Kat Von D Quickly Shut Down Instagrammers Who Came For Her After She Posted A Caption In Spanish

In a recent post to her Instagram page, Kat Von D’s used a Spanish phrase that generated a mix of criticism and praise from followers who debated whether the Mexican-born tattoo artist and make-up entrepreneur is, essentially, Latina enough to make it.

Kat Von D  captioned a photo with the phrase “que duerman con los angelitos” a few nights ago.

…que duerman con los angelitos. ?

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The 35-year-old’s caption is a reference to a saying commonly used in Latino households when they’re sending someone off to bed. However, some say “que sueñes con los angelitos.” Von D’s version translates to “may you sleep with the little angels” in English, while the other translates to “may you dream with the little angels.”

It was a small variation of the saying, but some users dragged her for it, while others applauded her for using Spanish at all.

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One fan replied to the post by joking “I think the correct expression is ‘may you dream of the little angels,’ but I love you anyway.” Another follower responded to the post with “Buenas noches, Kat! Looking forward to future messages in Spanish.” Another commented with “Dam[n] I didn’t know Kat Von D’s first language was Spanish cool.”

After receiving hundreds of critical comments, the Mexico-born artist quickly put people in check.

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“Spanish was my first language,” she replied in Spanish in the comments section. “I don’t need Google to wish you a good night.”

Von D gave us an example of one of the ways non-fluent Latinxs, or those who don’t speak Spanish at all, have to prove their Latinidad to their own community.

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It’s a shame so many are made to feel a sense of “otherness” by a community who already knows the feeling all too well, especially in today’s political climate. As many of us know, there are many factors and circumstances that may have prevented some from learning Spanish. That doesn’t mean those people are any less Latinx. And Kat was there to remind us!


Check out this video of Kat Von D singing a Selena classic in Spanish!

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