Your Zodiac Sign’s Tarotscope For April 2018 Is Right Here — And It’s All About New Beginnings

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Aries season is upon us, a time that marks the beginning of the astrological new year for western astrology.

Here, guidance for each sign on what you should be looking forward to and watching out for during this astrological año nuevo.


You are known to initiate and take immediate action on your passions and ambitions, Aries, but this month, take the time to educate yourself a bit further on whatever you feel compelled to jump into. Knowledge will serve you well and it’s best to know what you’re stepping into instead of approaching anything blindly. You may feel moved to learn a new skill, hobby or expand on your passions and talents — and this is great. But Aries Season marks the beginning of the new astrological year, so you want to focus on growth and expansion. How can you be bigger and better than the year before, and what did these past months’ emotional situations guide and teach you? The glow up is all yours. Enhance your worth by demanding the best and expecting only but the best for yourself. Some of you may find yourself super emotional during this moment still. If you’re experiencing a rocky time, know that this is a transition toward a more stable place and time in your life. Without pressure, diamonds cannot be made. Your rewards are closer than you think, but you will have to be innovative, creative, bold and confident in order to claim them. Know yourself this month and start preparing for what you want to create for the rest of the astrological year (Aries – Pisces). Indulge in beauty, pleasure and make sure to take advantage of what life has to offer.


Taurus, this month is a time where you display great power and strength in your life. You can truly make great leaps on your goals and dreams as long as you remain focused and are placing your energy on things that feed your soul. Be mindful on where you are putting your power and what it gives you back. Are you spending too much time on social media and not on your own hustle? Are your thoughts lingering on in the past and not taking advantage of what the present has to offer you? Be mindful that this is a new astrological year. Aries Season marks the very beginning and the ending with Pisces Season. You may be feeling in alignment with passionate momentum. If so, take this emotion and go far with it. It is the right time to seek out your resources and analyze what new creations you can make with them. You are wiser, and for some, entering a new and exciting chapter in your life. If you can live your most ideal life, what would that look like and what can you do this month to make it happen? Sometimes we forget that we have everything we need, yet we think we don’t because we’re not being creative or clever enough with our surroundings. It is time to make something out of nothing. You have this month to prove to yourself just how far your personal magic can take you when you support your journey with the right thoughts and right action. Get your hands dirty. To build a life that you love will require work and sacrifice. What are you willing to let go for the things you want to acquire? Push yourself to do the things that you normally wouldn’t. What you’re seeking is on the other side of your comfort zone.


Gemini, Aries Seasons sparks the new astrological year, and for you this means cleansing and getting rid of old and stale energy that is not supporting your growth, challenging your evolution or nourishing your mind, body and soul. Pay attention to the company that you keep and analyze how they’ve influenced you in the most subtle and unsubtle of ways. If this is something that you approve, then continue moving forward. If not, then you want to consider perhaps seeking new company or detaching yourself to focus on better energy. Cleansing your home and belongings also helps signal the universe that you are ready and accountable to receive the things you truly want. Cleansing in general is simply a ritual that you must engage in periodically to help support your journey and personal energy. Let thriving be your goal this year, anything that falters from that should be addressed or removed from your path. Great and long-term success is inevitable for you, Gemini. Financial rewards and opportunity for you to shine will be made to you. This is a time where you might want to focus on the value of the things that you are seeking. Cherish new memories being made, celebrate the life you are living now with your family and make time to spend with those that are near and dear to your heart. Prosperity is a given here for you; however, don’t expect this to be an overnight circumstance. Great wealth, in all sense of the word and in all aspect of your life, takes time to cultivate, but cherish the fact that you are on that path and are doing the right thing. Remain positive, optimistic and hopeful. It’s the best medicine for you this month.


April representS a busy month for you, Cancer. It will require a great deal of attention, wisdom and patience. This is the start of a new astrological year, and thus a more commanding, dynamic and powerful you. Do not fear taking the reigns and doing things your way. You have learned how to control your emotions so that you don’t give your power away and you remain ever-vigilant on the opportunities that lie ahead of you. In fact, you should not fear anything that may come across your path this month, as you are more than capable of handling it. Be mindful of incoming messages that will keep you on your toes. Be that via emails, DMs, texts, calls or overheard conversations; the universe has some specific news to relay to you this month. It could be that you are becoming a very clear channel and the answers that you are seeking will come to you easily. It may also be the case that you have tremendous support from your spirit guides and ancestors at this time, helping you win in life. Make space for these messages by trying not to be so caught up in the hectic energy that this month can bring but anticipating information to arrive just when it does.


Finally, you’re making powerful moves to transcend the past and leave old ways behind, Leo. This month sparks new beginnings for you but also serves as the beginning of Aries Season, the start of the astrological new year. You are gaining momentum in your life, knowing what you want, setting ablaze to your path and doing everything in your power to come out on top. You can expect April to treat you extremely well and to continue with growth and progression. Focus on the positive and only seeing the benefits out of every situation. Good fortune falls upon you, so make space in your heart and soul for what’s to come. April can also serve to heal you in profound ways. You may find yourself revisiting the past, being mindful on the lessons it has brought you. Give thanks to how far you’ve come and how the past has shaped the person that you are now. Expect some people to pop into your life again, either to remind you of the lessons you’ve learned or to get you to strengthen up your boundaries. Regardless, it may serve you well to take a trip down memory lane. What lies there still has the potential to heal you.


You have a profound way with people this month, Virgo. You may find yourself attracting people that need help or guidance, and you know just the right words or actions to take. This is not a mistake. Your gifts and powers are evolving and some are simply emerging from the darkness because you trust yourself more and have had some time to reflect on your past growth. Give yourself credit and honor the calling. Indulge in educating yourself a bit further on your interests and passions; you need fuel to get to where you want to go. Don’t forget the possibility that you may be pulled to teach others this month, too. There’s a greater wisdom emerging from you that you should trust. This wisdom is something that you can tap into at any time. It is a time where your awareness is expanded and heightened on all levels. You have the ability to access new gifts, learn profound skills and bring forth healing into your life and the lives of others as well. Pay close attention to what you want to bring into fruition at this time and how the gates to your desires are easily accessible to you now.


Libra, you have a powerful mind. April will give you the opportunities to use it to your advantage. It’s time to mingle and make your skills and talents made known to your community. If you’re already working with a group, you may find yourself taking the lead and making powerful moves setting yourself up for a fortunate future. April brings forth negotiations and social occasions that can have you shining if you play your cards right. You could find yourself in demand. People cannot get enough of what you have to offer or, quite possibly, your energy. Focus on building up, getting acquainted with people of power and positioning yourself strategically. Overall, your whole life is in for a shift. Your body, mind and soul are experiencing an upgrade, one that may require a plan so that you can stick to the changes and improvements that you’re making for yourself. If you’re seeking growth in your lifestyle and looking to change for the better, this is the month to do it in. Your mind is clearer than ever, more clever, and you are gaining good insight on what to do and how to approach confusing areas in your life. Be rational in April, but don’t leave out your magical impulses.


Scorpio, your perseverance will pay off. Some of you might have already started noticing doors opening for you, but this is just the beginning. It may seem as if you’ve exerted much force without many rewards given to you, but continue to keep your eyes on the prize because blessings are in store. April will be the month of great revelations for you, knowing where you stand and just how far you are willing to go to meet your desires — and this makes you an unstoppable force. Something you’ve been working a great deal toward will finally bring you closure and reveal its truth. Trust your magic and momentum. It may seem at times that you have the entire world against you, external pressures are building or your exhaustion is a constant, but remain faithful in your path. Clarity will be given to you. Be open to new possibilities that allow you to win, like shortcuts that come out of nowhere to help you along the way. Visualize your success, and set your intentions that keep you in alignment with this way of life. You are more powerful than you think. It’s time that you begin moving as such.


Sagittarius, this month represents a new chapter in your life, where you encounter major shifts and can begin acting on your leadership abilities and taking strong initiative on your life. This is not the time to wait for things to fall into your lap, but to move with conviction and fearlessness. If there is something you want to do, do it. If there is an area in your life that you need to fix, fix it. Your rewards rely on the amount of action you are willing to take to support the universe in your growth. April can be scary for some, as you are approaching the unknown in many ways without certainty of what is to come and what to do next. Use your instincts, your extra senses and your gut knowledge to guide you step by step. Do not run but rather walk and the answer will appear with every move that you make. There may be challenges and limitations that you encounter, most of which may stem from your own behavior and beliefs. Take a moment to consider just how far you have come and the lessons you’ve learned thus far. Take this knowledge and apply it to your future so that you meet less obstacles along the road. It is imperative that you are clear with what you want to manifest and bring forth into your life. Be grounded and center your desires and you will make tremendous moves of progress.


Capricorn, you have the potential to birth greatness this month and to ensure that it is long lasting. Consider what you would like to launch. April is the ideal time to launch the new, after Mercury Retrograde, of course (past the 15). Lasting stability will be accessible to you: a new job, home, promotion, financial rewards or, over all, abundance will land in your lap. Do not focus so much on the how’s but listen to the signs that the universe provides to you this month regarding which avenue to take and how to move around intuitively. You can access great power this month that makes you quite the influential person. Trust the vision that you hold for yourself and start acting on it now. You don’t always need validation for the information that you know. Go with it and see where it leads you. Your ability to manifest your vision is strong, so be practical and use some common sense in your approach. Take advantage of the tools you have in front of you and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. The universe is blessing you with great support, and it is up to you to use it to your disposal.


Aquarius, get your ducks in a row this month and stay on track with your goals and intentions. It is an ideal time to be completely concentrated with what you want to bring forth, as you can be producing some powerful things if you set your mind to it. Your mind is your most powerful ally, so find structure, organize your thoughts and move and you will come out on top. It may be time for you to assess your environment, making sure that it is supportive in what you’re seeking to manifest and also expanding with your moves. Do you have what you need? Are you spending too much time focused on others? Or are others draining your energy? Boundaries are extremely important, as you are stepping into a new astrological year and this will set the tone for what is to follow. Great wealth is in store for you, but bear in mind that wealth comes in many forms. Clear up your thoughts and actions, and cleanse your space to make room for this abundance. Be strict and consistent with your pursuits and the rewards will follow. Any money-making ideas or visions that you hold for yourself can really come into fruition in a powerful way, but this does require a great deal of discipline and strategy in your work. If your base is secure, then you have the green light to flourish the rest of these months.


Pisces, the journey thus far may have been a rocky one, but in the process you have found and reinvented yourself, coming out more courageous and fearless than ever before. Move like you mean it and don’t be afraid to head into unchartered territory. You should be acting more like a leader this month, trusting that the universe already works in your favor and things will transpire just as they need to. You must have more faith in your ability to land on your feet and make something out of nothing. Trust that you are supported in more ways than one, not just from the universe but your family and friends who know you have what it takes all along. Circumstances are lining up to show you how you must show up for yourself next and exactly where to go. This may be a bit too mystical and magical for you to entirely trust the process, but know that there is nothing logical about faith and you should go with what resonates and feels right for you. Life will get dramatically better once you get out of your own way and stop assuming that you know it all. You have all this intuition and wisdom, but yet you don’t always access it at times. Do yourself a favor and dare to have faith in yourself more than ever before.

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