, one-of-a-kind libros to up your witchy wisdom. The shop offers some rare finds en español as well. However, make sure you stay up to date on the latest inventory. These goods sell out fast!

4. House of Intuition

If you live in LA, you’ve most likely heard of House of Intuition. With four brick and mortar stores throughout the area, plus an online shop, it’s probably a wise investment to grab one of their “Success” intention candles. Their beautifully colored novenas aren’t the only reason to check out the shop, though. Seriously, this casa is staked with everything from crystals skulls, cauldrons and wands to a line called “Hair Mystics” featuring crystal-infused hair mists. You’ll be glad your intuition led you here.  

5. Lunar Magic Shop

Lunar Magic Shop is the super affordable and super thoughtful shop with some of our favorite bruja apparel. You will for sure want to grab the “My Mom Will Hex You” tee for the little one in your life or the “I Am My Own Sacred Place” one for yourself. While you’re at it, you might as well secure the “Motherhood”and “Student” crystal kit bags. This small shop definitely has the whole family’s brujeria needs in mind.

6. Curandera Press

While this shop is currently taking a small hiatus, they will re-launch on August 1. This gives us time to save up for a big vela haul. We could all use some divine intervention with lazy lovers and bad hair days, right? With Curandera Press’ “No Mas Amante Perezoso” and “Good Hair Day” velas, your prayers are answered. We’re excited to see what intentions they roll out next.

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