These Moments Prove That Beautiful, Curly Hair Is Not For Everyone

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Having luscious, naturally curly hair is a blessing… most of the time. There’s just something about the way it bounces when it is really working that just can’t be beat. However, there are some downfalls with being gifted with this type of luscious hair. Here are 11 experiences anyone with curly hair will be able to relate to.

It is sooo hard to find a hairstylist that actually knows what they are doing.

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*Notice how she does the sign of the cross*

The same haircut you gave that person before me with pin-straight hair is not going to work for me, Franco.

Most of the time it’s you against your brush.

Brushes don’t stand a chance.

A moment of silence for all of the brushes that have sacrificed themselves in honor of your journey to self-discovery.

When someone offers to do your hair, you’re left with a frizzy mess that you wouldn’t wish on your own enemies.

Look, Brittany. Now that you’ve seen what it does to my hair, can you stop begging me to brush it? Thanks.

Speaking of frizz, your hair only has one terrifying natural predator: humidity.

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I swear. One drop of moisture in the air anywhere within 100 feet of where I sit and my hair gets a mind of its own.

That “dime size” portion of conditioner is what hair elitism looks like.

Anyone with curly hair knows that the only way to keep your hair curly, beautiful, and healthy you have to use a lot of conditioner.

You’ve spent years trying to figure out the right products to use for your hair.

And it’s not like you just ask people. There was a time that you thought that your hair was no different than anyone else’s, but after years of misery, you learn that you are totally wrong.

You can never use a blow dryer without a diffuser.

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Seriously, just don’t.

One good thing that water gives you are those tight curls that all those straight-hair people try to emulate.

Simple. Sweet. Effective.

But the drying process is a bit of a pain.

Sometimes you just have to wait for it to dry out, especially if you add some leave-in conditioner. Let’s hope it isn’t an overcast day or your hair is going to be wet all day.

Despite all of the struggles you’ve been through with your hair, you’ve got to admit that when it works, it works.


There’s just something about curly hair that makes one feel #flawless.

And it is all good, as long as people don’t start touching your hair without permission.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

What are some of your curly hair struggles?


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