La La Was The Best Kind Of Petty At The Met Gala And Social Media Took Notice

The Met Gala is the most extravagant fundraiser probably in the world. It costs $30,000 a ticket per person to attend and getting your own table can cost up to $275,000. Everyone is there to make a fashion statement – or in the case of La La Anthony, a relationship status update.

La La Anthony’s dress was killer at the Met Gala. So much so, that she made the front page of the Daily News with her avant garde look.

She made it to the front page, right up there with MTA news and puns about The Mets, so clearly, big news.

But we couldn’t help notice the subtle jabs she was throwing out at her recent ex, Carmelo Anthony.

Unbreakable ?#metgala

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She captioned this stunning photo “Unbreakable” with a black emoji heart. As we reported previously, Carmelo Anthony, was rumored to have fathered a child outside of their marriage, ending what many saw as a New York power couple’s reign. We assume the “shattered” look of her dress, that is still intact, along with the caption, is a statement about how you can try, but you can’t destroy her. It’s a really powerful statement.

No matter where on the Met Gala carpet she was, she was stunning.

#metgala ?

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Peering over her shoulder and making eye contact with a photographer or two, from this angle her dress seemed like a thunderstorm. It was like lightning making it’s way all the way around, with a storm brewing under the surface.

From this angle you can — wait, what’s that?


I count 8 fingers, excluding thumbs of course, but what’s this?

She’s wearing how many rings?



The space La La left, where her wedding ring used to be, was large enough to land a helicopter on.


It seems that La La was able to flip her middle finger, by using only her ring finger.

Social media definitely noticed.

Some people couldn’t believe how bold she was.

They continued to find any reason to bust Melo’s chops for his lack of a championship ring.

These jokes have to hurt after all this time, especially because they’re true. Where yo’ ring Melo?

Folks noticed that her petty level was ?.

She did exclude her thumbs, but yes, every finger except *that* one.

What’s more, is that she knows the internet clowns Melo for not having rings.

But she still did it to him anyway.

What’s even more than that, two of the rings are snakes.

She’s lowkey calling him a SNAKE!

Well, folks, let that be a lesson to you.


Don’t double cross La La, she always gets the last Ha Ha.

You know she’s thinking “got’im.”

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20 Day Of The Dead-Style Engagement Rings That’ll Have You Saying ‘Helllll Yes!”


20 Day Of The Dead-Style Engagement Rings That’ll Have You Saying ‘Helllll Yes!”

Most people think Christmas is the best time to get engaged, but we disagree. Fall is here, and we want to celebrate everything dark and spooky. So if you love black diamonds, skull jewelry or just doing things a little different, now is the perfect time to put a ring on it. Express your dark side with these 20 beautiful Day of the Dead inspired rings.

1. This Deliciously Macabre Black Diamond Ring

Credit: Til Death Do Us Part. Digital Image. Rickson Jewelry.

We love the subtle touches on this black diamond engagement ring, from the creepy setting, to the bone detail in the ring itself.

From Rickson Jewellery 

2. This Sapphire Skeleton Hand

Credit: Sapphire Skeleton Hand Ring. Digital Image. Carolyn Nicole.

A delicate sapphire offsets the skeletal flair of this seriously unique ring. Would love to show this off when someone asks to see the ring.

From Carolyn Nicole Designs

3. This Classic Ring with a Twist

Credit: Skull Engagement Ring. Digital Image. Minimalist Designs.

At first glance, this gold band and princess cut diamond might look like a traditional ring, but look again. Hi spooky friends!

From Minimalist Designs

4. This Garnet Calavera Ring

Credit: Antique Skull Garnet Ring. Digital Image. Hollywood Design Store.

This garnet-eyed calavera is an antique, and one of a kind. Jump on it before it’s gone!

From Hollywood Design Store

5. This Understated Pearl Skull Ring

Credit: Carved pearl skull ring. Digital Image. Leola Revives.

How perfectly pretty and delicate is this little pearl skull ring? Lurve.

From Leola Survives

6. This Delicate Kissing Ring

Credit: Silver Skull Kissing Ring. Digital Image. yhtanaff.

We love the details in this pretty little expression of love. Til death do you part.

From yhtanaff

7. This Perfect Gothic Ruby Bat Ring

Credit: Bat Ring. Digital Image. Cerrious Design.

Bat, please. Nothing says “non-traditional bride” like nature’s creepiest night crawlers on your ring.

From Cerrious Design

8. This Gorgeous Multi Color Sugar Skull

Credit: Sugar Skull Ring. Digital Image. Wexford Jewelers.

Honestly, this ring is almost too pretty to wear. Any bride to be with an attachment to Dia de los Muertes would drool over it.

From Wexford Jewelers

9. This Thin Silver Branch Band

Credit: Silver Twig Band. Digital Image. Wexford Jewelers.

If you’re not looking for something showy, this subtle branch band calls back to nature and Bruja witchcraft, without being too in your face.

From Wexford Jewelers

10. This Bronze Calavera Ring

Credit: Bronce Calavera. Digital Image. MUSIBATTY.

This not-so-delicate skull is made by artisans in Mexico and hand crafted from bronze to be unique.


11. This Totally Boss Skull Ring

Credit: Calavera Skull Ring. Digitial Image. Periplo Experience.

How cool do you have to be to pull off a ring like this? The crazy intricate detail alone has us screaming “yaaaaaaasss”

From Periplo Experience

12. This Snake Knot of Love

Credit: Double Headed Snake Ring. Digital Image. Cast Away Handcarved.

These serpentine lovers are hand carved to order. Do snakes mate for life?

From Cast Away Handcarved

13. This Handmade Ruby Skull Ring


Credit: Ruby Dia De Los Muertas Ring. Pacific Grove Jewelers.

Loving the subtle detail on this handmade, vintage-inspired ring. And yes, it’s a real ruby.

From Pacific Grove Jewelers

14. This Drool-worthy Black Diamond

Credit: Pinterest. @SapphireDesign

If bling bling is your thing, look no further. This show stopping black diamond and crusted band are going to have everyone staring at your hand.

From Sapphire Design Studios

15. This Rainbow Stone Rose Gold Beauty

Credit: Pinterest. @Jeulia

Rose gold is still in right? Either way, this rainbow stone embraces the color and flair Dia de los Muertos is famous for.

From Jeulia

16. This Classic Diamond with a Touch of Muerte

Credit: Pinterest. @Jeulia

Blink and you might miss it. This classic-seeming engagement ring has just a subtle touch of the dead.

From Jeulia

17. This Rainbow Topaz Skull Ring

Credit: Skull Engagement Ring Topaz. Digital Image. KIPKALINKA.

We love topaz for an engagement ring, and this one has the added bonus of a pair of skulls to hold it up.


18. This Sparkly Stack of Skull Rings

Credit: Pinterest. @Jeulia

You can never have too many calaveras. Or sparkly things.

From Jeulia

19. This Black Amethyst Statement Ring

Credit: Pinterest. @Jeulia

Leave no doubts in anyone’s mind about your personal style with this knockout amethyst, black metal stunner.

From Jeulia

20. This Little Skull Rock

Credit: Pinterest. @UntilDeathInc

Another gorgeous ring with just a *hint* of muerte in it. Yes please.

From Until Death Inc.

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Let’s Take A Look Back At The Epic Met Gala Gowns That Stunned Us Last Year

Everyday Runway

Let’s Take A Look Back At The Epic Met Gala Gowns That Stunned Us Last Year

For Monday evening’s Met Gala function, Latinas destroyed fans with their slick and glamorous presence only to resurrect us all with their looks. In keeping with the theme of this year’s gathering— “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”—, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Selena and more donned elaborate gowns, swathe trains and gold encrusted crosses and crowns.

Straight from the red carpet, here are the Latinas who brought fans of Ana Wintour’s biggest event to their knees.

Selena Gomez brought all types of angelic vibes to the Met.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Selena Gomez showed up at the gala looking like an elegant angel without her wings. The Mexican-American singer wore the delicate white dress by Coach with a metallic gold eyeshadow and a silver cross necklace. Bless this look forever and ever, Amen.

With this look, J.LO turned haters into her converts.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Puerto Rican, actress, singer (beauty mogul, designer, and everything else) Jennifer Lopez attended the event alongside her partner Alex Rodriguez. Lopez stunned the red carpet in an elaborate Balmain black dress studded with a cross made up of blue and red jewels. In short, the look was, in the name of the mother, the daughter and holy J.LO type of gorgeous.

The gilded look that Joan Smalls rocked from her head to her toes.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls attended the event in a fitted gold crown and a gilded crown topper. Can anyone else say holy be?

The Victoria Secret Angels who traded in their wings to be badass.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Argentinian model Mica Arganaraz attended the event with (From Left to Right) Anja Rubik, Anthony Vaccarello, Amber Valletta, Kate Moss, Charlotte Casiraghi and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Arganaraz wore Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent along with the other models at the event. Literally the most gorgeous fallen angel look I could have imagined.

Eiza Gonzalez channeled the sacrifices of a cloistered nun.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Eiza Gonzalez, the Mexican actress behind “Baby Driver,” wore off an irreverent nun inspired gown designed by Prabal Gurung. Her black and white gown featured bold cut-outs and shimmery sequence. Have mercy girl!

A look that spun Wonderman into a regal queen.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Original Superwoman Lynda Carter looked regal as hell in a gold crown and blue gown. Her structured gown designed by Zac Posen featured a small train and elegant sleeves. Now that’s Latina power to the holiest of powers.

Salma Hayek looked like the answer to all of our prayers.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The Mexican actress attended the event in a dress by Altuzarra and slick wet hair. The gown was completely embroidered and depicted a landscape scene of animals by a lake. Her simple dress and it’s picturesque depiction was a unique take on the gala’s theme and had all of us crossing ourselves in her name.

A look that could qualify a Latina for saintdom.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Most Marvel fans would fail to recognize superheroine Tessa Thompson in her outfit at the event. Dressed up to look like a Catholic priest, thoroughly dedicated Marvel fans will notice the Afro-Panamanian actress’s subtle salute to her Ragnarock character with her white makeup markings on her face. Sanctus, sanctus this look was holy.

Cardi B’s outfit could literally inspire a new religion.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Of course, it couldn’t have been much of a surprise to fans when Cardi B showed up to the event looking bold and bodacious. The Dominican-Trinidadian Latina dove full onto the event’s theme with a dress by Jeremy Scott and a jeweled encrusted crown to match. She is the one, and only true queen of the Met TBH.

Giving us life in all gold.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen stayed in line with her signature sleek Met Gala style in a gold dress by Versace. According to her Instagram account, the dress was made with 100% organic silk that was ecologically dyed. And earth friendly peace be with you too Gisele.


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