This Latina Shut Down Machista Idealisms By Picking Up Her Homecoming Crown In Football Cleats

We honestly can’t get over how she received her crown in her uniform. Slay, Jocelyn, slaaaaaay!

Jocelyn Fernandez grew up in a family that loves sports. Her dad coaches the high school football team her brother plays for. Being a woman didn’t stop her from also playing the sport she grew up loving. Jocelyn is a wide receiver at St. Michael’s High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

During her class’s Homecoming ceremony, Jocelyn was crowned homecoming queen and received her crown and sash in complete uniform, including shoulder pads and helmet. As for her shoes, she stepped up in cleats.

“I realized that when I was going to get rewarded the homecoming queen at halftime, I was going to be in my football uniform. Everyone was freaking out about it, I was freaking out about it,” she said in an interview with KOAT. “Just being a girl on the team, it means a lot to me. Just to know that I can hang with these guys and just playing my favorite sport again is really special to me.”

Jocelyn Fernandez has just made history in her high school by becoming the first football player to be crowned homecoming queen.

credit: Vogue via Giphy

She is goals.


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