These 23 Pics Of Cats Wearing Halloween Costumes Will Chill You To The Bone

Halloween is just around the corner and, if you’re anything like me, you’re just as excited to dress up yourself as you are about dressing up your pets. Although you won’t be able to put Día de Los Muertos makeup on your feline friends, you CAN dress them up in some oh-so-adorable Halloween outfits that will have everyone fawning over your kitty.

You will have all of the inspiration that you need with these 23 cat costumes. From dressing up like a taco cat (we had to!) to donning bat wings to roaring like a lion to your kitty as Wonder Woman, these cat costumes will have you running to the nearest pet store to pick up a costume for your favorite kitty. Don’t worry, they will probably hate it but that’s part of the Halloween fun, too.

1. Your cat as a pope.

CREDIT: toesthecat1/Instagram

Okay, this MIGHT be tiptoeing on the sacrilegious a bit, but come on! This kitty is full of adorable and the outfit is definitely one of the most impressive to dress your cat up in.

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