20 Books by Literary Latinas That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Looking Into A Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, look in this mirror and see us all. Latinas are so much more than the limited roles we see on TV or in the movies. We are more than the broken English speaker, the humble maid, the gangbanger, or the broken English Speaker. We don’t all teeter around on high heels or bow our heads submissively. We have varied backgrounds, sexualities, and interests, and literary Latinas such as Anna Castillo, Michelle Serros, Celia C Peréz, Gabby Rivera, and Vanessa Fuentes help illustrate so many of the different ways we exist, live, think, look, feel, love, and hate.

Violence Girl by Alice Bag (2011)

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Name pronunciation and nicknames are often fraught for Latinx people, especially in school where we often don’t have control over what we might be called.

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