Here’s Your Love Tarotscope Reading For February 2018

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It’s February, the month of mucho, mucho, mucho amor. Here’s what is in store for your love life this month, according to Tatianna Tarot, FIERCE’s resident bruja.

Aquarius // Page of Swords

If you’re going to use your mind this month, don’t utilize it to be overtly critical of your partner or potential lovers. The Page of Swords has a habit of being overtly attentive to details, which could be an asset if you’re seeking new opportunities or solutions. Behaviors, particular patterns and cycles, can be even more obvious to your eye this month. Take note and improve in the ways that you have control. Other than that, relax and allow yourself to feel a bit of spontaneity. You yield the power to offer good and sound advice or it just may be that you’ll be receiving messages that reflect such wisdom. Don’t jump to any conclusions. Use your rationale to look at the facts, and make choices based on your observations. It’s the perfect time to reveal any hidden truths or to get to the bottom of anything you feel compelled to investigate, as long as you act with integrity.

Pisces // The Devil

The Devil will have you in your feelings this month, mostly because there is a habit of resisting its lessons once surfaced. As they say, “what you resist, persists.” Bear in mind that the Devil’s symbolism isn’t evil but highlights a toxic situation, belief or habit that you repress because deep down you may feel as if you don’t have the power to control it. The Devil might also represent justification for lower energies, be that within you or in a relationship, and the refusal to empower self and take responsibility for your part in the equation. Meditate on ways that you are compromising your well-being or worth in exchange for instant gratification. The Devil can bring the theme of temptation into your life and great juicy sex. Regardless, you know your own boundaries — it is up to you to enforce them and to communicate when they have been crossed. It’s best not to make any excuses and to handle what you’ve been meaning to do, once and for all.

Aries // 4 of Swords

Stop, Pause and Reflect on what these next months will bring and how you want to show up for yourself and for your relationship if you’re in one. The 4 of Swords can be the calm before the storm, giving you the opportunity to settle your thoughts and meditate on your steps ahead of time. Not everything merits an immediate reaction or the need to speed up the pace. You may hold more power than you realize if you just allowed yourself to reflect on your talented aspects and take the more intellectual route. Taking the higher road is available to you, tap into your wisdom and more mature aspects before moving forward. Giving yourself some space to gather your thoughts and to slow things down may be what you need for productivity and advancement. Take off your armor and allow yourself to be more vulnerable than usual so you can access more possibilities here. When you are feeling secure, stable and fearless, make your move.

Taurus // The Sun

Nothing can stop you; you’re all the way up! The Sun gives you a radiance and magnetic appeal this month that makes you extremely alluring to your love interest, or in general. Utilize this extra boost by working your public with charm, positivity and happiness. There is a mysterious quality to you that many will find infectious. Couple that with your amazing confidence and will to get your way, and nobody can say no to you. To some, this can represent the start of a flourishing and supportive relationship — one filled with happiness and fun, joyful moments. For others, the Sun encourages you to work your magic and appeal to get what you want. Ride this wave out, and be your best self. The time to celebrate you and your authenticity is here, so promote yourself shamelessly and embrace your inner and outer beauty. You may be feeling energized, renewed and freer than ever before. Indulge in these good vibes by living life to the fullest.

Gemini // 4 of Pentacles

The 4 of Pentacles may reveal that you have been concerned with protecting your space and energy. It suggests that you observe what you’ve been investing your energy into in terms of your relationships and self. Is what you’re dishing out being received with appreciation and gratitude? Are you receiving good value for your essence? If not, scale back and assess how you can be investing in yourself more to be happier and to make more of your life. Alternatively, the 4 of Pentacles can show that you’re being too selfish with your time and it can call for you to come out of your shell and engage with the world around you. Discern what your personal balance is between having personal “me” time and socializing or sharing yourself with others. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable can offer you great rewards that you did not anticipate. It is time to peel back those layers and trust that you will be well-received but only if it resonates with you.

Cancer // 5 of Wands

There is much action for you this month that can have you feeling overwhelmed and chaotic. Check out your environment. Is it conducive to a happy and comforting life? Is the energy chill and sacred? Be mindful that there are many things happening in February astrologically that may have others feeling emotional or thrown off, but you don’t have to be one of these people. Clarify your space and where you stand in your relationships, or life in general. Speak your mind and mean what you say. It is time to clear up the fog and use your intention to carve the space that you choose to walk upon. Don’t engage in any arguments. Rather, seek ways to be solution-oriented. There is a big possibility that a fuss can occur because everyone wants to be heard and understood, yet no one is listening. This is the perfect opportunity to rise above it all and be the leader that does both. Sort out your agenda for the month so that you don’t find yourself frantic and all over the place. Lead with your heart and not through impulsive frustration.

Leo // 9 of Cups

Things will turn out to be quite magical with smooth and comforting transitions for you this month, Leo! The 9 of Cups has you vibing high emotionally, feeling content at the way things have played out and confident with your own approach to love and life. You may even be “feeling” yourself this month, and, with this energetic influence, the world is at your disposal. The 9 of Cups is similar to a Genie in a Bottle: things just instantly work out without much effort, but this is because you have done much of the work in the past and, karmically, things are lining up to your benefit. There may be some work up ahead of you still in order to fully feel the effects of this card, but in your heart you know and trust that something great is on the horizon. Things seem to be functioning with ease and less challenges because your emotions are balanced, healthy and self-care is a priority now. Alternatively, be mindful of your levels of comfort and areas in which you won’t compromise. The 9 of Cups can warn against being too selfish and wanting things only your way and not working toward improvement.

Virgo // Knight of Wands

The energy of immense passion, adventure and a thirst for the new is something you experience for the month of February. Virgos, this is the time to be spontaneous and let your guard down. Take initiative with your sexual pleasure, spice things up in your world by trying things you’ve yet to do or incorporate a different element in your life by taking a trip. The Knight of Wands can indicate much movement on your horizon, be that a trip to a foreign place or that you have someone entering your life that may be highly cultured or of a foreign nature. The Knight of Wands gives you excitement; there are new possibilities opening up for you and invites you to live your life to the fullest. Why wait when you can go out there and get things done yourself? Flirt, use your charm and make moves that you normally wouldn’t do. You may not be looking for anything serious, and, if so, why not go explore your horizons? If you are involved, the Knight of Wands brings forth frisky, sexy, playful energy and an undeniable passion that enhances your experience this month.

Libra // 3 of Pentacles

A couple that works together, stays together. The 3 of Pentacles represents a strong connection, teamwork, focus and new developments if you are involved in a relationship. Here, you have the opportunity to upgrade from a situation and to strengthen your stance as a couple. Compromise is needed, but make space to hear all sides and consider all angles of a situation. A solution is possible and an evolution can occur as long as you both put in the work. For those who are single, the 3 of Pentacles invites you to go out and spread your influence. This can be meeting like-minded individuals through groups of interests, a party, meeting or outing in which you get to share your ideas or connect with interesting people. Overall, this card can point to major changes in your life regarding your body, mind and soul. Things are shifting for the better, and improvement is made in all of these areas. You may just leave February with new taste, desires and a fresher identity.

Scorpio // 9 of Swords

Over-analyzation and obsessive thinking will not serve you this month, Scorpio. Chances are, the solution that you are seeking can only come intuitively if you make space for it and can allow things to be as they are. The 9 of Swords can point to doubt, frustration, worry, anxiety and stress. You may find yourself in a toxic situation that you must relieve yourself from or may just be in a mental bind that you’re making worse based on the quality of your thoughts. Take a step back to analyze the predicament that you’re in. How are you contributing to this based on your personal perception? Are you too negative or are you attempting to force things into place where they don’t work? Perhaps external stresses are making their way into your energy and relationship. It’s time to cleanse yourself of this negativity and know that better days are on the horizon. Only handle that which you have control over. Everything else can be dealt by higher forces at play. Be mindful not to sabotage your own blessings. Trust that once you release tension, things will start playing out much better than you adding more stress to the equation.

Sagittarius // Queen of Swords

It’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say, because only clarity will get you what you’re looking for this month. The Queen of Swords is direct with her intentions, be that with or without a relationship, and she knows where she is headed, what she wants and what direction to take. It may be time to address someone and clear what’s on your chest or to enforce strong boundaries about what you expect from yourself and others moving forward. By setting these boundaries, you invite the appropriate energies to co-create with you, allowing you to reach your goals and desires. Communication is key and requires truth and honesty. The Queen of Swords has the ability to empathize with others, but this will not sway her opinion or perspective. Look at the facts, and use your intellect to make smart decisions for yourself or your relationship right now. Be clear on the type of energy that you are inviting into your space, and don’t back down until you get it.

Capricorn // 7 of Swords

Capricorn, if you are involved, be mindful of staying present to your partner and your behaviors. Don’t get so busy that you add on an energy of chaos and distractions into your life. The 7 of Swords can point to scattered thoughts and perhaps some disingenuous energy. Is your mind lingering onto the past or are you content with the way things are right now? Is your partner present-minded or do you find them distracted as well? Check in with your gut before jumping to conclusions. Sort things out with direct communication and organizing your priorities so that everyone’s needs are met. If you are single, then be clear on what it is that you’re seeking. You might want to hold off on starting anything fresh or engaging in any romantic energy until you have handled what is on your plate, be that from past involvements or current obligations and responsibilities. Do not pile on more than what you can handle, and, if you say you are going to leave something in the past, then do it. No need to check back on old flames and their “potential” if the invitation isn’t directly at your doorstep.

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