7 Latinas Share Their First Period Stories And They’re Backed With All The Jajajas

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Growing up, a lot of us are told that our periods are a mark of womanhood, that our first ones usher us into womanhood. Of course, not all women get periods, but for those of us who do, the stories of our first times, the ones about accidents and trying out a diva cup can be pretty hilarious to retell.

We talked to 7 Latinas about their first periods, here are there hilarious and sweet stories.

The one with the cake.

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“I got my period at around 12-13 years old I think… My mom was having a few of her friends over (my non official tias) when I went to the bathroom and noticed that something just didn’t seem right. I decided to ignore it and changed from my pants to WHITE SHORTS because that made sense. Ten minutes later I noticed that I was still bleeding (I didn’t have much info growing up so I thought I was dying) so I called my mom up, she explained that I got my period blah blah blah and I made her promise not to tell my tias, she promised because I didn’t want it to be a big deal. When I came down they all started clapping and hugging me…she didn’t keep her promise. Every year without missing one, my mom buys me a ‘señorita’ cake, or some type of gift to celebrate my anniversary. She’s forgotten my bday before. But not that.” – Annie

The one who tried to will it into fruition.

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“I wanted my period so bad that I tried to summon it. I had been reading about periods for a while because my sister was a few years older than me and my mom would give her books like The Care and Keeping Of You and pamphlets on periods and I was also a big Judy Blume reader. I think I just thought it was the ultimate mark of being a woman, which I now know is not true, but at the time I was like if this is what it takes I will do whatever I can to get it. I started with doing handstands and running around in my room. Then, my mom started reading The Secret and, in an effort to give me advice about my future and not at all about my period, told me that if I envisioned something I could get it. So I starting draw red marker on my underwear and putting in tampons and wearing pads like a loca. One day my period finally came and I was so happy I cried on the toilet. Of course a few hours later I got phone calls from my tías and abuela congratulating me and calling me a woman. I felt super powerful.” – Alex

The one who kept it a secret for a year.

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“When I was 12 years old I got my period but I didn’t tell my parents because they had said they were concerned I was too young to get my period even though many of my classmates and friend already got theirs. I decided to hide it for a whole year by buying my own pads and dealing with my cramps quietly. I used to share the bathroom with my parent so I had to be super cautious when I was changing my pads. One summer I went with my family to go white water rafting while I was on my period. I wasn’t able to use a tampon cause I didn’t know how to put it in. While we were down the river we hit a rock and my dad and I flew from the (bote) and I fell in the river. When I get back to the boat, my pad wasn’t with me and I was super worried they would see it swimming around. Eventually, I told them that ” I just got it” and my mom bought me a kinder sorpresa cause it was a surprise.” -Danna

The period that came late.

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“I was a late bloomer when it came to periods, at this time I had already learned that having your period meant you turned into a woman and eventually would be able to have kids for the most part. So at this point, every girl my age or older or even girls that were younger than me had started their periods. So I just kept wondering what in the hell was wrong with me? Why hadn’t I started mine? This was to the point where I even began thinking I probably wouldn’t be able to eventually have a family when I would get older because I still hadn’t gotten it. I was 14, and FINALLY, I got it! My cousin just happened to be over at the time so we celebrated together. That’s when I thought, yay my reproductive system works!” – Jenny

The one who didn’t want to become a señorita.

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“When you grow up at a home with only brothers, the arrival of your first period can be so embarrassing. I remember that I didn’t want my brothers and father to know when I got it. I think it was sad for me because I thought I wouldn’t be “la niña de la casa” anymore, now I would be “la señorita de la casa”. I hated that because I didn’t want to be called señorita or to do “women’s things”. I couldn’t avoid either of those things. My mom introduced me like “la señorita” to my family, and of course, my brothers made jokes about me, my father called me “señorita” and since that day I’ve to use pads or tampons every 28 days.” – Yami


The period heard round the world.

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“I got my period in the summer between 7th and 8th grade, when I was on vacation in Mexico with my family. We were at my paternal grandparent’s house and I felt like I had to use the restroom but when I sat down on the toilet I noticed a stain in my chonis. That’s when I realized that the cramps I was feeling probably weren’t number two cramps, and so I called my mom so she could bring me a pad. My mom was always super against tampons, and so it was pads for me all the way up until high school. Afterward, my mom nearly cried when she realized ‘que ya era una señorita’, we went to her nana’s house, which was about 2 blocks away. When we got there, all my tias and my grandma already knew that I had gotten my period and they were all excited about it, congratulating me and telling me I was no longer a kid…it was kinda weird hahaha. Chisme travels fast.”

The one where her mother was perfect.

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“I started my period in middle school. I remember growing up and reading about it in one of my favorite books, The Care & Keeping of You by American Girl, but no matter how many times I read that book it still never gave me a clear understanding of what it even meant to begin my period. I remember the day clearly being one of my favorite days of the year: Valentine’s Day. When it happened after school I was confused and quickly ran to my mom telling her what had happened. I felt this sudden urgency of fright and concern about my body for the first time as a child. One thing I’ll always remember though was my mother’s easiness and gentle care for me, which made me feel secure that everything would be all right.” – Victoria


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