Here’s Your Zodiac Sign’s Tarotscope For July 2018

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With so much injustice happening in our country, we know that the United States isn’t the “land of the free” it purports to be. But this Fourth of July — and throughout Cancer season — let’s be intentional about finding our own personal freedom, with these tarotscopes guiding your way.

Aries // Thunderbird Tracks

Life picks up the pace in the July, as things that were once blocked and presented a challenge are now moving themselves out of your path. You may experience a boost of confidence, inspiration creativity and bravery as you notice how much you’ve accomplished and the positivity that is transpiring for you. Get happy! Things will be getting much better, if they’re not already on the positive swing of things. It is quite the fortunate time for you and the loved ones around you. If you’re feeling the impulse to make new moves, shake things around and take a different direction, then you will be supported with whatever you desire to act on in July. Things develop fairly quickly, so bear in mind that when it rains, it pours. Be prepared for all the abundance and support that you’ve been asking for. Your mindset is everything this month. Cultivate the best one and prepare to win.

Taurus // Earth

Take things slow this month. It’s time to pace your intentions, calculate your moves and consider what you want to plant for the months to come. You are fertile with intentions. Ground yourself by thinking practically and rationally at this time. Consider the resources you need to support your creations and to help them flourish. Focus on personal needs and schedule in adequate rest and sacred time to meditate on spiritual insights and downloads that will support your manifestations and drive. It’s a phenomenal time to cater to your physical body, the temple that houses your soul, and support your hustle. What can you do to be healthier, happier and more active in this vessel? What do you need to feel more grounded, supported balanced and centered while doing work? Take the liberty to connect to the earth, eat more greens and fruits and drink a great deal of water to cleanse stale energy and assist you in attaining your goals and a more stable you.

Gemini // Saturn

You might encounter some challenges this month that encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone and to think critically. You are known for your mind and strategic moves. This is one great time to prove to yourself what you’re made of. Valuable lessons will be available to you in July, some of which may be hard to swallow or present unexpected challenges that require dedication, perseverance and hard work to overcome. Nothing is impossible. It is important that you keep your eyes on the prize and remain focused on success, not on the challenges themselves. During this time, you have the opportunity to advance tremendously in your goals and ambitions. The rewards are plentiful. Don’t back down from doing the work. If you drive yourself to be solution-oriented, then you will make things much easier for yourself rather than playing the victim.

Cancer // Friendship

Count on your closest support systems this month: your friends, family, loved ones and cherished individuals as they hold a big role in helping you accomplish a great amount. Pay close attention to who is introduced to your circle, as you may be meeting new individuals that have something beneficial to contribute to your world. You might find yourself more at peace, seeking further balance and harmony in your life during this time, so consider taking on the advice from those you respect the most. In doing so, you may find yourself feeling more free, uninhibited and energetic. The alliances you create this month will help you to create the abundance that you are seeking, if you choose wisely.

Leo // Wealth

You must be willing to shift your perspective on wealth in order to acquire more. July provides a great deal of abundance that surrounds you but if you cannot see this for yourself and take action, then it will pass you by. Wealth is prosperity on all aspects, not just financial or material goods. Focus on the abundance of energy you have, resources that you utilize daily, things you take for granted, abilities that you contain that you’re not tapping into, etc. Use what you have and be smart about it. July presents you with several opportunities for you to thrive from but you must train your mentality to see the gold, even if it’s seemingly not there. Meditate on the ways you can amplify your personal abundance and wealth, and create a plan so that it sustains.

Virgo // Truth

Many revelations will be made known to you this month, allowing you to wake up to new realities about yourself. What you do with information will either strengthen who you are and cultivate a more powerful, confident individual or leave you remaining in your comfort zone. Ultimately, the truth shall set you free. You have the opportunity to be direct and honest with yourself to set any record straight and know exactly what your position is in life and where you want to go. Be open and transparent with others and your work, as it will yield many rewards. You may show up as a conduit for others, representing a truth speaker or wise seer who can tap into energy and see it for what it is. Use this skill to your advantage this month and work on anything that is showing up as loose ends.

Libra // Burden Basket

You are working overtime to get your responsibilities done and still manifest some great goals on the horizon. It can be an extremely busy month for you as you juggle incoming opportunities and manage the load that you already carry. Placing an emphasis on your self-care will help you meet your obligations with grace and peace, without feeling overwhelmed or too stressed. If something has become too excessive for you, you must decide what you can reasonably handle and what to take on later. Cleanse your home, take a detox, meditate and establish a great support system to help you tackle and handle any stress you might encounter. Working smarter requires that you take your personal needs into account. You can accomplish much more when you take initiative on your self-care first.

Scorpio // Cleansing

It may be time for you to properly address what needs a re-start in your life. If there has been dull energy you’ve encountered — death, challenges or if you’ve felt particularly stuck — it may be time for you to cleanse your body, mind and soul. Get creative with the way you approach this. Traditional cleanses can require a spiritual bath with herbs, essential oils and prayer, utilizing sage, Palo Santo or Florida water to permeate through the atmosphere. Cleansing in general allows you to boost your energy, remove toxicity from your path and start over with clarity. Consider how your lifestyle can shift and incorporate healthier habits. Be proactive in purifying your body and mind this month. Out with the old and in with the new. cleansing will allow you to eliminate stale energies that no longer serve you, making space for a new chapter to begin.

Sagittarius // Full Moon

The Full Moon has the power to amplify your desires, energy and personal magic. It removes what no longer is in alignment with your highest good and path and also highlights the synchronicity around you. You have the potential to make great things happen this month — the key is in clarity. Act with deliberate intention and focus as you navigate yourself in July. Focus on what you want and watch how the path appears before you. It’s a great time to open up to more magic in your life, whether it is teaching yourself how to read tarot cards, learning about ritual work, connecting deeper to your ancestors or engaging in the arts in any way. The Full Moon gives you the liberty to express yourself fully and authentically while healing and also revealing new insights that are pivotal to your evolution. What lies inside of you that needs acknowledgement and understanding? Work with your energy to draw in more magic in your life.

Capricorn // Knowledge

Valuable information is accessible to you this month. Make yourself open and available to learning more about yourself and the energies around you. This information can come in various forms, so it’s important that you remain receptive and attentive to how this can manifest in your life. You may feel the urge to share more of your knowledge and wisdom in the world. Encourage yourself to speak, write, create and express that wisdom in whatever organic way it desires to be channeled. Don’t hold back from assisting others that may need your help. As much as you may be receiving a mentor/assistance, you too can also represent this role in another’s life without realizing it. Take your own advice and listen deeply to what your intuition is prompting you to do in July. If you’re seeking to learn something valuable or attract a teacher, put those intentions out there clearly. Ask and you shall receive.

Aquarius // Friendship x Vesica Pisces

Your connection to your friends is incredibly important this month. You might find yourself feeling more supported, appreciated and inspired by your crew and vice-versa. The people that you encounter this month and connections you establish are not in vain; everyone is serving a specific purpose and message. Pay attention. Should you choose to collaborate or establish work with your friends/kindred spirits, then it would benefit you greatly, potentially launching bigger projects in the future. Your friends offer invaluable wisdom and guidance in July. Take notes and tune yourself closely to any lessons that might be lingering on. This is a time of great awakening and personal expansion. You might find yourself feeling more spiritually inclined, wanting to explore new gifts and concepts. Exploring your interests help support your psychic abilities and healing, too. Promote your playtime.

Pisces // Focus

There are so many things shifting in your world that it can be challenging for you to focus on what you’re presently dealing with and handle what’s on your plate. July will only further bring more unexpected shifts, asking you to move your energy all over the place, non-stop. This month is asking you to be extremely intentional, clear and direct with your energy and motives. What are you looking to get out of every experience? What role do you play and responsibilities? If you’re feeling scattered, take the time to gather your thoughts, collect your energy and pace yourself with what’s happening in the present moment. You get more accomplished by targeting one thing at a time. Reorient your direction and focus on the things you want in your life, not what you don’t want. Save your time and energy by getting straight to the point and eliminating distractions.

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