Yalitza Aparicio’s First Big Purchase After Starring In ‘Roma’ Was The Book The Lovely Bones

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By this point, anyone with a Netflix account or just general access to the internet has an idea of Yalitza Aparicio. The newly minted actress and star of Netflix’s “Roma” has garnered various award nods including an Oscar nomination for best actress, stunned on red carpets and become the face of the progress and representation in Hollywood so many people of color have thirsted for.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the actress from Tlaxiaco, Mexico spoke about her hopes to break barriers and stereotypes in films.

Speaking about her desire to not be described as “the face of Mexico” Yalitza told the magazine that the country, like Latin America, is made of “very different sort of hues and characteristics.”

“What I would like to see is for more of that diversity to be represented,” Aparicio explained. “For there to be more of those faces that you’d see and live within your day-to-day. For example, for me, growing up, I never got to see people who looked like me or like any other people that I grew up with. That, over time, made me lose interest in cinema and to really focus on things that I considered to be more like reality because everything that I saw in the film just seemed completely like fiction.”

On the various stereotypes, the actress would like to see mainstream media rid itself of, the actress said she wants a start with the portrayal of mothers.

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“Another thing that I really like about the movie is that you see a single mother, which was not something that’s looked upon very nicely, but you see the strength of that mother and her ability to survive. I think that’s also very valuable,” the actress said.

While many actors often spend their first big film check on cars and homes, Aparicio said that she spent some of her “Roma” check on books.

“The first thing that I did, because I was finally receiving an income, was buy a bunch of books. Now I can have some books that I’ve been wanting. The Lovely Bones — I bought that in Spanish. The Little Prince. One that’s called La Tregua in Spanish, a book by Mario Benedetti who’s a very well-known novelist.”


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