Tarotscope: Here’s What The Month Of September Has In Store For You

September marks the end of a season and the start of a new one. This month’s theme is manifestation. Read through to learn how you can best channel your energy to manifest into something positive. 


You could find yourself feeling like a new identity, finally detached from what once belonged to an old version of you. The evolution you have undergone has you feeling empowered, courageous, bold and confident. Continue to remove your energy from things that no longer benefit this new cycle you are in and the person you want to become. Level up and encourage yourself to find the strength to continue growing. Take all the alone time that you need to continue to develop. Recharge, rest and meditate. This is a powerful month for you, as it requires you to act on things you haven’t before. You have enough control and power to create what you envision for yourself. Even if you don’t know what lies ahead of you, trust that the path will be revealed so long as you are listening to your internal whispers.


What you reap, you sow and by the looks of it, you’ve been busy sowing many seeds. September is your time to claim them all and to enjoy the manifestations of what your labor will produce. You were able to master difficult lessons, endure hard challenges and transform yourself in the process. It is only fair that you are finally rewarded; take the time to enjoy what your work has provided for you and just how far you’ve come. Don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned along the way as you can still continue to use these to your advantage. September also represents a period of endings for you, a time where you can experience closure in a couple areas of your life. You might find yourself making peace with old attachments, responsibilities or projects that you no longer need or have finally finished up. Take this month to consider what other things you’d like to create for yourself and how the next year will transpire for you.


There is great momentum for you this month as you may note that the energy around you is pushing everything forward in progression. Your mind may be working a mile a minute, planning, creating, thinking, structuring and organizing. Don’t work against it, use this boost to put the next chess pieces into place and take action. You wield great intuition and inner guidance; it would help you more than ever to tap into this source and help it to steer you into which steps are the most effective this month. Whatever you’ve been doing, it’s created a recipe for success, continue doing just that and maintain your sharp focus. It is very possible for you to meet the goals and further your success at a rapid rate. Determination is key here. Remain balanced in whichever way is most organic to you and don’t allow your focus to stay on irrelevant matters. Remember you don’t need to do it alone, you’re surrounded by immense support and resources, use it to travel faster.


September finds you at the right place at the right time, and destiny meets you every step along the way. Embrace your blessings and open yourself up to receive all of them, allow your mind to go wild with the possibilities of what could show up at your doorstep. The more you work in your own favor, the more cues the universe has to do so for you. Being solution oriented will go a long way for you this month as you will find yourself attracting more answers rather than problems. Take this opportunity to finalize what your past lessons have been attempting to teach you and to move onward in confidence and self-assurance. Strengthen your mindset so that you believe you can do all things and correct any karma that you’ve continued to perpetuate consciously (that has been holding you back). By acting now, you can break free from old patterns and stubborn ways of being. Destiny is in your favor; don’t turn a blind eye on it.


September will be an extremely productive time for you. All that you’ve learned thus far and have downloaded inspirationally, you have the green light to act on. Know that your hard work and effort will pay off, as long as it’s applied in the right way, consistently. It is imperative that you remain focused and flexible to your circumstances, regardless of what is thrown your way, you have the ability to turn it into a prosperous outcome. As you are juggling your load, know that you do not have to do it alone. You have an abundance of resources helping you out this month, don’t be afraid to reach out for help or to consider doing things more simple. Consider the relationships and partnerships that you have in your life and how they can help you go an extra mile. Procrastinating this month will take you 10 steps backward. Be on your toes with your decision-making and weigh out your options thoroughly. Stay attentive to the shifts occurring in your life and know that they’re ultimately leading you in a positive direction.


An emotional breakthrough is to be expected this month. Love surrounds you in all ways; the possibility of you resonating with someone romantically is strong as well. September provides you great wealth and many blessings for you to bask in. You might find yourself energized and passionate enough to embark on new projects, hobbies and possibly an entirely new life path. There’s no better time than now to open up and embrace what the future has to offer you. You are finally vibrating higher so that the things you’ve been truly seeking have space to align and catch up with you, so prepare for greatness. Past challenges are resolved, regrets and scorns are healed and the universe is now ready to usher you further into the work you were placed on this Earth to do. Continue healing by creating art consistently, regardless of what that medium is. This brings further abundance to your plate.


It is your time to shine, to allow your brilliance to be known, to take lead and to radiate complete positivity. There could be a great deal happening around you, pulling your focus into the chaos and discord. Regardless of the mess, you are guaranteed great success, happiness and bliss this month. The puzzle pieces are finally coming together and the future is looking like one harmonious pie that’s attainable. You might experience a rebirth in some ways where you gain great clarity and you know which direction you must move for the rest of the year. Don’t be afraid to show others what you’re made of. You have the ability to be quite influential, many people will flock to you with ease but discernment is key. Nothing will be hidden this month, use this energy to cast out negativity and old patterns from your life and to create new patterns that will only further your purpose and mission.


Take your time this September to ground yourself and reprioritize your goals and focus. Much will be called from you at this point and you might be feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and obligations. It is a total cleansing period that requires great sacrifice and releasing dead weight. You must make room for new experiences by focusing your energy on getting rid of what no longer serves you. You are being asked to elevate your perspective and change your lens on how you to view things. Taking a higher road can help you understand circumstances with more depth and dimension. Things may feel slow to you in terms of changes and transitions; trust that the clarity you need, answers you seek and results you desire will come about once you submerge yourself into the experience. Go through the motions and allow things to unfold one step at a time. Act on what you know is right.


Take a step back and create the sacred space you need to get back to what’s most important — yourself. This is a month that is best spent in solitude, indulging in selfish activity that feeds your soul and supports your growth on all levels. Silence will allow you to listen to the truth of what your spirit is revealing to you. Meditating, praying, journaling, setting clear intentions, ritual work, etc. can all help you this month in establishing a stronger connection with yourself and clearing out stale energy from your past. Remove yourself from your distractions and tap into the answers that lie within. Schedule some me time and discover what you’ve been holding back from yourself that will allow you to truly shine for the rest of the year.


Many things may be coming to an end in your life; it’s a great period of closure and completion. Detox from old ways and heavy energy that is no longer serving you. Detach yourself from limiting beliefs and perspectives that hold you back from taking positive action. Don’t make things bigger than what they truly are; this can be a time in which you learn how to truly let go of worry, anxiety and despair. You must act to get over the hurdles that are holding you back. Be clear with your agenda and momentum; what results are you seeking and what will it take for you to get them? As you start acting with more deliberate force, solutions will make their way to you. You must be willing to use your resources and act on the assistance that surrounds you. You will have help, listen closely and deeply, pay attention and you will note the direction you must go in.


You have been putting all the pieces in place in order to ensure a stable future and strong foundation. This is no easy task. Continue to listen to your intuition and trust your gut on decision making to build the empire that you envision. You may note that you’re more at an advantage this month than before. Don’t be so quick to give your power away to things and circumstances that will ultimately drain you. Preserve your energy strategically and watch how you project your energy. Give back to yourself to strengthen your position in life and to best ensure quick growth. It’s important to be as flexible as you can in September. Acting like a control freak can only place more stress and strain on yourself. Allow things to flow organically and watch how abundance grows towards you naturally.


You have the inner fortitude to preserve against all challenges and setbacks. You will be faced with trials this month but it’s important for you to find the underlying theme and lessons in what they are trying to teach you. Maintain courage, grace and faith as you go through any adversity that may feel discomforting. You are more powerful than you think and it’s time to tap into your strength on all levels: body, mind and soul. You may feel inspired to hit the gym, meditate more, educate yourself on a new topic. Keep track of the thoughts you harbor. Assess your mistakes and failures: what have they taught you and how have they made you better? The universe is providing you with a great wake-up call that will help you transform your life if you’re attentive to the message.


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