20 Facts About The Tumultuous and Painful Life Of The Artist Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo has gained attention across all corners of the globe for her artistry and work. Perhaps one of the greatest influences and well-known facts about her artistic narrative are the pain and perseverance of her life. Getting to truly know and understand Kahlo’s work is to understand her story.

Check out these 20 facts about Frida Kahlo, her life and her work.

1. Her name wasn’t actually Frida.

CREDIT: filmatic / Instagram

The artist you know as Frida today was actually given the name Frieda. In 1907 Frida Kahlo was born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón. Her name,  Frieda, came from the German word for “peace,” Friede. She dropped the from her name sometime in 1935 and has since been known as Frida.

2. She knew how to make an entrance at her art shows even when she was sick.

CREDIT: filmatic / Instagram

During the last years of her life, Kahlo found herself sick and suffering. Still, she didn’t let this hold her back.  painter was sick but she refused to allow this to keep her from celebrating her accomplishments. In 1953, she earned her first solo exhibition in Mexico and took an ambulance from the hospital to see it.

3. She loved to paint herself.

CREDIT: filmatic / Instagram

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