20 Dating Mistakes I Made In My Twenties That I Wish My Mama Could Have Warned Me About

Now that I am in my 30s, sometimes I look back on life in my 20s and wonder what the heck I was doing. Between all of the things I’d like to say to my 25-year-old self and the crazy things I got up to, I almost can’t believe I survived back then. But the biggest thing I learned in my 20s was that being single is totally awesome… Though I admit that it took quite a few dating mistakes to get there.

Although I’m now happily married, it took kissing quite a few frogs to get there. Beyond that, dating in my 20s was complicated for a variety of reasons. I spent quite a few years dating people that weren’t right for me for a variety of reasons, including guys who didn’t want to “put a label on it,” guys that tried to convince me to do something that I wasn’t comfortable doing, and girls who just couldn’t commit. And when talking with friends of mine, I know that I wasn’t the only one to make more than one major dating mistake in my youth. From dating someone just because they are “boyfriend material” to staying in a relationship because you’re afraid to be alone, here are 20 dating mistakes we’ve all made in our 20s.

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