Chrissie Fit Of ‘Pitch Perfect’ Is All Of Us Latinas With Non-Latino Last Names

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Not all Latinas have names that blatantly say “Hi, I’m Latina!” Some of us have names that read straight up non-Latino and puts people in a state of shock when you tell them you’re Latina.

Chrissie Fit of “Pitch Perfect 3” knows the story. In an interview with People Chica the actress explained how her last name had an impact on her desire to land a role in Hollywood as a Latina.

Fit explained how an acting coach once told her to change her last name so that she’d appear to be “more” Latina.

The Cuban-American actress described having an acting coach who suggested she swap her last name with her mother’s maiden one: Gutierrez. All in an effort to play up her Latina roots, of course. ?

Fit admits that for a second she almost followed her coaches advice, “But then I decided to drop the acting class instead. Just because my name isn’t a typical Latino name doesn’t make me any less Latina. That’s my father’s name and I love him so much so I’m glad I didn’t change it.”

Fit isn’t the only Latina in Hollywood who has been pressured into meeting Latina stereotypes.

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Gina Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, and Lauren Jauregui make up just a handful of Hollywood Latinas who’ve faced criticisms for not being “Latina enough.” Whether it’s the way they look, their inability to speak Spanish fluently or the fact that they were born in the United States, many Latinas have, unfortunately, heard the same.

Their experiences really just beg the question what is Latino culture supposed to be?


Latinas are multidimensional, diverse and monumental. Something like that should never be boxed in by stereotypes and expectations. After all, we’re too cool and interesting for that.


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