Salma Hayek Says Those Who Are Skeptical About Her Marriage To French Billionaire Are “Showing Racism”

If you’re out here making judgements about Salma Hayek and her billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault, here’s a tip: don’t.

In an interview with Town & Country, the Mexican actress suggested that skepticism around her romance is a sign of bigotry.

“A lot of people are very shocked that I married who I married,” Hayek, 52, said. “And some people are even intimidated now by me. But it’s another way of showing racism. They can’t believe this Mexican ended up in the life that she has, and they’re uncomfortable around me.”

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While “this Mexican” is herself an affluent megastar, her Hollywood-earned millions is apparently loose change compared to Pinault, who’s worth an estimated $7 billion. The French businessman, who Hayek tied the knot with in 2009, heads the Kering conglomerate, which oversees high-profile fashion brands like Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent and is the son of one of France’s richest men, Francois Pinault.

Hayek isn’t letting her haters faze her, though. She told the luxury magazine that she’s living a romantic fairytale, but one that she refuses to share too much about.

“[Pinault] is the best husband in the world,” she said. “I get to be who I am with him, and I don’t feel that somebody tries to limit me. I’m not going to tell you [how we met]. It’s such a romantic, amazing story, but it is mine. I don’t want to vulgarize it by making it into a story to make myself interesting.”

Last August, Hayek and Pinault, who have 11-year-old daughter Valentina Paloma together, renewed their vows in Bora Bora. Pinault, 56, surprised the actress with a beachside ceremony, where Hayek donned a red gown and carried a bouquet of white flowers.

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While the Mexican-Lebanese talent is happily married, she’s still bad all on her own. Hayek spoke with Town & Country to promote her film “The Hummingbird Project,” a Canadian-Belgium drama thriller premiering in the US on March 15. It’s the latest in the Oscar-nominated actress’s filmography, which includes fan favorites like “Frida,” “Dogma,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Traffic,” “Grown Ups” and more.

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After His Wife’s Death, Diego Rivera Tried To Hide The Fact That Frida Kahlo Had Other Sexual Partners But It Didn’t Work

Fierce Boss Ladies

After His Wife’s Death, Diego Rivera Tried To Hide The Fact That Frida Kahlo Had Other Sexual Partners But It Didn’t Work

During her lifetime, acclaimed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was not only renowned for her breathtaking surrealist paintings. She was also known for being a passionate lover with an insatiable appetite. An unabashed bisexual, Kahlo was notorious for her extramarital affairs with partners of both genders during her lifetime. Allegedly, Kahlo’s motto regarding sex was: “make love, take a bath, make love again”. In celebration of Kahlo’s liberated love life, we’ve compiled the definitive list of Frida Kahlo’s sexual conquests (that we know of). Take a peek below!

1. Diego Rivera


Of course, we must start this list off with Kahlo’s primary partner and the self-professed love of her life, Diego Rivera. When Kahlo and Rivera married in 1929, many regarded him as an unusual choice of a husband. Not only was he 20 years her senior, but he was a notorious womanizer and grossly overweight, to boot. In fact, Kahlo’s parents dubbed the couple “the elephant and the dove” due to their size contrast. Despite their differences, Kahlo and Rivera were married for 25 years (not including a one-year period of divorce) and considered each other soulmates. She even wrote a poem about him, describing their all-consuming relationship: “Diego in my urine—Diego in my mouth—in my heart. In my madness. In my dreams”.

2. Chavela Vargas


As we mentioned before, Kahlo was bisexual and enjoyed experiencing the carnal pleasures both men and women had to offer. One of these women was famous lesbian singer Chavela Vargas. According to reports, Vargas and Kahlo began a passionate affair sometime in the 1940s when they met at a party. Later in life, Vargas would refer to Kahlo as her “great love” and wrote about her extensively in her autobiography. As for Frida, she was evidently smitten with Vargas as well. In a letter to a friend, she wrote: “Today I met Chavela Vargas. An extraordinary woman, a lesbian, and what’s more, I desire her…Was she a gift sent to me from heaven?”.

3. Leon Trotsky


Leon Trostky was a Marxist philosopher and politician who, with the help of Diego Rivera, fled the USSR to Mexico to escape Stalin. Because of Rivera’s deep commitment to the Communist cause, he insisted Trotsky and his wife Natalia stay with him and Frida for safety reasons. They ended up staying for two years. It was at Rivera and Kahlo’s residence, the famous “Casa Azul”, that Trostky and Kahlo began an affair. Upon hearing of the infidelity, Rivera became enraged. Rivera was tolerant of Kahlo’s same-sex dalliances, but her heterosexual conquests made him insanely jealous. Trostky and his wife left La Casa Azul in 1939. A year later, Trotsky was murdered in Mexico by Stalinists who were threatened by Trotsky’s controversial views.

4. Georgia O’Keeffe


Kahlo had a complicated relationship with successful American artist Georgia O’Keefe that was a mixture of both awe and jealousy. In a letter to a friend about a trip she took to New York in 1939, Kahlo reveals that she and O’Keefe engaged in at least a sexual relationship, stating: “O’Keeffe was in the hospital for three months, she went to Bermuda for a rest. She didn’t make love to me that time, I think on account of her weakness. Too bad.”

5. Nickolas Muray


Hungarian-born photographer Nickolas Muray was one of the men that Kahlo engaged in the longest affair with, their relationship lasting, on and off, for over 10 years. Their affair began in 1931 when Muray was working in Mexico. According to love letters between them unearthed in the 1990s, their relationship was incredibly passionate. At one point, Kahlo wrote: “I miss every movement of your being, your voice, your eyes, your hands, your beautiful mouth, your laugh so clear and honest. YOU. I love you my Nick. I am so happy to think I love you –to think you wait for me– you love me”. According to reports, Muray wanted to marry Kahlo, but she was intent on keeping him as a lover, not a husband. Although they ended their affair in 1941, they remained good friends until her death in 1954.

6. Paulette Goddard


Paulette Goddard was an American actress most famous for starring in Charlie Chaplin films and later marrying him. Goddard is primarily known for having an affair with Diego Rivera, but many historians agree that she likely had a physical relationship with Frida as well. Although Kahlo was no doubt jealous of the affair between Rivera and Goddard, she also regarded Goddard as a friend and was sexually attracted to her. Many biographers of Frida Kahlo conjecture that Kahlo’s affairs with Rivera’s mistresses were a means for her to reclaim some authority within their relationship. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, Kahlo’s relationship with Goddard was deep enough for her to paint a still life in her honor. The 1941 painting was entitled “The flower basket”.

7. Isamu Noguchi


Isamu Noguchi was a Japanese-American sculptor who was both popular in the Mexican art scene when they started their affair in the mid-1930s. They had a short-lived, passionate physical relationship that drove Diego Rivera mad with jealousy. In Hayden Herrera’s seminal biographical work of Kahlo, “Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo”, Herrera recounts a story of Noguchi escaping a tryst between him and Kahlo by climbing down a tree outside the patio. The next time Rivera saw him, he threatened Noguchi with a gun. Although their affair was brief, Kahlo and Noguchi remained friends until her death

8. Tina Modotti


Tina Modotti was an Italian model, actress, photographer, and political activist that was good friends with Frida throughout her life. Like many of Frida’s same-sex relationships, she was introduced to Modotti through her husband Diego as one of his mistresses. However, Kahlo and Modotti quickly became the closer of the husband and wife couple and became lovers and good friends. Modotti was portrayed by Ashely Judd in the Salma Hayek-starring biopic “Frida” in 2002, one of the only female lovers of Frida’s depicted in the movie.

9. Alejandro Gomez Arias


Alejandro Gomez Arias was Kahlo’s first love and arguably the catalyst for Kahlo’s initial burst of artistic creativity. After getting in a violent bus accident in 1925 with Arias–an accident that mangled her body and left her with lifelong chronic pain–Frida was left bedridden and immobile for months. During this time, Kahlo was so frightened that Arias would lose interest in her that she created her first painting entitled “Self-Portrait in a Velvet Dress” as a gift to him and an attempt to keep him interested. Unfortunately, the painting didn’t work, and she and Arias ended their relationship shortly after.

10. Jacqueline Lamba


Jacqueline Lamba was a French painter and the wife of famous writer and poet, André Breton. Kahlo met Lamba through her husband’s friendship with Breton. Although Kahlo found Breton “insufferable”, she became close to his wife and was “intimate” with her according to contemporary friends’ accounts. In fact, the relationship between Lamba and Kahlo was another of Frida’s same-sex relationships that inspired her creatively. Kahlo created the iconic  “The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened” painting after being inspired by Lamba’s recount of her traumatic wedding night.

11. Heinz Berggruen


Heinz Berggruen was an art collector, art dealer, and a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany when he met Frida Kahlo in 1940. Before he was introduced to her, he was told by Diego Rivera: “You will meet my wife and you will fall in love with her”. He had a short love affair with Frida in New York in 1940 when he was only 25 years old and she was 32.  Berggruen, who lived to be 93 and died in 2007, said of his 6-week relationship with Kahlo, that she considered it “very freeing”, as she had just divorced her husband, Diego Rivera. Although he was a famous art collect and critique, Berggruen claims he never saw any of Frida’s work or talked to her about it while they were together. Of Frida, Berggruen said: “I met Frida Kahlo the woman, and that was enough for me”.

12. Josephine Baker


Josephine Baker was an African-American singer and dancer who moved to Paris to escape discrimination. Baker and Kahlo met in 1939, right after Frida had separated from Diego. She traveled to Paris for an exhibition of her paintings where photographic evidence documents at least one of her meetings with Baker. While Frida was openly bisexual and proud of her relationships, Josephine was much more secretive about her affairs with women and denied them publically. However, her son, Jean-Claude Baker, later confirmed his mother’s affairs with women, referring to them as her “lady lovers”.

13. Jose Bartoli


Jose Bartoli was a Spanish painter whom Frida met on one of her many trips to New York City. They had a secret three-year affair from 1946 to 1949 that was primarily conducted through letter-writing. Their relationship developed an iconic, public status when their letters were put up for auction in 2015 by his family. In one of her letters addressed to Bartloi, Kahlo wrote: “Last night I felt as if many wings caressed me all over as if your fingertips had mouths that kissed my skin”. According to Kahlo’s primary biographer, Hayden Herrera, she believes Kahlo “would have left [Diego Rivera] in order to live with Bartoli” and her love for Bartoli was “passionate, carnal, tender and maternal”

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The 90’s Latinx Icons That Changed the Industry Forever


The 90’s Latinx Icons That Changed the Industry Forever

If you’re a 90s kid, you definitely have a few pieces of pop culture from your childhood that you hold close to your heart. And if you’re a Latinx 90s kid, the chances are that if that show or movie or song involved someone Latinx, then you were downright obsessed. You could actually make the argument that 90s Latinx Icons were some of the first Latinx stars that wore their identity proudly on their sleeves. And this was, after all, decades before being “woke” was mainstream–repping your heritage wasn’t as easy to do then as it is now.

So without further ado, here is a list of 90s Latinx Icons that laid the foundation for current Latinx stars like Gina Rodriguez, Pitbull, Oscar Isaac, and Cardi B. Without these sexy stars paving the way for Latinxs in the industry, who knows where we would be now in terms of equal representation.

1. Jennifer Lopez


You can’t tell us you’re surprised that we started this list off with Queen Triple-Threat herself, Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of a 90s Latinx Icon. She danced, sang, acted, and managed to do all three successfully while looking absolutely incredible. Although Jennifer Lopez was vocally proud of her Puerto-Rican heritage, she also didn’t let it limit her in terms of the projects she pursued. JLo cast aside stereotypes and starred in rom-coms as well as thrillers. She released both English and Spanish Language albums. She defined 90s-era stardom and continues to reinvent herself into today.

2. Antonio Banderas


Although Antonio Banderas was born in Spain, and therefore not necessarily classified as “Latino”, he has become so famous in Latinidad and played so many Latino characters, that we believe he deserves a spot on this list. Antonio Banderas was a gigantic celebrity during the 90s, when he played various Latino leading-man roles from Zorro to Desperado. His charm, charisma, and good looks made him a major heartthrob during the 90s. It’s for all these reasons that he achieves the honor of sharing this list with the other 90s Latinx icons.

3. Selena Quintanilla


Selena Quintanilla is such a larger-than life icon, that there’s not much to say about her that hasn’t already been said. Born in Texas to Mexican-American parents, Selena took the Latin music scene by storm in the early 90s with the release of her groundbreaking album Entre a Mi Mundo and her high energy performances. Unfortunately, her ascendant career was tragically cut short in 1995 when she was murdered by the president of her fan club. Still, her brief life made a timeless impact on music, the Latinx community, and pop culture in general.

4. Mariah Carey


The “Songbird Supreme” of the 90s was born to an Irish mother and an Afro-Venezuelan father. After she released her hit song “Vision of Love” in 1990, Mariah continued to dominate the charts throughout the 90s with a record 14 Number One singles. If that doesn’t cement her iconic status, we don’t know what does! In addition to being crazy talented, Mariah has spoken candidly before about how her grandfather changed his last name from Núñez to Carey when he moved from Venezuela to the US. According to her, he was trying to avoid discrimination.

5. Salma Hayek


After finding initial success as an actress in Mexico, Salma Hayek moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of mainstream stardom. She burst onto the scene (and into men’s hearts) as the beautiful and vulnerable Carolina in Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado. The industry was enchanted by her dark beauty and curves for days and she soon became an in-demand leading-lady of 90s cinema. Passionate about her Mexican heritage and insanely talented, Salma Hayek has always been vocal about the importance of Latinx representation in the media.

6. Freddie Prinze Jr.


If you weren’t in love with Freddie Prinze Jr. in the 90s, it’s possible you didn’t have a heart. Freddie was born to the late comedic actor Freddie Prinze (of “Chico and the Man”), who was of Puerto Rican descent. Junior rose to fame as a 90s heartthrob known for being in a string of teen movies, notably I Know What You Did Last Summer and She’s All That. He then cemented his status in Hollywood by marrying another 90s icon, Sarah Michelle Geller. Freddie has always been vocal and proud of his Latino heritage and even speaks Spanish fluently.

7. Mario Lopez


Two words: those dimples. We were introduced to Mexican-American Mario Lopez through his role as AC Slater in Saved by the Bell which premiered in 1989 and ran until 1993. Although some tweens were partial to Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the more sophisticated fans knew that AC was the real star of Saved By the Bell. Handsome, kind, and athletic, AC Slater was the mom-approved heartthrob during a time when young Latino role models were few and far between. He was a veritable mainstay on the cover of Tigerbeat magazine during the early 90s.

8. Christina Aguilera


You didn’t think we’d leave off X-tina, did you? This former Mouseketeer became instantly famous with the release of her smash single “Genie in a Bottle” in 1999. Although her Ecuadorian father wasn’t in the picture much during her childhood, Christina is extremely proud of her Latinx heritage. She even released a Spanish language album in 2000 titled Mi Reflejo. As to the criticism she’s heard about not looking “Latina enough”? Christina has a few words: “All I know is no one can tell me I’m not a proud Latina woman”. Preach girl!

9. Ricky Martin


Ricky Martin was so talented and so sexy that you couldn’t turn anywhere in the late 90s without seeing his face on a billboard or a t-shirt. Born in Puerto Rico, Ricky was a child star in the popular boy-band Menudo. However, it was the release of the single “Livin’ La Vida Loca” in 1999 that catapulted him into international super-stardom. Not only is he a Latinx icon but a queer icon also. However, he refused to comment on his sexuality until 2010 when he confirmed he was a “fortunate homosexual man”.

10. Christy Turlington


When you think of the incomparable supermodels of the 90s, there’s no doubt that Christy Turlington comes to mind. But what you may be surprised about is that Christy Turlington is of Salvadoran descent. Born to María Elizabeth Infante and Dwain Turlington, Christy is both a Latina and a 90s icon. In fact, Christy has spoken about how she would spend her summers traveling through South America as a young girl. We love knowing that one of the biggest 90s supermodels in the world was, in fact, a Latina and proud of her heritage.

11. Sammy Sosa


Currently known primarily for his (alarmingly) changing looks, Sammy Sosa joined the Chicago Cubs in 1992 and proceeded to dominate the 90s as a right-fielder. Born in the Dominican Republic, Sosa spent his youth perfecting his baseball skills before moving to the US to join the MLB. He achieved Hall of Fame status in 1998 and is one of nine players in MLB history to hit 600 home runs. During the 90s, he was the embodiment of Latinx excellence and Dominicans were proud to call him one of their own.

12. Stacey Dash


Say what you will about current-era Stacey Dash (and there’s a lot to say), but back in the 90s, she was the height of cool-girl chic. Born to a black father and Mexican mother, Stacey became a 90s icon from her role as the privileged, trendy Dionne Davenport in Clueless (arguably the best 90s movie ever made). Dionne’s hair, clothes and general aesthetic made Stacey Dash the envy of every Afro-Latina girl who had a passion for fashion. To this day, the Dionne look is synonymous with over-the-top 90s fashion.

13. Enrique Iglesias

enriqueiglesias / Instagram

Before he continued his super-stardom into the 21st century, Enrique Iglesias was already a Latinx icon of the 90s. Ironically enough, the “King of Latin Pop” is actually of Spanish and Filipinio descent, but still makes this list because of his impact on Latinx culture. With his self-titled debut album in 1995, Enrique was able to sell over a million copies within the first week. He went on to release more albums in the 90s and smash other records, too. In 1998 he won an American Music Award for his album, Cosas del Amor. His competition? None other than Ricky Martin.

14. Benicio Del Toro


We first became aware of Benicio Del Toro from his award-winning turn as Fred Fenster in The Usual Subjects. Although he wasn’t particularly dreamy in that role, his personal presence on the red carpet was enough to knock your socks off. Affectionately known as the “Latino Brad Pitt”, this Puerto Rican actor was the kind of 90s icon that rejected his status as a sex symbol. Instead, he embraced roles that had a distinctive “character actor” vibe to them, as with his trippy turn in the cult-classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

15. Cameron Diaz


It’s rather ironic that Cameron Diaz, an actress that was continuously cast in movies due to her “All American” look, was actually Latina–Cuban, to be exact. At the fresh age of 21, Cameron was cast as the female lead in the hit movie The Mask and went on to star in hit after hit. She dominated the box office in movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Something About Mary, and Being John Malkovich. She’s spoken in interviews before about how her Cuban heritage shaped her as a woman.

16. Tatyana Ali


Known for playing privileged, but extremely kind, Ashley Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Tatyana Ali was born to a mother from Panama and a father from Trinidad. When we were growing up, we couldn’t get enough of her spunk and charm on our TV screens, at it’s accurate to call her an icon, purely based on her incredible 90s wardrobe. Tatyana hasn’t been afraid to discuss the struggle of growing up Afro-Latina and growing up in a country that fails at recognizing how someone can be black and Latina at the same time.

17. Howie Dorough and AJ Mclean


Okay, we’re cheating a bit by rolling these two boy band stars into one slot. But like any good boyband members, they might as well have been one person, they were so inseparable in the 90s. For those who don’t know, Howie and AJ were the two Latino members (and in our opinion, the best members) of 90s mega-band The Backstreet Boys. Both of Puerto Rican descent, these two met at a Latin Music festival in 1991 before they were ever in the Backstreet Boys.

18. Thalía


Although Thalia never achieved quite the same success in America as she did in the rest of Latinidad, we would be crazy to leave her off the list. Thalia was a Latinx icon that truly dominated the 90’s. Known for being both the “Queen of Telenovelas” and one of the most iconic women in Latin pop music, Thalia was a triple threat to rival Jlo. She was named by Billboard as the most recognizable Spanish-speaking soap star in the world. Additionally, many in the industry consider her one of the most powerful women in Latin music. She is especially adored by fans in her native country of Mexico. She continues to work as an actress, singer, and entrepreneur today.

19. Patricia Velásquez


Although Patricia Velasquez isn’t the first Latina to hit the fashion scene (we’ve already covered Christy Turlington), many consider her to be the “first Latina supermodel”. The press labeled her this because of what was considered her more obvious “Latina-presenting” look. After winning Miss Venezuela in 1989, Patricia decided to pursue a modeling career and was met with immediate success. She proceeded to work for major designers like Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana, but she may be best known as the Undead Queen in 1999’s The Mummy. She recently came out publicly as lesbian, cementing her status as both a Latinx and a queer icon.

20. Andrew Keegan


Up there with Freddie Prinze Jr, Andrew Keegan was a sex symbol for teen girls that specialized in driving them wild. In the 90s, you couldn’t turn anywhere without seeing Keegan on screen (big or small). From 7th Heaven, to Party of Five, to 10 Things I Hate About You, 90s tweens couldn’t escape him. Could it have been his semi-dangerous, semi-wholesome face? We’re not sure. Unbeknownst to many, Andrew was born to a Colombian mother, putting him squarely in 90s Latinx Icon territory.

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