Black Water That Looks Like Crude Oil And Smells Like Sewer Is Pouring Out Of Taps In Venezuela

credit: Getty Images

On Wednesday, in San Diego, Venezuela, a country with one of the largest oil supplies in the world and the poorest, hungriest populations, woke up to black water pouring out of their taps. After weeks of power outages and months of water supply problems, residents are reporting a thick, dark liquid that reporting looks like oil, or black water coming out of their sinks and showers. There are also reports that the water smells like sewage, and some believe that the water lines are damaged and have been contaminated.

Black water running from taps in a country in the midst of a major humanitarian crisis and political upheaval is another major blow to every day citizens where food, medical supplies, and practically all other basic needs are scarce. Thirteen thousand doctors have left Venezuela in the past four years, jobs are scarce, and the country has one of the world’s highest crime rates. More than three million Venezuelan’s have left the country since 2015.Many have fled to nearby Columbia and many to the United States.

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