Here Are 13 Pics Of Afros That Completely Debunk Beauty Ideals

credit: @afrolatinas_ / Instagram

The Black Power Movement of the 1960s did a world of good for Black women living in the United States and their hair. Along with civil rights, Black women were also fighting for a representation of beauty that included them. Afros became a huge part of this effort. They weren’t only an expression of Black pride but of Black allure as well.

Of course, the natural hair movement isn’t entirely contained to the 1960s or the United States. In recent years, a similar push has begun to gain momentum once again, and this time its popularity is rising among us Afro-Latinas in the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Fortunately for us, all of this can be witnessed with just a simple click of a social platform.

Here are some of the glorious afros of Instagram…

This ultra elegant afro.

Dreams do Come True.

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You can’t do a piece about afros without including this rising Latina. Amara La Negra’s ‘fro has already showed one “Hollywood” what’s what, and we’re ready for it to start doing its work on the real one.

The afro that’s totally down to play up the ’70s vibes.

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She got more bounce in that afro than all y’all combined.

Now that’s a mane moment.

All of the natural vibes in this photo will seriously have you ready to dodge any future blowouts you might have scheduled.

You’re gonna need a sec to chill after checking out this ‘fro.

Come Through & Chilllllllll

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I suspect there’s a reason why everyone at the party needed to take a pool break. This ‘fro seriously turns up the heat.

Rizos that are as sweet as honey.

Milagros, Gennaio 2018

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And, yet, ready to take down Fashion Week.

An afro that brings all the fresh vibes you could possibly need.

More like Fresh Princess of Hair.

My mind can only imagine how the shrinkage reveal in this photo could blow your mind.

Seriously, strike your bets.

Look this hair in the eye and tell me you don’t have a new definition for hair beauty.

This pic also can’t help but make me wonder how far those curls stretch.

This Salvadoran Blatina is literally bringing all of the sunshine.

Seriously, though, is that glow coming from her scalp???

My girl doesn’t even need a hat with this winter look because that ‘fro carries so much heat.

I bet the insulation in that afro could literally beat out any Canada Goose jacket you’ve ever pined over.

And btw, this look is just  a one in a million example of the many ways afro-textured hair can be styled.

Like IDK how y’all underestimated our hair ability for this long … but okay…


Now, that’s what beauty overload looks like.

Flower Power Black Power.

That’s a pretty perfect afro.

If Coca-Cola knew better, they’d put afros front and center of their next Super Bowl ad.

Cause they’re the real thing.

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