This Female Soccer Player Disguised Herself as a Man to Show a Few Guys Her Skills


¿Es el fútbol un deporte sólo de chicos? Hombres y mujeres con un balón en los pies pueden dar el mismo espectáculo.

Posted by Antena 3 on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Credit: Antena 3 / Facebook

“No solo es cosa de hombres.”

If you’ve watched the Women’s World Cup, you know women’s soccer is full of passion, skill and fun – just like the men’s game. But you know there’s always a few haters out there who say women’s sports can’t compete because they aren’t skilled enough to entertain. Brenda Perez, a pro player from Spain, disguised herself as a man and played in a match full of men to show she could not only hang – she could excel. And she saved the very best for last.

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