When These Interviewers Asked J.Lo If Her Boyfriend A-Rod Can Dance They All Bursted Out Laughing

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Dance queen Jennifer Lopez was on “The Today Show” earlier this week discussing her prime time NBC show. And if you’re thinking “Oh, I already know her hit show ‘Shades of Blue’ that’s been renewed for a third season” then you’re wrong, because she now has TWO prime time NBC shows. She is executive producing and will be a judge in a brand new competition show called “World of Dance.” From the snippet showed in her interview on “Today,” it looks like “World of Dance” will be a mix between “So You Think You Can Dance” and “American Idol.”

J.Lo shared this great moment with a young contestant from her new show “World Of Dance.”

Credit: Today / Youtube

After bravely performing in front of a live studio audience, this young girl tells J.Lo she’s her biggest idol and J.Lo runs out to meet her with a big hug, lifting her off the floor and telling her how wonderful she is. It’s enough to make you cry.

The “Today” interviewers also brought up the Met Gala, where J.Lo made her first official red carpet debut with new beau Alex Rodriguez.

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J.Lo says they had a great time, that the Gala was awesome and finally reveals that they even danced.

When asked if A.Rod is a good dancer, she hesitates for a moment, which they all take as a sign that he isn’t.

Credit: Today / Youtube

The interviewers jump on that moment, pointing and laughing and saying “he can’t dance?!” They share a good laugh and in J.Lo fashion, she eventually comes back to defend her boo, saying “He dances merengue. He dances all the important stuff for me. When the Spanish music comes on…” she seems to be rambling a bit, when one of the interviewers interjects “So he knows what he’s doing?” to which J.Lo replies emphatically “Yes!” and seems relieved to leave it at that.

To promote the show, J.Lo and the other judges started a dance challenge for viewers to submit videos to be compiled and shown on air.

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It’s simple, all you’ve gotta do is a complicated series of dance moves to J.Lo’s song and send it. Okay, so maybe it’s not that simple, but I’m sure people are going to come up with some creative stuff, people love challenges like this.

We can’t wait to see her new show. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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Get it! I’m already dancing in my seat. ??

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Salty MLB Star Accused Arod of Cheating On JLo Days After Their Engagement, TBD If Anyone Cares


Salty MLB Star Accused Arod of Cheating On JLo Days After Their Engagement, TBD If Anyone Cares

Latina queen Jennifer Lopez and retired baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez recently became engaged--meaning that Latinidad has an official King and Queen to worship until the end of days. Needless to say, fans and followers alike have been flooding their respective Instagram pages with messages of congratulations and well-wishes.

For the two years that they’ve been dating, J-Lo and A-Rod have shared their lives with the public through their social media accounts, giving us a glimpse into the loving relationship that Lopez has called her “first ever good relationship”. Their Instagram profiles are sprinkled with pictures of them jet-setting, attending premieres and galas, and taking mixed-family vacations in exotic locales together. In other words, they’re very publicly living their best lives together.

However, a wrench was thrown into their happily-ever-after Sunday night when former MLB player Jose Canseco publicly accused A-Rod of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco. In light of all this drama, we’ve compiled the definitive timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship, all they way from friends to fiances. Take a look!

May 2005


Before the Puerto-Rican triple threat and the Dominican All-Star were Hollywood’s reigning It Couple, they were mere acquaintances. The pair first met in 2005 at a Yankees vs. Mets Baseball game. At the time, Rodriguez was married to his first wife, Cynthia Scurtis, while Lopez was still married to Marc Anthony.

February 2017


Lopez and Rodriguez reconnected twelve years later when they ran into each other at a restaurant. According to Lopez, they briefly said hello, but it was her who couldn’t resist continuing the conversations. “After [lunch] I went outside,” she said. “And for some reason I felt like tapping him on the shoulder”. He then asked her out to dinner via text.

March 2017

@jlo / Instagram

By March 2017, neither J-Lo nor A-Rod were trying to hide the fact that they were dating. During the month, they were spotted vacationing together in The Bahamas. ARod’s sister also posted a selfie of herself with JLo, captioning it #miscuñis, which means things were moving along pretty nicely.

March 31st, 2017

@jlo / Instagram

When co-hosting “The View” at the end of March, Rodriguez had only great things to say about his new lady love: “She’s an amazing girl. We’re having a great time”. He also went on to say that J-Lo was “one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met”. And he didn’t stop there! He showered on the compliments by calling her “an incredible mother” who “loves family”.

April 2017


By April, it was J-Lo’s turn to gush about her boo-thing on the talk-show circuit. While being grilled about her new boyfriend by Ellen (naturally), Lopez called Rodriguez “a great guy,” this 100% confirming their relationship.

May 2017


Never one to do things half-heartedly, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez made their public debut as a couple at arguably the most prestigious event in the world: the Met Gala, of course. This occasion also marked J-Lo’s debut on A-Rod’s Instagram–and the first of many.

June 2017

@arod / Instagram

By June 2017, it was obvious to the world that this couple was the real deal. Not only was Rodriguez gushing to the press that Jennifer was the ideal role model for his daughters, the pair was also taking glamorous European trips together and posting their adventures to their millions of followers on Instagram.

September 2017


We all know that one of the most crucial steps of a relationship is when your signficant other accompanies you to a work event. Lopez and Rodriguez crossed this milestone when A-Rod accompanied her to the premiere of “World of Dance”–a show she stars in and produces. It’s for reasons like this that A-Rod calls her “one of the most brilliant business minds that [he’s] ever met”!

November 2017


J-Lo and A-Rod took their relationship a step further when they spent Thanksgiving together in Rodriguez’s home. On Instagram, they shared with their followers that this was one of the many times they combined families for the holiday–further proof that they were very confident with where their relationship was.

December 2017


Along with the power couple’s magazine cover debut on the December issue of “Vanity Fair”, the duo also debuted their new (and catchy) portmanteau: J-Rod (we’re pretty sure they had it trademarked before they went public).

January 2018


Lopez and Rodriguez showed their Latinx pride by visiting Puerto Rico in January after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

February 2018


In the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, JLo got candid about her relationship with A-Rod and addressed the possibility of a wedding on the horizon. “I do believe in marriage,” she said. “And I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship. But I’m not forcing anything right now. It’s good, it’s healthy; we communicate well…We have a similar makeup.” All signs point to yes!

May 7, 2018


JLo and A-Rod attended their second Met Gala as a couple in matching couture Balmain outfits, cementing their status as style icons.

July 2018


Lopez and Rodriguez spent her 49th birthday in one of their go-to vacation spots: The Bahamas. A-Rod took to Instagram to share a cute pic of their blended family on vacation along with a heartfelt tribute to his lady love. ” For someone who has been about giving everything she has 365 days a year—to our children, our families, the world,” he said. “I hope today, we can give you all the happiness you deserve. I love you mucho”.

August 2018


A-Rod’s reaction to JLo’s epic VMA’s performance last August became a viral sensation, as his pride over his girlfriend’s triple-threat skills were all too apparent. Twitter was full of women wanting a man who looks at them like ARod looks at JLo.

October 2018


A-Rod continued to support his girlfriend by attending events that were obviously important to her. In October, Rodriguez accompanied Lopez to Elle’s famous “Women in Hollywood” event. That night, he posted a supportive message to JLo on his Instagram: “With two young daughters and a woman I admire by my side, I know how important it is that we raise women up and teach our girls that there is no limit to what they can do.”

December 2018


According to their Instagram accounts, J-Rod spent New Years eve in Malibu, again with their blended family. Rodriguez’s caption read: “As the sun sets on 2018, from our family to yours … #HappyNewYear everyone!”.

February 2019


Lopez took her athlete-beau to the ultimate glamour event: The Oscars. The two shined in evening wear and Rodriguez was solidly by her side while she strutted the red carpet and presented awards.

March 2019


On March 9th, J-Rod announced that they were engaged with mutual Instagram posts sharing the news. The Instagram posts showed off the 15-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, which is reported to be worth up to a cool $5 million.

March 10th, 2019

@JoseCanseco / Twitter

On Sunday night, former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco accused A-Rod of cheating on J.Lo with his ex-wife, Jennifer Canseco. Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to realize that Canseco has a history of making some pretty out-there statements (i.e. asking his Twitter followers to “spend the day with me and my alien Buddies”and insisting that he’s acquainted with “Bigfoot and a real alien”). In other words: there’s reason to doubt his word.

As of now, both JLo and ARod have remained silent in response to these explosive allegations, so there’s no way of knowing the veracity of the claims. Until then, all we can do is speculate and hope for the best!

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This Is How In 6 Steps I Transform My Face To Get The J.Lo Glow

The Beatdown

This Is How In 6 Steps I Transform My Face To Get The J.Lo Glow

From makeup to fashion to music, Jennifer Lopez continues to slay the game — and the megastar doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Case in point: The Puerto Rican star is making history at the 2018 MTV VMA’s on August 20. She will receive the Video Vanguard award, making her the first Latina artist to earn this award.

But aside from having a major influence in the music industry, “Jenny From the Block” is also responsible for making glowy, dewy skin very on-trend. Jennifer Lopez’s iconic “J.Lo glow” dates way back to her unforgettable role in “Selena.” Just look at her old films and music videos, and you’ll see that luminous skin and smoky eye have always been part of her signature makeup look.

As a huge J.Lo fan, I wanted to share my love for her in the best way that I could — by recreating her signature makeup. While I didn’t copy one specific look of hers, I did recreate something similar to what she always wears: a nude lip, smoky eye, and lots of bronzer and highlight.

Here are some of J.Lo’s signature makeup looks:

Credit: Instagram / @jlo / @scottbarnes68

Before we dive right into the tutorial, I wanted to note that her longtime makeup artist, Scott Barnes, is the one responsible for the “J.Lo glow.” He created her bronzy, glowy look that has now become part of pop culture. Hey, you have to give credit where credit is due.

Lista? Here’s how to recreate J.Lo’s signature makeup.

Credit: Tag Simler / Instagram / @jlo

There’s that smokey eye and nude lip I mentioned.

Step 1: Start with primer and foundation

Credit: Tag Simler

To start, I prepped my skin with the bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer ($26). Since I have redness around my chin and cheeks, this helps to even out my skin tone. To give my skin luminosity a lá J.Lo, I used Laura Geller’s Filter First Foundation ($38).

My secret tip: use a Beauty Blender!

Credit: @beautyblender / Instagram

This magical tool helps to evenly distribute all the product, including foundation and primer.

Step 2: Contour your face and set it with powder.

Credit: Tag Simler

Once I’m done blending out my foundation, I contour.

I use the Avon True Color Transforming Contour Stick ($11) to contour my cheeks, forehead, and my lower lip.

Credit: Avon

I know that might seem odd, but Barnes always contours J.Lo’s lips (which you’ll see in the later steps). This not only gives my lips definition, but it ties the rest of the contour together.

Next, I highlighted my under-eye, chin, and the bridge of my nose with Too Faced’s Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer ($29).

To add more glow to my skin (because this is a J.Lo tutorial after all), I add a few drops of Flesh Beauty’s Ripe Flesh Glisten Drop in Aura ($28) to my cheeks, nose, and above my brows. I blend it all out with a makeup sponge. Doing this makes everything look a lot more natural and lit-from-within.

Instead of throwing setting powder everywhere, only dust it onto the areas you get oily.

Credit: @lauramercier / Instagram

J.Lo’s makeup is usually a mix between dewy and matte. I tap the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Glow ($38) on my chin, nose, and forehead because that’s where I get most shiny. To add even more brightness to my under-eyes, like the “Dinero” singer, I use the Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder ($4.99).

Step 3: Move on to the eye makeup

Credit: Tag Simler

Instead of finishing up my face makeup, I like to let it settle a bit, so I move on to my eyes. For this look, I came up with something similar to what J.Lo usually wears. She typically opts for a smoky eye, rather than something subtle.

For this, I’m using Milani’s Gilded Desires Eye & Face Palette ($19.99).

Credit: @islandglowbeautiful / Instagram

It has so many brown tones and gold shimmers that you can easily copy her makeup.

For my base, I apply the shade Naked Truth all over my lids. Next, I dusted the shadow Crazy For Cocoa on my crease. I take it a bit out, past my eye, to create a winged effect. After, I go over the lighter shade with a deeper brown tone called Wood You Join Me. I also apply this shade to my lower lash line.

To make my eyes pop, I throw the Catrice Precious Pigment in Moondust ($5.99) on my lids.

I spritz the shadow with a makeup setting spray that way the loose powder would stick to my lids a lot easier. Plus, this makes the shade pop.

Step 4: Bat those lashes with mascara and falsies.

Credit: Tag Simler

After my shadow, I apply a brown pencil liner to my lower lash line and to the top lash line. J.Lo rarely wears black eyeliner, so I use the Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner ($24).

Next, I apply the J.Lo x Inglot Viva Las Lashes Mascara ($24) to my lower lash line.

Credit: Inglot

I had to! The wand is so tiny and thin that you can really fluff out your lower lashes. I then applied the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara ($8.99) to my top lashes. To spice up my eye look more, I throw on false lashes. I use Ardell’s Faux Mink Lash #811 ($5.99). This step isn’t necessary, so if you aren’t a lash pro, no worries. Just double up on the mascara.

Step 5: Bronze, highlight, and blush.

Credit: Tag Simler

Once your eye makeup is done, it’s time to finish up the face.

For this look, I use three different bronzers, because it would be offensive to only use one for queen J.Lo.

Credit: @beccacosmetics / Instagram

However, it’s important to go in lighthanded.

For the first bronzer, it’s best to use a matte one. I use the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer ($8.49) and dust it over the contour I did earlier.

Credit: Physicians Formula

The key is to build up the bronzer so it looks natural.

Next, I swipe a bit of the Becca Cosmetics Gradient Sunlit Bronzer in Sunrise Waves ($38).

Credit: @moodsandviews / Instagram

I dust this closer to the apples of my cheeks rather than going on top of the contour.

For the last bronzer, which is a lot more shimmery, I use the JLo x Inglot Livin’ the Highlight Illuminator in Luminous ($23).

Credit: Inglot

I tap this with the powder puff it comes with to the high points of my cheeks.

I then use Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek to Chic Blush in Ecstacy ($40) to the apple’s of my cheeks.

Credit: Charlotte Tillbury

While J.Lo doesn’t really wear a lot of blush, she throws on a bit to bring some color back to her face. Then to give my skin more of a glow (because why not?), I dust the JLo x Inglot Livin’ the Highlight Illuminator in Radiant ($23).

Step 6: Pout your lips with lipstick and gloss

Credit: Tag Simler

But first…

Before I add lipstick, I contour my lips like J.Lo.

Credit: @jlo / Instagram

The pop star’s makeup artist uses this technique to give J.Lo naturally plump-looking lips.

For this, I use the same contour stick as before and overlined my lips a bit with the bronzer shade.

Credit: Avon

I then smudge the concealer to my lips. I know I look like an 80-year-old woman, but I will soon look like the glow queen. Next, I use the JLo x Inglot Lipstick in Dolce ($19) and top it off with the JLo x Inglot Lip Gloss in Peach Pearl ($21).

Here’s the finished makeup look:

Credit: Tag Simler

Now that you have your J.Lo-inspired makeup down, hit play on “Let’s Get Loud” and celebrate the queen’s Video Vanguard award during the MTV VMA’s on Monday, August 20.

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