13 Old School Thoughts That’ll Bring Latinas Back To Their Catholic School Days

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Ah the good ol’ days where plaid skirts reigned and teachers told us Jesus Cristo was always the answer. Here are the top moments every Latina whoever went to Catholic school can remember.

Lighting a vela and praying that your crush would soon become your boo.

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And sneaking in a few prayers for bigger boobs to La Virgen for good measure.

Using one of these bad boys to check out said crush.

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And getting an earful from Sister Margarita if you sharpened your pencil to a nub after staring too long.

Thinking the hot priest or cute nun was the bread of life.

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?  “make me a channel of your piece.” ?

Daydreaming during mass about what to wear on Free Dress Day.

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Of course your fantasy of dressing like J.Lo came crashing down when you heard your outfit had to be something the Virgin Mary would approve of.

Being too afraid to admit to any of this in confession, and lying – GASP! – instead.

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Going with “I hit my brother” seemed like the safer bet.

Having a fear of getting pimples from the ashes on Ash Wednesday.

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“Remember that you are dust, and with this your acne shall return” were the only words you could hear.

Having a crush on a male teacher if you went to an all-girls school.

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He didn’t even have to be attractive. In fact, double points with Mary if you liked him even though he was ugly. A small level of testosterone was all you needed to form a crush.

Also, having No-Shave November being an all year round thing.

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Because there was literally no reason to shave when your white stockings and skirt covered up everything.

Exchanging peace with someone you hated during mass while also internally cursing them.

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“Peace be with you…


Having the words “make room for Jesus” being spoken directly at your pelvic area at middle school dances.

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And also being told to stop clapping to the fun version of “Oh, Maria.”

Getting pumped for your first communion or confirmation because wine.


TBH, you know that’s where it all began.

And finally, LBR, never fully memorizing the stations of the cross.

But you knew – and still know – every single word to all 12 songs on Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium.” Sorry, not sorry.


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