Here’s What It Would Look Like If “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” Was Recast With Latinos

Just like anyone else, we enjoy a good movie with a strong female lead, a lot of laughs and a little bit of romance. However, we can’t help but preform a mental recast these awesome films but with an all Latino cast. It’s not often we see big studio-backed movies that feature nothing by Latinos in their cast. That doesn’t stop us from dreaming though and using our imagination to upgrade our favorite flicks.

Take “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” for example. The movie seems to have it all. An attractive couple made up of two stars with lots of box office clout. A fun assemble cast. A dynamic premise that’s so out there it just works. It even has a musical number. “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days” is definitely one of those chick flicks that everyone can enjoy. Yet, how much better would it have been if film creators has added the Latinidad to the mix?

Here’s how “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” might look if recast with Latinos.

1) America Ferrera as Andie

ListChallenges.com / Mei Tao

The movie’s protagonist Andie is a magazine writer on a mission to make a guy dump her in 10 days. Smart, fun and determined, she knows how to drive her target crazy. Originally played by fellow leading lady Kate Hudson, America Ferrera would be perfect as Andie in the Latino recast. We already know Ferrera has romantic and comedy skills from her work on “Superstore” and “Ugly Betty.” Additionally, she’s a big name in Hollywood who audiences would embrace in a big-screen romantic comedy.

2. Oscar Isaac as Ben

Paramount Pictures / Buckener Rex Shutterstock

The male lead of this movie, Ben is an ad executive desperately trying to win a beat. If he can make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days, it’ll prove he knows women and he can work on a huge diamond account. Matthew McConaughey brought the smart, charming Ben to life in the original but the Latino recast would be great with Oscar Isaac to fill that role. Like McConaughey, Isaac has big budget films under his belt. Isaac’s charming flyboy Poe Dameron is a glimpse into the kind of swagger he would bring to the role.

3. Melissa Fumero as Michelle

Paramount Pictures Natalie Brasington-Resource Magazine

Andie’s friend Michelle and her mishaps with romance inspire the writer’s mission. Not afraid to be goofy and kind of pitiful, Kathryn Hahn brought some serious acting to this role. For the Latino recast, it only makes sense that we get an actress who will do the same. Melissa Fumero has shown on “Brooklyn 99” that she can to be nerdy, needy and a little pathetic in a way that has us laughing along.

4. Gina Rodriguez as Jeannie

Paramount Pictures / Gotham for GC Images

Definitely more together than Michelle, Jeannie is Andie’s more assertive and confident friend. Played by Annie Parisse, she’s often the one who provides Andie with advice and acts as her sounding board. This role has Gina Rodriguez written all over it. Projects like “Annihilation” and “Carmen Sandiego” remind us that Rodriguez is a boss and she can bring that understanding to the role of confident Jeannie.

5. Michael Peña as Tony

Paramount Pictures / The Hollywood Reporter

One of Ben’ co-workers and friends, Tony has a front row seat for their disastrous rollercoaster of a relationship. Originally played by Adam Goldberg, Tony is a wisecracking aspiring lady’s man. For those reasons, Michael Peña would be perfect in the Latino recast. His characters in the “Ant-Man” franchise and “Turbo” show the serious actor can still bring the laughs.

6. Freddy Rodríguez as Thayer

Paramount Pictures / Angela Weiss

Ben’s other partner-in-crime, Thayer often plays the straight man among the friends. The dry sarcasm that Thomas Lennon gives to this performance could definitely be matched by actor Freddy Rodriguez in the recast. You might remember Rodriguez from his time on “Ugly Betty” where he expertly played one of Betty’s comedic foils.

7. Gina Torres as Judy Spears

Paramount Pictures / USA Network

One part of the Judys — Ben’s rival co-workers — Judy Spears is a confident, bold and sharp woman. It was her idea to challenge Ben to find a woman to quickly fall in live with him. Additionally, she knew all about Andie’s plan to lose a guy. Originally played by Michael Michele, an actress like Gina Torres is needed for the Latino recast . Torres has a reputation for playing smart, strong women so Judy Spears would be a natural fit.

8. Naya Rivera as Judy Green

Paramount Pictures / Vulture.com

The other member of the career-rivaling duo of Judys, Judy Green is a seductive and successful marketer. Originally played by Shalom Harlow, this character needs an actress who has a smugness that comes off as sexy and self-assured. Naya Rivera’s “Glee” character Santana fits this personality completely so we can’t imagine anyone else playing Judy Green.

9. Sofia Vergara as Lana, Andie’s Boss

Paramount Pictures / Reuters

Andie’s boss, the fantastically fashionable Lana is the one who encouraged the writer’s controversial article. As the editor-in-chief for “Composure” Magazine, Lana knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it’s her way or no way. Though originally played by theater star Bebe Neuwirth, the only fierce Latina who can fill these shoes are Sofia Vergara. Vergara has proven she has the acting chops to pull of the strong character and the comedy experience to make it funny.

10. Jimmy Smits as Philip,  Ben’s Boss

Paramount Pictures / TVGuide.com

Ben’s boss Phillip is kind of just going along for the ride. Between Ben and the two Judys, he really doesn’t care who handles the DeLauer account as long as they succeed. That being said, he does have enough intuition to notice that Andie is genuinely in love with his employee. Played by Robert Klein in the original, the even-finer-with-age Jimmy Smits can bring some Latino charm to the recast.

11. Rita Moreno as Mrs. DeLauer

Paramount Pictures / Netflix

Mrs. Delauer is a wild character. Rumored to be a former showgirl, she is the woman behind DeLauer Diamonds. Played by Liliane Montevecchi originally, the only Latina that could capture her sparkle is legendary actress Rita Moreno. This role seems positively written for a Moreno recast.

12. Gabriel Iglesias as the Sensitive Moviegoer

Paramount Pictures / Netflix

One of the first obstacles Andie throws at Ben is to get him caught up in a fight. When Andie’s movie theater talking infuriates a sensitive movie goer, Ben is forced to fight the much larger man. Originally played by Tony Longo, we think fluffy comedian Gabriel Iglesias is the perfect recast to sucker punch our poor, unsuspecting Ben.

13. A Xoloitzcuintli Pup as Krull the Warrior King

Paramount Pictures/ Joseph Charles-Flicker

In a ploy to annoy Ben into breaking up, Andie introduces a tiny, partly hairless, un-potty trained dog into their relationship. In the original, Krull the Warrior King is played by a Chinese Crested. However, if we’re going to recast this film with all Latinos, we need a dog from Latin America. Pronounced “show-low-eetz-kweent-lee,” Xoloitzcuintlis are one of only two dogs native to Mexico. They also happen to be mostly hairless and ridiculously cute in their unique way.

14. Marlene Forte as Glenda, Ben’s mom

Paramount Pictures / LatinoBuzz

When Andie calls up Ben’s mom, Glenda, for baby pictures, she happily obliges. Celia Weston plays the supportive and welcoming Glenda in the original so we need someone with the same mom-vibes for the recast. Marlene Forte has already locked that energy down in works like “Superstore,” “Marvel’s The Runaways” and “Claws” so she’ll master this role.

15. Tony Plana as Jack, Ben’s Dad

Paramount Pictures / Frederick M. Brown

When Andie visits Ben’s childhood home, she meets several members of his family — including his dad. Originally played by James Murtagh, the Latino recast needs Tony Plana to play Jack, Ben’s dad. We’ve already seen him play papa in “Ugly Betty” so this will be a perfect fit.

16. Cheech Marin as Uncle Arnold

Paramount Pictures / Rich Polk

It’s a small part but Uncle Arnold makes a big impression. The flatulent uncle makes an appearance when Andie meets the family. Archie Macgregor’s talent brings some goofy fun to this scene in the original. We need someone just as hilariously irrelevant for the recast and Cheech Marin is our guy.

17. JD Pardo as Cousin Joey

Paramount Pictures / FX

Cousin Joey is a cop that Andie briefly meets at the family get-together. Played by John DiResta in the original, the recast is begging for someone to bring a little more tough-guy energy to the role. JD Pardo plays an outlaw in “Mayans.” Let’s see how he does on the right side of the law.

18. Diane Guerrero as Dora, Ben’s sister

Paramount Pictures / DC Universe

As Ben’s sister, it’s obvious that Dora takes no crap from her brother. Still, she’s also really sweet and welcoming to Andie when she visits. Played by Rebecca Harris in the original, we’d love to see Diane Guerrero interact with this new Latino family.

19. Hector Elizondo as Mr. DeLauer

Paramount Pictures / Fox

If Mrs. DeLauer is queen of diamonds, Mr. DeLauer is their king. We see him towards the end of the movie as he graciously adorns Andie with a gorgeous yellow diamond necklace. Though his appearance is brief, we can’t help but compare James Mainprize’s original performance to Hector Elizondo in “The Princess Diaries” and “Pretty Woman.” For that reason, he has to be our Mr. DeLauer.

20. Adam Rodriguez as Mike

Paramount Pictures / CBS

This may seem like a small role but this movie wouldn’t happen without Mike. It’s Mike who first dumps Michelle and creates the inspiration for Andie’s project. Justin Peroff plays Mike in the original but —  for the Latino recast — we need a little more eye candy. Adam Rodriguez is definitely the kind of guy who could inspire the kind of heartbreak Michelle feels.

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20 Famous Latinas Who Use a Stage Name

Fierce Boss Ladies

20 Famous Latinas Who Use a Stage Name

There’s power in the names that our parents give us at birth. They’re a legacy passed down from our anceatros and a reminder of where we come from. However, these reminders of their heritage can be a hurdle for aspiring Latinx celebrities while starting their careers. Due to this, famous Latina actresses and musicians often swamp their given nombres for a stage name.

Usually, celebrities take on a stage name by shortening their given name or changing it completely. Sometimes the reason for this is an active attempt to make their names sound less Latino but it also happens so they’ll have shorter, more marketable names. Whether they aim for a less Spanish sounding name or just for something simpler, these Latinas are definitely memorable.

Here are 20 Latinas who use stagenames:

1. Jenni Rivera

Instagram / @jennirivera

This legendary singer and songwriter is known around the world as Jenni Rivera but that’s not her given name. The Latina’s full names is Dolores Janney Rivera. When she started her career, the late Rivera dropped “Dolores” and used a diminutive form of her middle name instead. This shorter moniker is easier for fans to remember and without a doubt looked better on a concert marquee.

2. Demi Lovato

Instagram / @ddlovato

Pop starlet Demi Lovato has a unique name reminiscent of actress Demi Moore, but the Latina wasn’t named after the 80s icon. Her full name is actually Demetria Devonne Lovato with “Demi” being her nickname. As memorable as “Demi” is, we have to admit that Demetria Devonne is a very melodious name naturally meant for a musician.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

Instagram / @mrodofficial

Michelle Rodriguez is known for taking on roles that show off her tough girl image. However, the name she’s best known for isn’t technically her real one. She was born Mayte Michelle Rodriguez but dropped the “Mayte” for her stage name. Still, no matter what she chooses to go by, the Fast and the Furious star is decidedly the fiercest boss lady around.

4. Gloria Estefan

Instagram / @gloriaestafan

Gloria Estefan is one of the most legendary Latinas in the world so it makes sense that she’d be christened with a name just as incredible. The Cubana was named Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García. Yes, it’s a mouthful but Estefan was named with the traditional Spanish naming custom. In this custom, the child takes both their paternal and maternal surnames. When Estefan married her husband, Emilio, she dropped the additional names and simply took his to create her stage name.

5. Raquel Welch

Instagram / @therealraquelwelch

Raquel Welch is iconic for portraying strong female characters and being one of the 20th Century’s biggest sex symbols. Those who aren’t very familiar with the actress might be surprised to discover that she’s also a Latina. Her Bolivian father gave her the name of Jo Raquel Tejada. The “Raquel” came from her father’s mother and the “Jo” is from her mother, Josephine. After taking her high school sweetheart’s name when they married, Welch dropped the “Jo” from her moniker and started her acting career.

6. America Ferrera

Instagram / @AmericaFerrera

America Ferrera’s journey to her stage name is very different from most on this list because it’s actually her given name. The difference is that Ferrera didn’t actually start going by her real name until she started acting. She was named after her mother but the actress hated it so she went by her middle name, Georgine. It wasn’t until she started pursuing her career that she saw how memorable and marketable her given name is.

7. Celia Cruz

Instagram / abuelamamimiami

Called “La Guarachera de Cuba,” Celia Cruz is the most popular and well-know Latina artist of the 20th Century. However, the simple alliteration of her stage name hides her monumental given name. She was born Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso. She, too, was named in the Spanish custom — her mother’s family name was “Alfonso” and her father’s was “Cruz.” She already went by Celia when she began her music career in the 1940’s.

8. Soledad O’Brien

Instagram / @americasbestracing

Born to immigrant parents, Soledad O’Brien has always been proudly vocal about her heritage. Embracing their Cuban and Irish backgrounds, her parents named her María de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien. When she started her journalism career, the Afro-Latina shortened her name but kept pieces of it to honor the two halves of her background.

9. Thalia

Instagram / @Thalia

Singer, songwriter, and actress Thalia is one of the most influential and popular Mexican artists in the world. Though she only goes by one name now, she was born Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda. She was also named in the Spanish tradition with her mother and father both contributing their surnames to hers. When Thalia began in the music business, she decided to go solely by her memorable middle name.

10. Rita Hayworth

Instagram / @theritahaywortharchive

Rita Hayworth was the most glamorous screen idol of the 1940’s. She was also a Latina. Hayworth actually dyed her naturally dark hair to the red she’s known for so she could be considered for more diverse roles. She also took on a less Spanish sounding stage name for the same reason. Hayworth was originally named Margarita Carmen Cansino but used her mother’s maiden name with her nickname “Rita” to form her now famous brand.

11. Shakira

Instagram / @shakira

The Columbian singer, songwriter, and dancer, Shakira, is another big time celebrity who only needs one name to make her mark. Like many other Latinx people, she was given both her mother’s and father’s family names as part of her own. Born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the name reflects both her father’s Arabic roots and her mother’s Spanish ones.

12. Anita Page

Instagram / @classichollywoodarchive

It may come as a surprise, but silver-era star Anita Page was a Latina. Often called the “blond, blue-eyed Latin” and “the girl with the most beautiful face in Hollywood,” she was born Anita Evelyn Pomares. When she joined MGM Studios, she was given the name Ann Page but another actress already had claim to that name. Instead, MGM let her combine her first name with their chosen surname to get a new moniker for the pretty star.

13. Kate del Castillo

Instagram / @katedelcastillo

One of the biggest stars in telenovela, Kate del Castillo is a household name, but, her real moniker is considerably longer. Born Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo, the actress was given both her mother’s surname and that of her famous father, Eric del Castillo. Additionally, it seems stage names run in this family. A fellow telenovela star and legend of Mexican cinema, her dad was born J. Eduardo Eric del Castillo-Negrete Galván and shortened his name for his career.

14. Salma Hayek

Instagram / @salmahayek

Salma Hayek is one of the most well-respected and popular Latinas in Hollywood. Though she made a name for herself in such movies like Frida, that nombre just happens to be a stage name. The actress/producer was born Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez. When she began her acting career, Hayek dropped “Jiménez” — her mother’s last name — and simply went with her father’s name.

15. Sofia Vegara

Instagram / @sofiavagara

Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress on TV and, as such, has made her name well known all over the world. However, the name Vergara uses is a shortened version of her given name. She was named Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara and that double Vergara isn’t a typo. Both her mother and father had the surname “Vergara” so she was given both as part of her offical name. Understandably, she cut it down for her stage name.

16. Zoe Saldana

Instagram / @zoesaldana

You might know her as Gamora from Gaurdians of the Galaxy but Zoe Saladana’s parents gave her another unique moniker. Her birth name is actually Zoe Yadira Saladaña Nazario. Like many Latinas, she inherited names from both her parents. “Saladaña” is her Dominican father’s surname while “Nazario” is from her Puerto Rican mother.

17. Roselyn Sánchez

Instagram / @roselyn_sanchez

Puerto Rican actress, model, and singer Roselyn Sanchez is best known for her roles on Without a Trace and Devious Maids. Though Sanchez spends most of her career answering to the names of fictional characters, her stage name is also a bit fictious. She was originally named Roselyn Milagros Sánchez Rodríguez by her parents. To make it more memorable, Sanchez dropped both the “Milagros” and “Rodriguez” from her name.

18. Rita Moreno

Instagram / @theritamoreno

With an EGOT and the Presidential Medal of Freedom under her belt, the name Rita Moreno stands for Latina excellence. However, it’s not the legendary actress’ real name. Moreno was actually born Rosa Dolores Alverío. The Puerto Rican actress adopted the surname Moreno from her mother’s second husband. As a girl, she was often called “Rosita” which naturally evolved to “Rita”. Moreno’s nickname also has a connection with another famous Rita. When she came to the US as a girl, she traveled with dancer Paco Cansino, the uncle of Rita Hayworth.

19. Eva Mendes

Instagram / @evamendes

Actress and business woman Eva Mendes is well known for being a enchanting and sexy film star. As such, it’s only natural that she has a stage name. Mendes was originally born Eva de la Caridad Méndez. Not only did she drop the extra name, along her way to stardom the actress also changed the spelling of “Méndez.”

20. Katy Jurado

Instagram / vintage_stardust

During the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, Katy Jurado played sultry femme fatales. She was such an iconic beauty that Juan Gabriel wrote the song Que Re’chula es Katy in her honor. However, Katy was never her real name. In fact, she was born María Christina Estela Marcela Jurado García. For her stage name, Jurado kept her father’s surname and took on the nickname Katy.

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Here’s What Twilight Would Look Like If Diego Boneta Was Edward Cullen


Here’s What Twilight Would Look Like If Diego Boneta Was Edward Cullen

Amongst Latin American audiences, Twilight generated quite a bit of attention and love even despite the fact that it scores pretty low on the diversity scale. Nearly 10 years after the film first debuted, here’s a look at the film if it got our beloved “recast with Latinos” treatment.

Bella Swan (originally Kristen Stewart)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Bella Swan is the protagonist of the Twilight series who moves to Forks, Washington and meets the inscrutable Cullen family and falls in love with their son Edward Cullen. In her role as the lovelorn high schooler obsessed with a vampire that could kill her, Kristen Stewart pulled in a cult-like fanbase as sweetfaced Bella. 

Isabella Swan played by Cierra Ramírez

cierraramirez / Instagram

Rising Latina star Cierra Ramírez had a big role as Mariana in the Freeform series The Fosters and would make for a perfect Bella. Just as sweetfaced and capable of the broody teenagery angst that Kristen Stewart brings to the fictional character, Ramírez would do a great job in her role.

Edward Cullen (originally Robert Pattinson)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Edward Cullen is the moody, broody vampire that falls desperately in love with Bella Swan and does everything in his power to make sure she lives her life without being harmed. Portraying the ancient teenaged boy on a grind to fight against his magnetic attraction Bella, Edward constantly warns Bella to stay away from him. Even despite the fact that he loves her.

Eduardo Cullen played by  Diego Boneta

diego / Instagram

Let’s be real, you Robert Pattinson is pretty hard to beat when it comes to Edward Cullen portrayals. But against Diego Boneta? He’s got nothing. Imagine the Mexican-American singer and actor taking on the role of mysterious Cullen and showing off his glittery pecks and six packs in the sunlight. It’s easy to imagine the chemistry between Diego and Cierra.

Jacob Black (originally Taylor Lautner)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Sweet little Jacob Black might have had a minor roll in Twilight but there’s no denying the way he played around with our hearts in the second book of the Twilight series and the following novels that came after it. In Twilight, Jacob takes on the role of the secret bearer for Bella, exposing all of the myths and theories about the Cullen family that have been formed by the Quileute legends. Of course, it’s not long before Jacob develops a crush on her.

Jacob Black played by Alex Meraz

quileutewolfpackforever / Instagram

Look we all love Taylor Lautner but a lot of Twilight fans were a bit disappointed in his casting as Jacob Black considering his very “distant” Native American relations. In the Latino recasting of Twilight what better way to cast Jacob Black than to cast him right? Alex Meraz is a Mesa, Arizona actor of the Mexican indigenous group Purépecha descent who took on the role of werewolf Paul Lahote in the Twilight sequel New Moon.

Alice Cullen (originally Ashley Greene)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Precognitive and nurturing vampire Alice Cullen was the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. As the adoptive sister of Edward Cullen Alice did quite a lot to encourage the relationship between Bella and Edward.

Alicia Cullen played by Isabella Gomez

Isabella_Gomez / Twitter

Colombian-born actress Isabella Gomez currently stars as an activist and feminist actress Elena on “One Day At A Time.” The young actress has won over several of our hearts as the Latinx teen who came out on the show and struggled to come to terms with her family’s reaction. Despite her character’s occasionally serious storylines Gomez brings a lot of playfulness to her role as Elena and we can totally see her playing elegant and lighthearted Alice.

Rosalie Hale (originally Nikki Reed)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Rosalie hale was the vampire with a chip on her shoulder and thirst for revenge. She might not have taken to Bella so easily at the beginning of the series but she did ultimately come to be a generous and empathetic character that Bella could rely on.

Rosa Hale played by Gina Rodriguez

hereisgina / Instagram

Imagining Gina Rodriguez as the icy vampire Rosalie Hale might be hard initially. After all the successful Latina who became a household name in her role as Jane Villanueva on the series “Jane The Virgin” is lovable, kind-hearted and at times even goofy. Still, If we think about the character of Rosalie Hale (also kindhearted and sometimes playful – remember when she served Jacob the hotdog in a dog bowl?) and Gina’s stellar acting chops and beauty it’s pretty easy to imagine the Boricua as Rosalie.

Emmett Cullen (originally Kellan Lutz)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Olympic coven member Emmet Cullen might have been the most playful and strong members of the Cullen Family.

Emmett Cullen played by Cauã Reymond

cauareymond / Instagram

LBR The Brazilian actor has the perfect bod for taking on the role of Emmett.

Jessica Stanley (originally Anna Kendrick)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Bella’s classmate Jessica Stanley might have been one of Bella’s first friends at Forks but she wasn’t always the most tender and trustworthy friend. Particularly in the early days. Sometimes jealous of the attention Bella would get from her crush Mike, Jessica often spent a good deal of her time as the friend most concerned about Bella’s popularity.

Jessica Stanley played by  Herizen Guardiola

herizen_fawn / Instagram

Herizen captivated audiences when she took on the role of Mylene, an aspiring gospel and disco singer on the Netflix series The Get Down. The Cuban and Jamaican actress has revealed her self to be a diverse actor capable of quite a bit of scope.  ONE big change we’d make to Jessica’s character if Herizon got the role? We’d make way more feminist and supportive of Bella.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen (originally Peter Facinelli)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Carlisle Cullen is Edwards adoptive father and Espe’s husband. In the fictional series, his physical age is supposed to be 23 and he is meant to be one of the most compassionate of the Olympic coven.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen played by Rodrigo Santoro

rodrigosantoro / Instagram

Dr. Cullen was described as an attractive model- looking vampire and who better to play the role of a sexy doctor vampire than Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro?

Jasper Hale (originally Jackson Rathbone)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Edward’s adoptive brother Jasper Hale might have been turned hundreds of years before the start of Twilight but he still struggled to control himself in the presence of humans.

Jasper Hale played by Ozuna

ozuna / Instagram

The Puerto Rican singer is best known for his musical chops and bops but he has been crossing over to the big screen. This year he’s expected to take on a role in a  Spanish-language rom-com.

Esme Cullen (originally Elizabeth Reaser)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Edward’s adoptive mother and Dr. Cullen’s wife, Esme Cullen was the kind soul that kept her family together. While she had no special power she did have the ability to love passionately.

Esme Cullen played by Rosario Dawson

rosariodawson / Twilight

Puertoo Rican and Cuban-American actress  Rosario Dawson has ruled the big screen for decades. Seeing her take on the role of Esme would be the best.

Charlie Swan (originally Billy Burke)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

Bella Swan’s father was the police chief of Forks. He spent a lot of the first novel playing around with fishing and tracking down mysterious murders that ended up being vampire related around Forks.

Charlie Swan played by Andy Garcia

andygarcia / Instagram

Cuabn American actor Andy García captivated audiences in his roles in The Godfather Part II and The Untouchables, no doubt he’d do it again as Charlie Swan.

Victoria (originally Rachelle Lefevre)

“Twilight” / Summit Entertainment

The vamprei with cat-like moves was an original member Jame’s coven and played a small role in the first book as she assisted James in hunting Bella.

Victoria played by Michelle Rodriguez

mrodofficial / Instagram

We’ve known for years Michelle Rodriguez can kick anyone’s ass. Imagine this actress who performs her own stunts as the vicious vampire out for blood.

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