These 9 Pics Are For Every Latina Who Grew Up In Florida And Stared Into The Eye Of A Hurricane



1. You’ve learned to just accept that your hair styles are ruled by the weather pattern.

Rainy days = ponytails and buns. Hot days = combed hair. Cold = Baby, you could have whatever you like.

2. And anything to do with makeup on a summer day will end in tragedy.

In the Sunshine State, foundation melts from your face, eyeshadow dissipates the moment you walk out the door and eyeliner always turns into a smokey eye.

3. Publix is referenced in your Facebook relationship status.

After all it’s where you pick up your subs (but RIP the opportunity the Pub had to master Cubanos though)

4. It’s also where you get your leche condensada which is LIFE.

So extra points for Publix on this one!

5. The phrase “two-timing” has a completely different meaning to you.

You literally can’t count the number of times you’ve got whiplash from the various displays of hot and cold in this state.

6. If you are Afro-Latina everyone always assumes you’re Dominicana.


Of course thats if they’re already on board with the fact that Black women can be Latina smh.

7. Otherwise, according to where you live you’re either Puerto Rican or Cuban.

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“Ohhh Miami? Estas Cubana?”

8. And while the average non-Latino Floridian will take Hurricane season as a reason to party…

Because who cares if they say it’s a category 6 Hurricane? It’s totally safe once the eye comes through!

8. Your family takes the occasion to a whole different level.

Nothing like some good salsa beats to drown out the moan of a category 9!

9. And finally, best of all, knowing that even though it doesn’t live up to its name on an every day basis…

But when it does, the Sunshine State is one you’re truly proud to call home.


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