This One’s The Ultimate Checklist For Latinas Concerned About Whether They’re Turning Into Their Mother

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If more than one of these thoughts have run through your mind this year, congratulations tú eres tú madre!

Catching Zs has never been easier for you than at the movie theater.

And don’t pretend: you know car rides and big meals will get you sleeping like a baby as well.

The words “traer un suéter por si acaso” have slipped past your lips on more than one occasion.

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“Sana, sana, colita de rana,” and “Dios te castiga” are also part of your everyday language.

You’re still hanging onto the same tub of Vick’s you got 3 years ago.

Old reliable has made it through more than one move and several flu seasons thank you very much.

You start to analyze the crazy girl at work and chalk her behavior up to her parents.
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She’s not really el diablo… but maybe he raised her?

You take forever at la mercado.

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Checking all of the eggs is just reasons and it takes time okay?

Missing your novelas can be really troubling.

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And at this point you will skip plans with friends just to make sure you don’t miss them.

If you have a roommate you’ve probably wondered why they think they can just come whenever they want.

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“11:30 on Tuesday? We are not in college anymore, young lady.”

You’ve started emptying your shopping cart of things you don’t need.

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“I’ve got bills to pay and a roof over my head to maintain.”

All of your friends know you have a nice chico to set them up with if they want.

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But here’s looking up, you’ve yet to enter the “Y tu novio?” phase of this transformation.

These days you head to your own place after the bar.

Because really, why do would you need to sleep at your friends when you have your own house?


Hearing your friend say they haven’t eaten all day gets you so worried.

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“Oh wait, I have leftover platanos in my fridge.”

People know better than to try pull one over you.

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Because you’ve literally got eyes in the back of your head boi.

And finally, just like any good Latina mom, a good sale has become your lifeblood.


“The Toys “R” Us off of the highway is closing? BRB it’s Christmas shopping time!!!”


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