Bruja Tip Is An Instagram Account Sending Love Notitas To Brujas Embarking On Spiritual Journeys

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Modern-day Latinas are fueling a resurgence of brujería. For some, reclaiming long demonized ancestral knowledge fosters healing and wellness. For others, it’s merely a witchy beauty and fashion trend. To Bruja Tip, an Instagram account spreading Spanglish mensajes and love notitas to brujas and brujxs, how we re-arrive to our magia isn’t as essential as the spiritual journey it’ll take us on, and the platform wants to offer support.

“It’s a space for people who identify as brujas, or are on that journey, to receive tips, but it’s also for anyone who identifies with what I’m writing,” Berenice Dimas, the queer Xicana behind Bruja Tip, tells mitú.

Sprinkled throughout the account is bruja guidance. “Check in con tu cuerpo y corazón,” urges one mensaje.

“Brew your dreams like you brew your medicine: with love, with intention, with purpose, with time and with trust,” implores another.

The advice is well-received, with the account’s more than 15 thousand followers often re-sharing memes and interacting with Dimas, sometimes just sharing their appreciation for her words and at other times building community with her and others.

“It’s really fascinating what’s happening. It’s bridging creative folks together, creating relationships and helping us all learn,” she said.

But Bruja Tip’s subscribers also scroll through the page for short letters of love, encouragement and affirmation — words that remind us of our strength, sufficiency and beauty.

“Yo soy suficiente para mi misma,” reads one notita, while another boldly states, “What I am is more important than what I am not.”

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“I want them to get inspiration and an opportunity to be reflective,” Dimas, 32, says. “I hope it brings them clarity on their own path and journey.”

In many ways, the Lynwood, California-based mujer created Bruja Tip because it is what she once needed. While she was raised in a home where her mother used natural medicine and purchased velas and yerbas, brujería was still perplexing, a practice that was familiar yet not understood.

With Dimas growing up undocumented, the women who could demystify what she was seeing — her grandmothers, the keepers of traditional knowledge — were out of reach. Separated by borders, she, like so many others, had to discover other paths toward obtaining abuelita knowledge.

“For many of us, we don’t have the experience of learning from our grandmothers. We have clear gaps between our ancestors and ourselves and those practices,” she says.

“What I learn has been taught to me by teachers along the way, and I share it because I want [others] to also have this information and perspective.”

And the account isn’t the only way Dimas is spreading witchy consciousness. A community-based sanadora and yerbera, birth supporter and health and wellness educator, she also hosts workshops through her herbal education project, Hood Herbalism.

As for Bruja Tip, she hopes to expand the platform by turning it into a 9-month — as long as the birthing cycle — bi-weekly or monthly podcast. Through it, she will elaborate on each post, sharing the story or lesson behind the mensaje, and bring on some of the voices and writers that inspire her on her own journey.

“It’s needed because it’s something bigger that we are re-finding, and people are grasping on because it helps define a piece of themselves that can’t be defined in another way,” she said.


Ultimately, the brujita’s objective can be summed up by one of her own notitas: Support other brujas as they discover themselves.

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