Every Latina Should Have These Books On Their Reading List This Year

Every new year brings us 365 more days to sit back, relax and devour another book. And while 2018 is just at a start, it’s already providing us with several literary goodies.

From YA novels with leading Latina characters to biographies about forgotten women of color to brown girl feminist and body positive readers, these are the new books all Latinas need to make sure are on their reading lists this year.

1. “The Poet X,” by Elizabeth Acevedo


In the young adult fiction “The Poet X,” renown slam poet Elizabeth Acevedo tells the story of a young Afro-Latina girl growing up in Harlem and using slam poetry to understand the world around her. The dominicana’s debut novel debuts on March 6.

2. “You Have the Right to Remain Fat,” by Virgie Tovar


Long-time body positive writer, speaker and activist Virgie Tovar is gifting brown round girls the book we’ve been hungry for. In “You Have the Right to Remain Fat,” publishing in August, the mexicana discusses how to unlearn fatphobia, dismantle sexist fashion and reject diet culture so that people of size can start living their best lives.

3. “The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary,” by NoNieqa Ramos


In NoNieqa Ramos’ debut YA, “The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary,” the Puerto Rican writer follows Macy, a Bronx girl whose school has classified her as “disturbed” but who is really just juggling way too much real shit for a young woman: a father who is incarcerated, a brother who was kidnapped by Child Protective Services, a cheating mother and a bff who isn’t talking to her anymore.

4. “Goddess of Anarchy: The Life and Times of Lucy Parsons, American Radical,” by Jacqueline Jones


In “Goddess of Anarchy,” prize-winning historian Jacqueline Jones tells the little-known story of one of Texas’ most mysterious activists: Lucy Parsons, a complicated changemaker of African American, Native American and Mexican ancestry who organized for labor, women’s, racial and prison movements.

5. “Bruja Born,” by Zoraida Cordova


“Bruja Born” is the second installment in Zoraida Córdova’s magical “Brooklyn Brujas” YA series. Unlike the first book, “Labryinth Lost,” which follows the story of bruja Alex Mortiz, in this one, releasing on June 5, the Ecuadorian author focuses on Mortiz’s sister, Lula, a teen witch who tries to resurrect her dead boyfriend.

6. “Latinas: Struggles & Protests in 21st Century,” by Iris Morales


Latinas: Struggles & Protests in 21st Century USA” is an anthology of poetry and prose of modern-day Latina experiences and efforts toward social change. Edited by Puerto Rican activist Iris Morales, the text includes pieces by today’s leading Latina voices, including Aurora Levins Morales, Jennicet Gutíerrez, Amanda Alcantara, Ariana Brown and, somehow, even me.

7. “Blanca & Roja,” By Anna-Marie McLemore


Blanca & Roja,” out October 9, is the dark Latina retelling of the classic fairytale Swan Lake that you never knew you needed. Mexican-American award-winning author Anna-Marie McLemore shares the story of rivaling sisters who are haunted by a childhood curse that will force one of them to live their life as a swan if they don’t find a way to break the hex.

8. “Together We Rise: Behind the Scenes at the Protest Heard Around the World,” The Women’s March Organizers and Condé Nast


In celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington, organizers, including chicana Carmen Perez and colombiana Paola Mendoza, teamed up with Condé Nast to publish “Together We Rise.” The beautifully designed full-color hardcover book includes never-before-seen images of the largest protest in U.S. history and essays from activists like America Ferrera, Yara Shahidi, Roxane Gay and more.

9. “Broken Beautiful Hearts,” by Kami Garcia


In “Broken Beautiful Hearts,” New York Times-bestselling author Kami Garcia’s latest romance mystery novel, she introduces readers to Peyton Rios, a high school senior athlete whose heart and dreams to go pro shatter when she realizes her boyfriend’s dark secret and falls down a flight of stairs, injuring her knees, and leading to a burning question: who pushed her?

10. “Just Sit: A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know They Should But Don’t,” by Sukey Novogratz and Elizabeth Novogratz


For those looking for some zen in their 2018, Boricua Sukey Novogratz and sister-in-law Elizabeth Novogratz have put together “Just Sit,” a book providing a combination of information and instruction on all things mediation.

11. “Honor Among Thieves,” by Ann Aguirre and Rachel Caine


New York Times-bestselling authors Rachel Caine and Mexico-living Ann Aguirre came together to write “Honor Among Thieves.” The mysterious sci-fi YA, out February 13, is about Zara Cole, a petty criminal selected by aliens to explore the outer reaches of the universe as their passenger.

12. “The Friend,” Sigrid Nunez


In “The Friend,” panameña Sigrid Nunez writes a touching story about a woman who takes in the dog of her late friend and mentor and finds healing in the friendship of a canine.

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Let us know of other Latina-authored or -centered books you are excited about this year.