These #ThxBirthControl Underline How Crucial Contraceptives Are To Ensuring Equality and Freedom For Women

The Latinx communities relationship with birth control and contraceptives is undeniably complicated but it is also gainful. Like so many women across the globe, Latinas have used the full range of birth control methods to prevent pregnancies, save their own lives, preserve their futures, shield themselves from uterine cancer and debilitating menstrual symptoms as well as to regulate certain neurological and hormonal disorders. Latinas in particular, 84 percent in the U.S. to be exact, have said that they view birth control as an essential part of their health care.

On Thanks Birth Control Day, thousands of women and men are taking to Twitter to share their reasons for needing and appreciating birth control. From reasons related to ensuring their livelihood to those related to being counteractive against incidents of sexual assault and rape, Latinas are sharing how birth control has helped them to complete their educations, plan families and harness their potential.

Here’s a look at just a few of the many reasons why Latinas use birth control.

Birth control as pain management.

Birth control pills are often prescribed by physicians to treat dysmenorrhea or extreme menstrual cramps that occur before and during a woman’s period. Often times the pain of menstrual cramps can be so painful that a women’s daily activities are limited. Menstrual cramps affect up to 90 percent of women. Certain hormonal contraceptives such as Combination Birth Control Pills, NuvaRing, and the IUD have been shown to lower the pain of cramps.

Birth control as an ailment relief.

Uterine disorders can severely impact a person’s quality of life, but help from birth control can often combat the symptoms. In cases where endometriosis is an issue, birth controls with high progestogenic and androgenic hormones can help women to manage the pain of having tissue that typically lines the uterus grows outside the uterus.

As a study guide.

When women are given access to birth control they are much more likely to achieve higher education and live their best lives.

Also, it’s great for skincare.

So many women receive birth control as a method to manage skin conditions like hormonal acne.

As a family plan and salary boost.

Women who have access to birth control are much more likely to achieve higher education, and tackle career goals, thus earning themselves higher salaries in the future.

Birth control can help with ovarian issues.

Birth control has become a common form of treatment for women who have ovarian cysts which can often cause extreme pain.

As the ultimate family plan and budget maker.

The benefits of birth control are undeniable. Without it, we’d have a much more serious population problem on our hands. Also, there’s no denying the fact that households would be making a lot less money.


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