How To Pick A Shade That Complements Your Complexion And Outfit!

Presented By Buxom

There is no denying that Latinas are one diverse group. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, hair types and our beauty is unique as it is complex. So, we’re going to teach you how to bring out your inner reina ???????? with a few simple tricks that will leave everyone wondering how they can also look as effortlessly beautiful as you!

First, you gotta get the perfect plump pout! Pick a shade that complements your complexion and outfit! I tried on three out of the ten BUXOM PillowPout™ Lip Powder shades: Darling Dolly, So Spicy and Kiss Me.

Giving your lips a pop of color is an easy way to take your look to a new level! The cool thing about the plumping BUXOM PillowPout™ Lip Powder is that it gives you that just-kissed look. Here’s how to achieve the look:

1. Twist the cap to reveal the product-coated, sponge-tip applicator–the product is actually in the cap! Cool, huh?

2. Apply the sponge directly to your lips. It glides on smoothly!

3. Reload sponge tip with more product by twisting the cap back on.

4. Repeat application to build coverage.

All three shades looked great, but I ended up going with Kiss Me–I was really diggin it!

Next, get the bedhead look: Use your favorite styling product on damp hair. Brush it with your fingers to maintain your natural waves and avoid breakage. You can let it air dry or use a diffuser, but I like to put my hair in a braid to prevent frizzies and create beachy waves. To finish off the look, use a curler to fix any curls, but remember, we’re going for a natural-I-was-born-this-fierce hairstyle so, don’t overdo it. If your hair is already dry, try a finishing product like wax or dry shampoo to give it texture and volume.

To get the I just-threw-this-on outfit, match a statement jacket with a simple tank. It shows people “you’re not really trying,” but have great taste!

Finally, you gotta walk the walk! To walk with confidence, bring out your inner chingona–you know what we’re talking about, we ALL have one! CONFIDENCE. ???????? IS.???????? KEY. ????????

Don’t forget to use one out of the ten plumping BUXOM PillowPout™ Lip Powder shades to complete your next effortless look. Go out there and slay!