This One’s The Ultimate Checklist For Latinas Concerned About Whether They’re Turning Into Their Mother

If more than one of these thoughts have run through your mind this year, congratulations tú eres tú madre!

Catching Zs has never been easier for you than at the movie theater.

And don’t pretend: you know car rides and big meals will get you sleeping like a baby as well.

The words “traer un suéter por si acaso” have slipped past your lips on more than one occasion.

@ams /

“Sana, sana, colita de rana,” and “Dios te castiga” are also part of your everyday language.

You’re still hanging onto the same tub of Vick’s you got 3 years ago.

Old reliable has made it through more than one move and several flu seasons thank you very much.

You start to analyze the crazy girl at work and chalk her behavior up to her parents.

America’s Got Talent /

She’s not really el diablo… but maybe he raised her?

You take forever at la mercado.

@marcrodriguez /

Checking all of the eggs is just reasons and it takes time okay?

Missing your novelas can be really troubling.

@am85 /

And at this point you will skip plans with friends just to make sure you don’t miss them.

If you have a roommate you’ve probably wondered why they think they can just come whenever they want.

Broadwaycom /

“11:30 on Tuesday? We are not in college anymore, young lady.”

You’ve started emptying your shopping cart of things you don’t need.

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“I’ve got bills to pay and a roof over my head to maintain.”

All of your friends know you have a nice chico to set them up with if they want.

Devious Maids / Lifetime /

But here’s looking up, you’ve yet to enter the “Y tu novio?” phase of this transformation.

These days you head to your own place after the bar.

Because really, why do would you need to sleep at your friends when you have your own house?

Hearing your friend say they haven’t eaten all day gets you so worried.

Jane The Virgin / CW

“Oh wait, I have leftover platanos in my fridge.”

People know better than to try pull one over you.

@nbc /

Because you’ve literally got eyes in the back of your head boi.

And finally, just like any good Latina mom, a good sale has become your lifeblood. /

“The Toys “R” Us off of the highway is closing? BRB it’s Christmas shopping time!!!”

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Moms Are Sharing Videos Of How To Make Their Comida For Their College-Bound Kids After A Mom’s Burrito-Folding Video Went Viral

El Amor

Moms Are Sharing Videos Of How To Make Their Comida For Their College-Bound Kids After A Mom’s Burrito-Folding Video Went Viral

Last week, California Polytechnic State University student, April Olvera posted a video sent to her by her mamá, and the video went viral, already wracking up nearly ten million views, and nearly one million likes in less than seven days.

Olvera, away at college, texted her mom, Silvia Dominguez, to say that she didn’t know how to fold a burrito, and her mom sent her a video that contained a soothing video-folding lesson.

While some couldn’t help but wonder why Olvera didn’t know how to fold a burro, her mamí’s special brand of cariño shown in the forty-second burrito-folding lesson was the focus of the comments that followed.

Other Latinas needed the lesson too!


Another Latina Twitter user, couldn’t get over the way Olvera’s mother, Silvia, repeated the lesson.


Two guys commented on Olvera’s mom’s soothing voice, but we think @carys_arsenic nailed it.


And this guy too who points out Ms. Dominguez’s calm in the face of a world that seems to be coming apart at the seams.


When Olvera told her mother that her video went viral and inspired so many positive comments, Dominguez said, “Maybe it’s not the burrito. Maybe it’s about family and love.”

Burrito-folding-lesson mom, Silvia Dominguez, speaks Spanish in the video, smiling the whole time, clearly happy to be able to help her daughter away at college with anything, using her own phone propped up on the counter to capture the lesson.

“Okay,” she says in Spanish, holding up a corn tortilla, “Imagine that this is my flour tortilla. Add what you’re going to use, fold it from this side, fold it from that side, and roll it. Did you see that?

And then she unrolls the burro and repeats the steps: It’s a circle. Fold it here, fold it here, and roll it. Nice! Okay, bye. I love you.”

We also like how Burrito-Folding-Lesson Mom is even helping grown-ass men.


And because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, here’s a video made by the author for her son on his way to college in the fall.

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For Years My Mom Wouldn’t Let Me Use A Tampon Because Permanecer Pura

Running This

For Years My Mom Wouldn’t Let Me Use A Tampon Because Permanecer Pura

Dale, we’re going to have the period talk. And not the one that your mother never gave you. Vamos a hablar en all the ridiculous superstitions and period stigmas de nuestras mamis and how it’s affected us growing up. I’ll start. Beginning at age eight or nine, my mom and tías suddenly got a magical glint in their eye telling me que ‘any day now, you’ll get your period and become a woman and get your own tetas.’ K.

That’s it. That’s all the info I got until the day I got my period, with years of buildup, and then the true horror of it all sunk in. This isn’t just one magical glow-up day, like in the Sims? I just feel like mierda for five days and then it happens *cada mes* until I’m una viejita?!

To top it off, talking about the nitty gritty details of what to do on your period was taboo.

@tigerjean95 / Twitter

They just give you the fattest pads on the market, with wings and everything, and wish you buena suerte. And they give you “Dear God, It’s Me, Margaret” as the holy bible of periods.

We’re brought up to believe that periods are this beautiful, magical uniquely feminine metamorphosis.

@mycallaly / Instagram

Suddenly, we’re going to start being attractive to boys (they definitely didn’t tell me about the girls #gayproblems). We were going to graduate to their level of womanhood. Pero, no.

They conveniently leave out all the painful details.

@mycallaly / Instagram

My own mother has endometriosis, a painful condition that causes your uterine lining to grow outside the uterus, thickening over time and causing pain and infertility. Nobody knows exactly what causes it, except that if your mom has it, you’re more likely to have it.

So I had no idea that my period cramps would be so painful, I’d be sent home from school on the regular.

@mycallaly / Instagram

I took twice as many pain killers as prescribed and it didn’t help. My teachers would see me silently sweating at my desk, pale as a ghost, and send me home, just about every month. In a way, I appreciate that my mom held onto hope and didn’t want to scare me before my first period.

My mom also forbade me to go into the ocean on my period so the sharks wouldn’t get me.

@mylenacup / Instagram

En serio. “Se pueden oler la sangre.” Nope. There are so many superstitions about not going outside when it’s raining, drinking cold water, or being in the water, because it stops your period. NEVER, EVER, TRY TO STOP YOUR PERIOD, MIJA.

When I was 15, I asked my mom if I could ‘try’ tampons.

@Cosmopolitan / Twitter

I was already borrowing them from my friends at school because those super pads my mom bought me were embarrassing as eff to wear. She looked at me like I was the Whore of Babylon. “Para que? So you can lose your virginity to a piece of cotton?!” She didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day.

Maybe sharing this female experience has some rosy solidarity around it, but vamos a decirle la verdad.

@mycallaly / Instagram

It’s a total sh*t show. The reality is that you’ll probably have menstrual cramps, back pain, your breasts will be super tender, you might get headaches, and you’ll be extra tired and hungry from all that extra energy you’re expending. It helps to have some products that will actually make your life easier, instead of bulkier.

1. Fearless Necklace | $85

@corawomen / Instagram

You WILL want to you tampons, and they won’t take away your virginity. Also, in 2019, we’re done stuffing tampons up our sleeves as we sneak to the bathroom. Literally, half the population has periods. It’s no secret.

This necklace holds that emergency tampon right around your neck. Plus, everyone purchased gifts a year’s supply of pads to a girl sponsored by ZanaAfrica.

2. D Reusable Tampon Applicator | $24

@DAMEforgood / Instagram

If you’re already on your tampon game, but like using the plastic applicator, DAME is here to make periods comfortable and sustainable. The whole product is made of an antimicrobial material so it’s self-cleaning. You just have to wipe it with a paper towel or rinse it off and you’re solid. Save money and thousands of pieces of plastic in our landfills with DAME.

3. Tampliner | $6

@mycallaly / Instagram

If the idea of reusable menstrual products isn’t your thing, then gynecologist Alex Hooi’s Tampliner might be for you. Instead of a plastic applicator, it uses organic biodegradable cotton that doubles as a liner. That way you don’t have to choose between ruining your underwear or carrying liners and tampons with you everywhere. Son los dos.

4. Period Undies | $35

CuteFruitUndies / Etsy

Do you feel extra angry with the world when you’re on your period? Use Trump’s face as a blood dumpster while these period underwear soak up a bit of your period (and need for justice). You can choose other politicians that are working to limit women’s reproductive rights and trust that $3 of every sale goes to Planned Parenthood. Win-win.

5. THINX Period Underwear | $30

@shethinx / Instagram

Each pair holds 1-2 tampons worth of blood depending on the style (boy shorts, thongs, even gym shorts, and leotards are available!). THINX was the first to think of an alternative to having a plastic pad in your pants. One reviewer on THINX says it all, “And yes all the other reviews are right, once you get these you’ll say “why didn’t I get these sooner?!”

There you have it. If you don’t want to bleed on people’s faces, these are for you.

6. Reusable Pads | $12

@lunapads / Instagram

These are FAR more comfortable than the diapers your mom first gave you. First, they’re made of organic cotton, so they feel like you’re just wearing underwear. Second, you won’t have to spend mad money every month on period products. This set can be reused for years to come.

7. Menstrual Cup | $25

@mylenacup / Instagram

Let’s talk menstrual cups. Yes, they are bigger than tampons, but no, you won’t lose whatever patriarchal concept of ‘virginity’ that your mom is so worried about. They’re made of 100% silicone, so that means that no chemicals or chance of Toxic Shock Syndrome will affect you.

I’ve been using these for the last 5+ years and am never going back. Depending on your flow, you only have to empty these every 12 hours. There’s no tampon string to accidentally pee on. Just boil them between periods for a few minutes and they’re sanitized and ready to go.

8. FLEX | $15

@flex / Instagram

So, I’ve never used this before but reviewers rave. This menstrual cup is not reusable, but it allows for sex on your period, which, of course, most Latina mothers would not condone. We do though. ; )

This one sits higher up in your vaginal canal (where a diaphragm might go), and it claims that it reduces cramps for up to 60% of users! That said, it is a much more expensive period to have since you can only use the disc (which holds up to 3 super tampons worth of blood) once.

9. Menstrual Tracker | $139

@bellabeat / Instagram

So this is basically a fitbit for periods. It somehow is able to track your period, days of fertility, and will notify you on the app for when your next period is coming! That means you don’t have to play guesswork on which underwear to wear that day. It also tracks everything else that FitBit does.

In case your mami never told you, the wonders of womanhood include PMS.

@ElSangito / Twitter

She probably didn’t warn you, but as soon as you get your period, any feeling you have will be blamed on PMS. It’s the most infuriating thing, pero no te preocupes. All your feelings are valid, and yes, sometimes they’re not right size because of all the crazy hormones your body is unleashing on you (y el mundo).

10. The PMS Package | $34.99

@thepmspackage / Instagram

And so, we offer you the PMS Package. The company promises to deliver you a package full of chocolate, bath bombs, tampax, and heat pads exactly when your PMS promises to hit you hardest. Next time you’re telling your mom about how you feel and she’s like, “bueno, have some chocolate then y ya,” you can tell her you already did y “que más se puede decirme?”

No matter what products you end up using to make your period more liveable, recuerde, there’s no shame in the game.

@ifthehoefits / Twitter

If someone is having shame around their period or yours, that’s their problem, not yours. Let’s raise the next generation to be clear about what their needs are and proud to get them met.

Tell us your period stories!

@eminescent / Twitter

What products do you like to use? How did your mami impart her womanly wisdom on you? How will you tell your mijas? Tweet us @fiercebymitu with your stories hoy.

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