Grubhub Wants To Feed Your Desire To Promote Women-Led Restaurants And Close The Gender Wage Gap

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Grubhub’s newest food delivery feature will make your next order request a hell of a lot more fulfilling. For Women’s History Month the popular delivery service is addressing the gender equality debate with an initiative that works to highlight women-led restaurant businesses across the country.

Grubhub’s newest platform is called RestaurantHer and has a crowdsourced map that spotlights 20,000 women-led restaurants.

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With the site’s new tool, users are given access to a map that will help them find women-led restaurants. According to the U.S. Labor Department, 20 percent of today’s chefs are women and they earn 28% less than male chefs.  In a press release regarding the initiative Grubhub’s CEO, Matt Maloney explained that the company’s hope is to raise awareness of gender inequality in the industry. “Closing the gender gap that leaves women occupying fewer than 20 percent of chef positions in the U.S. will ultimately introduce new creativity and expertise into our restaurants, and no doubt elevate the entire culinary industry,” Maloney said.

Anyone interested in supporting restaurants led by Latinas and other women of color will have to do some digging.

CREDIT: @grubhub / Instagram

The RestaurantHer feature doesn’t provide patrons with a tool that can filter restaurants by ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation. However, it does allow users to submit entries for women-led restaurants that are not yet featured on the map. In addition, the company will feature stories about chefs on the map throughout the month and Latina Luisa Santos of the Miami-based restaurant Lulu’s Ice Cream has already been spotlighted.

Throughout the month of March, Grubhub also plans to donate $1 (up to $1 million) for every pledge made on behalf of its effort. The company has said that first $100,000 raised will be donated to Women Chefs & Restaurateurs an initiative that seeks to further the culinary education of women in the food and beverage industry.


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