Chismosas Beware! These 9 Moments Of Chisme Are Total Triggers


1. Accidentally repeating the gossip you heard to the same person who told you.


BFF: “I told you not to tell anyone!!”

Me: “No, girl I’m playing with you…”


2. Delivering chisme to another chismosa and realizing they may be a wildcard chismosa.

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“Damn, she’s too over eager for the tea, I don’t think she can keep it quiet.”

3. When the chisme is coming in hot but then your friend has the nerve to make you wait for it.


OMG are you trying to killing me?

4. But you know that’s not half as bad as when that same friend decides to bail.

“Wow. Are we even friends anymore?”

5. Or worse, when you’ve waited for some good chisme and it’s not all its cracked up to be.

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Girl, comeback when the shit is actually good.

6. Hearing the tea being dropped by people you don’t know.

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Because if you knew the details of their lives you know it would be so much better.

7. When you’re pretending like you don’t already know the chisme in order to get more chisme, but you slip up.



Them: “How did you know that?”

Me: “Uh… know what?”

8. When the chisme turns into a storm and you’re caught in the crossfire.

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The chismes all fun and games until it becomes about you.


9. And finally, the worst of the worst, when you’re so close but you can’t keep up with the chisme chase.

It’s like anticipating the ultimate sneeze and never getting to feel it come out.



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