9 Tattoos Inspired By Frida Kahlo That’ll Make You Feel Confident About Your Next Ink Job

credit: @daftartattoo / Instagram

Throughout her artistic career, Frida Kahlo showed the world that life and death can exist in many forms. Lovers of the Mexican icon have immortalized her work and persona in many ways. For

some it has been through creating Kahlo-inspired pieces of merchandise, for others, it’s been through the retelling of her story. For the die-hards though, the true rebels that are in many ways just like Kahlo, ensuring her legacy has come by wearing their love for Kahlo quite literally on their sleeves. Or, skin.

Have your heart set on a tattoo dedicated to Frida but don’t really know what direction to take? Here are some of the coolest looks we could find!

1. This doodle-like tatto featuring the ultimate floral design.

CREDIT: @13moonstattoostudio/ Instagram

The next time you head to the tattoo shop, consider bringing your frida Kahlo tattoo design to new heights with a unique artistic take.

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