If the “Cruel Intentions” Cast Were Latinx

credit: Columbia Pictures / CW

The 1999 seminal masterpiece “Cruel Intentions” is one of those teen moves that affected a generation. It also arguably influenced every teen movie that came after it. The secrets and the intrigue, the lies and the deception–this movie had everything that teenagers are hard-wired to love. The story follows step-siblings Sebastian and Kathryn as they plot to manipulate and seduce young women for their own amusement. Unfortunately, their machinations have dire consequences.

And although we love “Cruel Intentions”, we can’t help but roll our eyes now at the lack of diversity within its cast. Every character (with one notable exception) is depicted by a white actor. This casting choice may have been par for the course in the ’90s, but it’s problematic now. With that in mind, and on the eve of “Cruel Intentions” 20th anniversary, we’ve re-imagined the cult classic film with an all-Latinx cast. Take a look below!

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