Here’s How Getting Together With Your Family Over The Holidays Is Just Like A Beauty Pageant

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La Navidad is upon us which means one thing: the competition is on.

You have family arriving from literally everywhere.

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One family from Jalisco, two from Monterrey, one Texas, another from Nebraska for some reason…and it just never stops.

Which means there will be more primas in the room than there are contestants.


And you know you are going to be competing with them all week.

They walk in like this because Christmas dinner is just an excuse to outdo everyone with your best outfit.

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Grand entrance done right on navidad.

You diet all month in hopes someone says this…

Credit: mitú

The moment you’ve been waiting for all month your whole life.

Like beauty pageants, no competition is complete without a dance number.

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Except we move to tunes with more ritmo like “Suavemente” or “Vivir Mi Vida.”

Credit: Melissa Sandoval Slays / Vine

Keep up or die trying.

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Suddenly EVERYONE has other secret talents they want to show off.

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It’s almost like they planned for this all year or something.

If you live in Southern California or Florida, you’ll strut in your fierce swimsuit.

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It has to be new, designer, have a stellar print and you’ve got to look good. If not, the whole trip is a waste. Remember, it’s about being the best.

You get asked soooo many questions.

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¿Y el novio?

¿Cómo te va en la escuela?

¿Dónde trabajas?

¿Compraste carro?


There is always that one catty family member who starts drama.

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Usually it’s a fight between primas, but if your lucky it’ll be your tías really going at it. #sipstea #imherefortheshow

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You’re going to have to be nice, even if it’s fake, or there WILL be hell to pay.


Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / NBC / fallontonight / Tumblr

“Oh. I see you got a new, table from IKEA. Que cute…”

As always, the full panel of judges will be there judge your every move.

Credit: La Banda / Univision / ineditolp / Tumblr

AKA las tías.

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