13 Gifs That Accurately Explain The Loud Girl’s Experience

It’s not easy being a person living in this world while functioning without a naturally built-in volume controller. The truth is, when you’re an innately loud person you deal with a set of problems that are extremely unique to you and other loud people alone. You’re routinely told to “keep it down” or  to “chill” and for some reason people always think you’re on the verge of getting angry.

Here are 13 problems any Latina who has ever been told to keep their voice down knows to be true.

In school, you were probably your teacher’s least favorite.

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You got this on a daily basis. Particularly because the phrase “inside voice” just didn’t stick with you.

So you often found yourself in a corner being forced to reflect on your volume control…

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Which TBH didn’t always do much good.

And of course it wasn’t uncommon for people to try to make you do some self-searching.

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This was almost always followed by some annoying hand gesture.

So you learned how to be a normal speaker…

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Or, at least you tried to.

But let’s be real… some days being soft spoken just doesn’t come naturally.

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Especially when you’re feeling particularly amped.

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LBR, chisme is one of your biggest triggers.

Or, particularly sauced.

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Nothing like un poquito tequila to warm up the vocal chords…

And so things like backseat driving have just totally become your thing.

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Because you’re not just loud, you’re also opinionated.

And for some reason, you always have a problem making a big surprise entrance.

“I could hear you from around the corner…”

You’re constantly getting hints to bring your volume down.

And TBH nothing ticks you off more because they bring you right back to grade school. Because aren’t we supposed to be raising each other’s voices???

And people are always scared to be around you when you talk on the phone.

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Or, LBR, when you’re about to laugh.

But even though the struggle is real, nothing gets you pumped like when you do accomplish a whisper.

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Or, what other people call speaking at “average person volume.”

Because you know doing your “inside voice” is no easy feat.

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It’s something that takes time and practice.

Whatever girl, stay loud and keep proud.

How else are you can standout in a world where it’s so easy to blend in?


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