Just Gonna Leave This List of Fine Latinos Here In Case People Magazine Wants To Take That ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Title Back

Since People Magazine’s declaration of Blake Shelton as the “Sexiest Man Alive” it seems the internet has pretty much been up in arms. Most of the sentiment is that Blake Shelton’s looks are average at best.

Many believe the magazine is doing the world an injustice by mostly electing only white men (all but two men of color have ever been given the award. #sideeye).  Now, I’m not here to judge, shame or grill the country music star on his looks, but since the internet is talking about it…

Here’s a list of some of the babeliest, most ridiculously good looking Latinos who could blow People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title out of the water.

Alex Rodriguez

Ready. Set. Go. It’s Monday. #BigApple

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What? You’re gonna tell me that what’s good enough for J.Lo ain’t good enough for the world? This former shortstop is some hot stuff. Like, I’d trade in some priceless stuff just to be that grey turtleneck sweater grazing his chest for one hour. She knows, he knows it, we know it and Blake’s gotta know it.

Ricky Martin

Look, I know there’s a TON of women who can go weak at the knees just at the sight of a Blake Shelton smolder. Just look at Gwen Stefani! Still, what’s a weak knee compared to the feeling of inner combustion every woman has experienced at that cleft chin. Ricky Martin has been lighting up the fire in our loins since the ’80s, and hasn’t stopped for a break.

Diego Boneta

Pro Tip For Blake: Every man’s sexy factor goes up when they say they’re a feminist and act like it. The actor has got a boy next door face and charm. I’d watch him wash his BMX bike in his front yard while singing “You Belong With Me” all damn day.

William Levy

Good Night from #tokyo. Buenas noches desde #tokyo @residentevil #residentevilmovie love you all !!

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Does People Mag seriously think every woman alive wouldn’t want to wake up next to this? Over Blake Shelton? I mean, I don’t even need the real thing. I’d blow this photo up to poster size and hang it next to my bed just so I could be greeted by that face every morning. Buenos días, papi!

Jaime Camill

Not only does the “Jane The Virgin” star have a face that was sculpted out of pure marble by baby angels in heaven , but he’s got the charm and the sense of humor that makes him so much more than a pretty face. Still, that face is perfection.

Leonardo Nam

Happy Monday the 13th! Sending some love out today! ?

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Like I said, I’m not here to grill Blake but the Argentine-Korean “West World” actor 100 percent has a dog in this fight. Just look at that smile. Look at the beautiful buttery skin. I wanna rock his west world.

Benjamin Bratt

Rub-a-dub-dub…a man in a tub

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People Magazine, are you there? Are you really telling me that you don’t think the “Coco” actor hasn’t deserved the title of Sexiest Man Alive for years? Not when he was in “Miss Congeniality”? Or when he was dating Julia Roberts? Or now while he’s been gracing TV audiences with his chiseled jawline in “Stars”? Okay. You’re wrong.

Danny Pino

@TheDannyPino: Thank u Cathrine White for ur artistry, philosophy & care. #Prado

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Listen, have all fallen victim to the dimples of this man’s gleaming smile. I mean, look at him. Even the puppy can’t handle his hotness!


velvet s p l i s h #bespoke @iamisraelvalencia @_van__van_

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Miguel. Miguel, Miguel, Miguel. Ugh, can you even stand looking at him without swooning? He makes a bronze velour sweatsuit look damn good, and I didn’t think that was possible. He can sing into my ear all day and night.

Puss in Boots

Do we know if Puss in Poots counts as alive? LBR that voice makes us feel more alive than Blake’s ever could. We can thank Antonio Banderas for that. He’s brings a sex appeal that, frankly, makes me feel slightly weird. Because he’s a cartoon cat.

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