13 Gifs That Accurately Explain The Loud Girl’s Experience

It’s not easy being a person living in this world while functioning without a naturally built-in volume controller. The truth is, when you’re an innately loud person you deal with a set of problems that are extremely unique to you and other loud people alone. You’re routinely told to “keep it down” or  to “chill” and for some reason people always think you’re on the verge of getting angry.

Here are 13 problems any Latina who has ever been told to keep their voice down knows to be true.

In school, you were probably your teacher’s least favorite.


You got this on a daily basis. Particularly because the phrase “inside voice” just didn’t stick with you.

So you often found yourself in a corner being forced to reflect on your volume control… /

Which TBH didn’t always do much good.

And of course it wasn’t uncommon for people to try to make you do some self-searching.

Netflix /

This was almost always followed by some annoying hand gesture.

So you learned how to be a normal speaker…

white-aren’ /

Or, at least you tried to.

But let’s be real… some days being soft spoken just doesn’t come naturally.

@recordingacademy /


Especially when you’re feeling particularly amped.

ohnotheydidn’ /

LBR, chisme is one of your biggest triggers.

Or, particularly sauced.


Nothing like un poquito tequila to warm up the vocal chords…

And so things like backseat driving have just totally become your thing.

@thenextstep /

Because you’re not just loud, you’re also opinionated.

And for some reason, you always have a problem making a big surprise entrance.

“I could hear you from around the corner…”

You’re constantly getting hints to bring your volume down.

And TBH nothing ticks you off more because they bring you right back to grade school. Because aren’t we supposed to be raising each other’s voices???

And people are always scared to be around you when you talk on the phone.


Or, LBR, when you’re about to laugh.

But even though the struggle is real, nothing gets you pumped like when you do accomplish a whisper. /

Or, what other people call speaking at “average person volume.”

Because you know doing your “inside voice” is no easy feat.

@identity /

It’s something that takes time and practice.

Whatever girl, stay loud and keep proud.

How else are you can standout in a world where it’s so easy to blend in?

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Latinas On Twitter Are Taking Part In The Microwave Turkey Challenge While Simultaneously Embarrassing Their Moms

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Latinas On Twitter Are Taking Part In The Microwave Turkey Challenge While Simultaneously Embarrassing Their Moms

Despite the stereotypes, not all Latinas know how to cook. Despite being raised in a culture of machismo, where so many of us are expected by family members, friends, even our boyfriends to know how to cook, with so much work to be done, not all of us have had the time or interest in learning how to. This is, despite the disappointment our lack of knowledge on how to cook even the smallest of meals it might cause our mothers and abuelas with their memorized memories and cooking methods to feel.

Twitter’s most recent social media challenge is putting the spotlight on our lack of cooking skills.

With just days to go before Thanksgiving, many of us are probably struggling to figure out how to cook that turkey. The Internet’s latest challenge has Latinx’s and non-Latinxs alike texting their moms to ask: How long do I microwave a turkey? Moms across the country are freaking out and cracking up as their kids seemingly ask a clueless question about cooking.

Responses to the texts have been filled with both astonishment and, fortunately, lessons.

If you have one of those sarcastic mamis, then god bless you. Twitter user Jaycee Rodriguez got a really good dose of humor from her mom, who advised her to microwave her turkey for a whopping 73 hours. If you’ve ever thought about it, then yeah, a 25-pound turkey probably really WOULD take about that length of time in the microwave. So maybe her mom was actually being serious?

Some moms are taking a more direct approach.

Any Latina knows that mami calling you an idiot is probably not that unusual. They only say it because they love us so much, amirite? But if you are planning to ask your mom a stupid question, don’t be surprised if she calls you out on it. That’s what happened with Twitter user Patricia, whose mami was quick to call her and tell her that she’s an idiot for wanting to microwave a turkey. Sorry, girl, you simply can’t cook a 25-pound turkey in the microwave. Just. not. possible.

Some learned quickly never to ask their mami this question again.

Another Twitter user, Haley Garza, went so far as to post the text messages that she exchanged with her family about how to cook a turkey in the microwave. As you can imagine, the messages were hysterical and enlightening.


Her mami, of course, warned her about getting sick. Doesn’t everyone’s mom always worry about them getting sick? That’s certainly the case here, though mom admits that she has no idea how to cook a turkey in the microwave and instead tells her daughter to ask someone else.


Sadly, Libby wasn’t much help in telling Haley that the turkey had to be defrosted first. Wait, you kids don’t even know that you can’t start cooking a turkey while it’s still frozen? Uh oh, we’re in trouble. Thankfully, Haley has one more person to turn to: Dad.

Papi offered a bit more helpful advice but telling his daughter that it will take six hours to cook a turkey in the microwave maybe wasn’t the best idea. We’ll just have to pray and hope she doesn’t attempt it.

Some good Latino parents tried to help, of course.

When Twitter user Ale Salazar texted his family about microwaving a turkey, they really tried to help! Mami started out by asking if the turkey “esta congelado?”


Then dad chimed in with instructions direct from Google.


Thankfully, by that point, the joke was up and Ale came clean…


Thankfully, the adorable mami in this situation laughed it off and reminded him that at least his family supports him.

Sure, mom, thanks for the reminder.

Of course, not every mami is going to get in on the joke fully…. but they probably all will warn you about getting sick.

In the end, the challenge is all in good fun and mamis are hopefully enjoying the hilarity, too. You know, after they get over the initial shock and horror of not only their kid asking how to microwave a turkey but also the fact that they’re actually joking. Just maybe don’t be surprised if you’ve done this challenge and then mom doesn’t want to give you seconds at the Thanksgiving table.

Just kidding. Whose mami would actually NOT feed them more and then insist you take home all of the leftovers? Nobody’s, that’s who.

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20 Awkward Prom Photos That Will Make You Relive Your Greatest Moments

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20 Awkward Prom Photos That Will Make You Relive Your Greatest Moments

Prom is a special time in everyone’s life, whether because you absolutely hated it or you absolutely loved it. Or, perhaps, you even fell somewhere in between… Or, better yet, you both hated it and loved it. I have many nice prom memories and, funnily enough, have even been able to strike the “prom pose” as an adult because those photo instincts never die.

No matter what kind of prom you had, though, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have at least one super awkward prom photo hiding in your albums. There are the photos where you question your date’s hair, where you’re looking off into different cameras, where you’re posing weirdly with your squad. But all of these photos are for the greater good, a.k.a. the joy of reliving those great moments at some point in the future and both laughing and crying over all the awkward prom photos you once took.

In memory of this, here are 20 awkward prom photos that you’re not soon to forget.

1. The #TBT photo where you’re not quite sure about your date’s hair.


You probably felt like a Disney princess in this dress, amirite? That’s the best part, of course. But as for your date’s quasi-Justin Bieber hair, you’re not so sure anymore… Whoops for bad high school judgment.

2. That awkward photo where you both dressed up… as prom’s worst nightmare.


Jason and Carrie, a match made in heaven? Well, it’s a pretty cool costume for a couple who surely strikes fear into the hearts of all of their besties.

3. The one photo where you’re starting the dancing off early.


Watch me whip, and watch me nae nae. And then watch these prom photos life on for a lifetime, long after you’ve forgotten what it is that you’re doing here.

4. The one where your date is awkwardly much taller than you, even when wearing heels.


Perhaps you should have opted for platform stilettos? You love who you love, but sometimes it’s funny looking back at these oh-so-awkward photos with immeasurable height differences.

5. The one where you and your bestie pose.


Nothing wrong with posing for a photo with your bestie, even if you both look a bit frightened and out of place. After all, that’s what best friends are for, right?

6. The one where your date is definitely NOT ready for that photo.


He looks sweetly surprised by how cute you look (and you do!), but maybe he should be facing the camera instead? Yeah, this definitely makes things a bit awkward.

7. The obligatory kissing photo…


Everyone absolutely LOVES love, but maybe you should leave those kissing pictures to yourselves. Of course, you can’t help but take this, so we don’t blame ya.

8. The one where you’re in an equal relationship.


Hey, if you have to pose awkwardly with your bum to your partner, then there’s no reason why he shouldn’t do the same. At least you both look mega hot, amirite?

9. The photo where you’re single and ready to mingle.


Absolutely nothing wrong with being single when you head to prom, and especially if your memories include taking awkward solo photos amongst super fancy backdrops. Thanks, mom.

10. The one where there’s balloons and awkward smiles.


Let’s be honest: You have NO idea where those balloons originally came from or why they’re there, but it’s still a fun photo to look at. If only you and your date could have both managed to look at the camera…

11. The one where your parents went ALL extra.


Thanks, mami and papi, for this wonderful car that I can ride around in… But, um, just a bit much? Of course, with a ride this sweet, who even needs a date?!

12. The one where you can’t help but dress up in gold queenly robes.


You are a REINA and you know it. Maybe you won’t make it to Prom Queen this year, but you can certainly go dressed up as the princess-to-be from the magical land of Zamunda, can’t you?

13. The one where your prom date looks like he was in a boy band.


We all have memories of this from the 90s, so don’t be surprised if all of our prom pictures feature this in one from or another. Frosted tips on the fellas? Okay, then.

14. The one where your mami made a badass backdrop.


I mean, if you’re GOING to take photos in front of a backdrop before prom, then it sure as heck better be something gorgeous and shimmering and oh-so-pretty. Thanks, y’all.

15. The one where you and your date match.


Sometimes, you just have to match with your date. Wearing black-on-black can be a pretty awesome look for both you and your date. And they’re looking hot, no?

16. The one where your guy friends just… Well, here you go.


The fellas gotta show off somehow, and here they are in the classic “prom pose”… All 10 of them! This is so many extra points that I’m not even sure what to do with myself.

17. The one where your squad all needs to pose.


Maybe not everyone is feeling this photo, but the squad goes nowhere on their own. Can we raise a hand for all of the fabulous single ladies featured in this photo?

Also shout out to the Charlie Angels pose we thought was so clever.

18. The one where your date is putting on your corsage… Because, of course.


These silly kids and their corsages! You can’t go to prom without one of these, now and forever. You simply must take one of these photos, even if you’re not quite such a big fan of them.

19. The one where you look so fly that you spend more time hyping yourself than your date.


If you’re looking OH SO GOOD, then you have to take photos. But sometimes you might get caught up in taking photos and photos and more photos, until your date just looks plain old bored in the background.

20. The one where you’re just happy you made it this far, tbh.


Hooray, you made it to prom! Maybe you didn’t think you would get this far in your high school career, but now it’s here and almost over. Perhaps there’s even a tear to be shed on the horizon?

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