Your Zodiac Sign’s Tarotscope For March 2018 Is Right Here — And It’s All About Goddesses

credit: Theik Smith

Happy Women’s History Month, brujitas. This month, let’s be intentional about honoring our feminine energy. Here, resident bruja Tatianna Tarot offers insight from goddesses to help guide you through March.

Pisces // Sulis: Bodies of Water + Empress

The Goddess Sulis’ mystical powers lie with using Water as a healing tool. Take this month to rejuvenate your energy and spirit by activating the water that you use with positive energy before consuming it. Water has profound healing properties and can assist cleansing away negative energy, pain, sadness and lower vibrations. Establish a strong connection with water this month by praying or sending intentions to your bath, shower and cups of water that you drink or visiting bodies of water, such as a river, lake or ocean. While doing so, tap into the power of water to help move blocked energy in your body to the right direction, making you open to miracles and blessings to come. The Empress represents the ability to flow with what is because she believes in abundance and knows that everything she needs will be provided for her without a doubt. For some, the Empress represents fertile creativity, thriving female friendships and relationships, enhanced beauty within and the ability to establish a strong presence while creating prosperity for yourself. Drink more water knowing that you are healing deeper aspects of yourself that are making space for a rebirth in the best of ways.

Aries // Diana: Focused Intention + Ace of Pentacles

The Goddess Diana encourages you to keep a focused and direct vision this month. You want to make sure that your actions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs all support you toward your intended goals and dreams. Things are not always in our control and situations are bound to shift but this doesn’t mean that your aim has to waver as well. You are bound to reach your destination as long as you support yourself along the way. Diana wants you to be mindful of what you do have control over: yourself. The Ace of Pentacles is a new opportunity presented to you this month that has the ability to increase your financial prosperity or sense of stability. It can bring forth a new living situation, job, several streams of income or the inspiration to release projects that will keep you thriving and afloat. Stay on top of your goals and consistent in the actions that will make them happen. The Ace of Pentacles is assurance that if you do, you will be well rewarded. Rather than focusing on what you don’t want to happen, focus on what you do want to bring forth out into this world. Honor your vision by listening to your own voice and doing all you can in your power to sustain that view.

Taurus // Aine: Leap of Faith + Ace of Cups

The universe will meet you half way if you choose to put in the work as well. The Ace of Cups symbolizes a plethora of gifts from the cosmos that have you in the best of moods. This can be the cherry on top giving you a new love relationship, many streams of creative insight, deep and profound healing that leaves you feeling renewed or an unexpected gift that provides you with exactly what you need at the right time. Emotionally, the Ace of Cups has you feeling fulfilled with yourself and well connected with your feelings. Your intuitive judgment can be used to make important decisions that will help you shift things in the right direction. The 
Goddess Aine encourages you to take a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams. If your gut instincts are leading you toward a particular decision, this may ultimately reveal that it is the best path for your personal, emotional and spiritual growth. Rather than focusing on making a wrong decision, focus on what direction most resonates and feels right within. Try to avoid indecision this month, dedicate yourself to researching your options, weighing out the pros and cons and moving forward than not moving at all. Making a firm decision will open up new possibilities to you that you did not see before. March will teach you how to have faith in yourself. As long as you move your ego out of the way and make room for the divine to work its miracles, everything that you need will be taken care of.

Gemini // Isis: Past Life + The Fool

The Goddess Isis is bringing up the importance of Past Life memories, connections or feelings during the month of March. The opportunity to connect to people from your past life is strong during this time. Pay attention to the main characters that appear in your life during this time because each holds an important message for you. Your attention is being called to the areas of your life that you are stuck in. Perhaps you focus too much on your past or there is something that has happened that keeps you anchored there. In order to embrace the present moment and blessings to come, you must be willing to allow these memories, feelings and connections to surface as they are without resisting them. The Fool encourages you to take a calculated risk and go for it! This energy represents radical new beginnings, going with the flow and following your gut instincts to lead you in your next chapter. The Fool is optimistic, positive and truly believes that the universe will always provide the right signs to follow so that he is divinely led. March may provide you with the opportunity to turn a new page and offer yourself a rebirth of sorts. This may not feel like a comfortable move. It can be scary and can bring up anxiety, but if it resonates with you, then do it! The Fool has no clue on what lies ahead but he knows that he needs a radical change and he has complete faith in things working out in his favor. Allow yourself to clear out the past in order to make room for the future that is coming. Take a small step in the direction you feel pulled toward and keep your senses up to know what the next step after that is.

Cancer // White Tara: Sensitivity + 6 of Cups

The 6 of Cups is a card that brings nostalgic energy and reminders of the past. It can be the case that you reconnect with someone who has a healing message for you, or you finally find closure in the past. The 6 of Cups can also represent the need for you to revisit old projects, goals, dreams and intentions that were left unfinished. It could be the right time for you to continue onward with these endeavors before jumping into new tasks and projects. For the month of March, the Goddess White Tara communicates the message of sensitivity. Be mindful of how you react to your environment, the people around you, the foods you eat, what you consume within the mind and more. White Tara reveals that you are super sensitive to your surroundings and will be needing to purify your inner world, along with your outer world as well. Your spiritual awareness is heightened; therefore, elements can be weighing your energy down or lifting it up. It is up to you to pay attention on how your reactions vary and from what elements. Pay attention to the signs that your body offers you and honor what it is asking you to do on an intuitive level, whether that is ending toxic habits, changing your diet, leaving negativity behind or something else. You will want to take extra steps to protect yourself from negativity as it can influence your productivity and level of happiness. Clear yourself from old pains, memories that no longer serve you, toxic situations and protect yourself by honoring your self-care.

Leo // Sedna: Infinite Supply + Justice

Justice reveals the message that everything in your life is as it should be. Everything holds a strong purpose and reason, even if you cannot understand what that is or see how that can evolve. Justice symbolizes balance, harmony and unity in your life; situations will work out for the best and you will note that things tend to balance themselves out without you interfering so much. At times, Justice can represent great news with legal matters or the need for you to act with integrity and stick to what you feel is right. The Goddess Sedna comes forth with the message of having an Infinite Supply. There is more than enough to go around for everyone. Your focus should be on what is working in your life, not what isn’t. Sedna encourages you to pay attention to the relationships you have and the exchanges that you make in your life. Giving and receiving should be balanced. If you give more than you receive, then you will feel drained, taken advantage of and begin believing in lack of abundance. Justice reminds you to create strong boundaries, protect your space with your rules and laws to your own life. Sedna brings us security of our future, encouraging us not to stress or worry about how things will work out, because it is all being taken care of. Your needs will always be provided for at the end of the day. Rather than consume yourself with stress and worry, seek to channel this energy into other projects that are positively productive.

Virgo // Athena: Inner Wisdom + Page of Wands

The Page of Wands quenches your palette and gives you great inspiration to get out of your comfort zone and begin experiencing the world around you through a new lens. This energy is of expansion and growth. March is a passionate month in which you can get your feet wet with new projects, hobbies and allow your curiosity to lead the way. What would happen if you were to try something new or expose yourself to innovative belief systems and hobbies? This energy transforms you for the better and reveals an exciting time in which you feel the urge to break out of any mundane routines and shake things up to bring fun changes into your world. The Page of Wands can also symbolize the need to dream bigger and further than you can conceptualize now. If you’re feeling the pull to make big changes, then honor that and see the direction that it takes you in. Dare to travel and explore what the world has to offer you — it will all change you for the better. The Goddess Athena communicates the importance of your inner wisdom, asking you to consult yourself before seeking external validation. You have all that you need to thrive and to answer your own questions. March will teach you how to trust yourself more and how to move in the direction of your joy and happiness. When you get a sign from your intuition, do not hesitate to take immediate action on that message. Don’t give your power away to other people and don’t procrastinate on the things that you can do now. Having faith in yourself makes all the difference. Trust your instincts and go with the flow.

Libra // Ostara: Fertility + 3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups nourishes our spirits and emotions in the best of ways. This energy reveals close friendships, family and relationships in general, benefitting us and blessing us along on our path this month. These relationships serve to heal us in ways that will prepare us to move further in the direction of our greatness. You can rely on these connections to give you the inspiration and nourishment that you need in order to thrive. The 3 of Cups always comes with its dose of positive news and joy. Perhaps this will affect others as well as you! It is a time to celebrate, socialize and trust the insight of those close to you. It may suggest victory among a close group or the need to work with like-minded and supportive individuals. There is magic among you all, so take advantage of the positive momentum you will have if you all put your brains together for a mutual goal. The Goddess Ostara rules fertility. It is an ideal time to launch new projects, ideas and bring forth new energy that is in alignment of where you want to go in the future. Ostara brings forth Spring weather, encouraging us to lighten up from our heavy past or the remains of the winter. It is important to paint a sunnier disposition this month so that you welcome in positive new vibes and move in the direction of powerful new changes. What can you do to switch up the energy and make it more invigorating and energized? Be mindful that like attracts like. You are fertile this month to attract everything you need and more, so use your power in the best of ways. Take this opportunity to control your course; steer it in the right direction. Manifest your heart’s desires.

Scorpio // Damara: Guiding Children + Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands symbolizes the element of fire: passion, spiritual development, speed, sexuality and instant manifestation. This is a month in which things happen quickly and help is unexpectedly handed to you. Your job is not to question when or how but to flow with the miracles of the universe and launch any idea or intuitive feeling that you have. The Ace of Wands throws you in the more opportunistic direction for your success and abundance; however, you must be willing to do all in your power to get things started. Now is the best time to begin on what your gut is pulling you toward. Big moves are irrelevant. Making small moves each day will truly get you closer to your desire. This energy is the positive force you need to help speed things up in your favor and to make further developments on your journey. The Goddess Damara focuses on children and using one’s healing abilities and skillsets to help them. This may be in regards to your own children or someone else’s. Damara sees profound skills within you, be that counseling, guiding, mentoring or healing. You may feel inspired to pull from your well of resources to help children. Alternatively, Damara encourages you to tap into your imagination and create from thin air, the same way that children do. Quite often, children will be in a state of instant manifestation, where they are creating from a space where all things exist and are provided for them. Use your charisma, enthusiasm and youthful spirit to help yourself in any situation you are in that needs adjustment. Your imagination and creativity can go a long way if you give it credit.

Sagittarius // Guinevere: True Love + 2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups symbolizes a balanced union in which each individual can provide the other with emotional wealth, support and spiritual guidance. This union may be romantic or platonic but holds an important role in your life this month. It may be time for you both to work collectively on a similar goal, exchange your ideas and be vulnerable with your emotions so that both parties know where they stand and how they can best support the other in this work. March is all about partnerships. Know that you cannot do it all alone and that the universe will be sending you someone that can provide a helping hand, lending ear or love. The Goddess Guinevere gears up your emotional strings, pushing romance in your direction and the importance of a balanced love. If you are in a relationship, Guinevere will add experiences in your life that will help you strengthen and further heal this dynamic. It may be an emotional month, but allow these feelings and sentiments to be as they are, releasing them freely with ease and appreciation. It is when you are able to allow these blocked emotions to release that you can make room for better energy to take its place. If you are single, it may very well be the case that a new romance is brought into your life when you least expect it. Indulge in this vibration by being romantic with yourself, treating yourself to a good time, preparing your home for a new person to bless up your life, dressing better, caring for yourself more and making space in your heart for a passionate relationship. Often, Guinevere brings soulmates onto our path and, with the 2 of Cups, we must be ready and open to receive.

Capricorn // Hathor: Receptivity + 5 of Cups

Remove your head from the clouds and pay close attention to the energy you surround yourself by and how you may be keeping yourself from experiencing better days and a more positive life. The 5 of Cups often has the habit of worrying over spilled milk, things they cannot control, or wallowing on the negative. There is an emotional situation that you will need to make peace with in order to get yourself right back on track with the rest of your life. What you seek is closer than you think, but it may be the case that you’re harboring toxic thoughts about yourself or limiting the possibilities on what you can do moving forward. Your progress and salvation all depends on you and what you want out of life. Make sure to move out of your own way if you want to be victorious this month. The Goddess Hathor speaks on the theme of Receptivity. She wants you to allow yourself to receive freely without blocking your own blessings with your thoughts, emotions or actions. You may be feeling drained from giving too much of yourself and can be resentful toward others when you should have created firmer boundaries for yourself. Being receptive means honoring your feminine energy, not feeling bad about asking for what you need or receiving gifts and blocking energy that limits you from attracting the best in your life. Take a moment to be still and to listen to what your spirit is communicating to you. What can you do on a daily basis to release lower vibration and toxic energy and to move in the direction of health, peace and abundance? You are being called to use more of your feminine energy by implementing spiritual practices that give back to you, meditating regularly or creating art. Honor your learning cycle and be gentle with your growth but know that you deserve more and this starts with you.

Aquarius // Aphrodite: Inner Goddess + King of Swords

The King of Swords urges you to put your foot down to protect your space and your creations. You are extremely intellectually inclined this month. Use your mind to get into new areas of your life and to execute all the plans and goals that you hold for yourself. The King of Swords is not swayed by emotion. He has a direct vision that he wants to enact, and being vulnerable can interfere with that process. You may feel compelled to tell it as it is, be that in your art form or to friends, family or colleagues around you. Just be mindful that the delivery doesn’t have to be harsh. The Goddess Aphrodite notes all of the hard work you’ve been putting in and is aware that this in time can make us resistant to the softness of spirit and beauty that surrounds us. It is time to take a step back and to appreciate your momentum and drive but to also honor our personal beauty and evolution of our spirits at this time. Honor your power by nurturing your path and further taking care of yourself at this time. You are encouraged to come out of your shell and realize that you don’t have to be so serious all of the time. You can be intensely focused and driven and still hold space for miracles to happen while celebrating you. Aphrodite suggests that you embrace pleasure, engage in more sexual activity, dance more, soften up your relationships, tap in deeper to your feminine energy and allow your creativity to take control. March will allow you to infuse more passion into your world. Don’t resist these strong urges to glow up.

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