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What Does Your Future Hold? – The Essential Palm Reading Guide

Palm reading (or palmistry) is sometimes considered as pseudoscience but for many, it is an accurate way of telling the past, present, and future. Palm reading is more personal than tarot reading or a birth chart as hands are seen to be the doorway to the natural personality of the person.

What is palm reading and what is it used for?

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Palm reading is the practice of looking at different parts of a person’s hand and relating them to past and future events and personality traits. Palms are sometimes thought of as a physical reflection of what we think and how we deal with events in our environment.

Where did palm reading come from?

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Palm reading originated in India, where a Hindu sage wrote a book about palm reading. Due to its popularity, it spread to the rest of the world. It was demonized by the Catholic church during the Middle Ages but during the Renaissance, it became one of the seven ‘forbidden arts’.

Calm down and cleanse your hands

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Before you start, make sure that you are calm and your mind is clear. If you’re reading a friends palm, make sure they are calm as well.

It is important that the hands are clean and are relaxed. Try soaking them in a bowl of warm water to calm the muscles of the hand.

Picking a hand to read

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The left-hand shows the person’s natural personality while the right-hand shows their current personality and traits. If you are reading the palms of someone who is left-handed, these rules are reversed.

What to analyze

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When reading someone’s palm, the most important parts of the hand to look at are:

  • The type of hand
  • The feel of the hand
  • Shape of fingers
  • Shape of nails
  • Mounts
  • Lines

Types of hands

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From their personality to their behavior, hand shape is the best place to start:

Earth hands are rough and indicate practicality and a desire for working outdoors.

Air hands are square or rectangular and show the person is full of nervous energy and ideas.

Water hands are oval in shape. This person may suffer from heightened emotions and have difficulty dealing with stress.

Fire Hands have a palm that is longer than their fingers. This shows that the person is fiercely individual and could make a great leader.

Feel of hands

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If the palm is clammy, this can mean that the person is lazy and unstable but also well-intentioned. Hot hands may indicate that the person is wild and successful but insincere. Cold hands mean that the person is generous with their time and money.

Finger Shapes

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It is important to look at the shape of the fingers when palm reading. Someone who has longer fingers is more likely to be anxious and well-mannered while someone with short fingers is creative and impatient.

Nail Shapes

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Long fingernails mean that the person may be kind and good at keeping secrets. It may also mean the person is shy. If the person has short fingernails they may be critical or sarcastic.


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To create a complete profile, there are 7 mounts that should be looked at. If you can’t figure out if the mount is high or low, turn the palm to the side. This will make the mounts more pronounced and easier to read.

The Mount of Jupiter shows the level of ambition of the person. The higher the mount the more self-centered the person is. They are less likely to help others.

The Mount of Saturn shows the balance and wisdom of the person. A high mount means that the person is cynical and stubborn and a normal mount means that the person is hard-working. If it is low or flat, the person is superficial and disorganized.

The Mount of Apollo shows the level of artistic ability and success. The higher the mount, the more impatient the person is.

The Mount of Mercury shows how good the person is at industry and business. The higher the mount, the mort likely the person will be in the world of business.

The Mount of Venus shows the level of love or passion someone feels. A high mount means the person is overindulgent, a normal height mount means the person is passionate and a low mount means that the person may not have any interest in family life.

The Mount of Moon/Luna shows the person’s level of imagination and mysticism. A high mount indicates that the person lives in their own imagination while a normal height mount means they have extraordinary creative abilities.

The Plain of Mars shows courage and bravery. A high mount means the person is hot-headed, a normal height mount means the person has great moral strength and a low mount means low courage but a kind heart.

Lines of the Hand

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The lines of the hand are the most important step in palmistry. Make sure to consider all the lines together and what they mean for the person.

Heart Line

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The Heart line shows how the person deals with relationships. A long line means the person is dependent on their partner while a shorter line means the person is more self-assured. Straight lines indicate intense relationships while broken lines mean that the person is going through emotional issues.

Head Line

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The Head line shows the mental strength of the person. A long line indicates that the person is methodical while a short line means that the person is impulsive. A line that splits into a fork may mean that the person has or will have many changes in their career.

Life Line

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The Life line shows the nature of a person’s life. It does not indicate a long life but how easy life will be. If the line branches upwards, this may mean that positive changes while a downward curve may suggest that negative changes are coming.

Fate Line

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The Fate line is sometimes called the destiny line and shows what will influence a person’s life path. A broken or forked line may indicate conflict and struggle in life while no line means the person is on a pre-determined or average life.

Marriage Line

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The Marriage line shows how the person handles commitment in relationships. The number of lines is the number of major relationships the person will experience in their life.

Line of Apollo

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The Line of Apollo determines the healing power of the person throughout their life. If the line is very visible, this means that the person is a natural healer. A break in this line means that you are currently caring for your own illness.

Simian Line

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The Simian line is pretty rare. People who have a Simian line have a hard time separating their emotions from actions and decisions.

Bracelet Line

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The Bracelet lines can reveal the balance between physical, mental and spiritual self. A solid deep line means a prosperous and healthy life while missing lines (less than three) may mean poor health or grave circumstances in the future.

Consider all the information together

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When you have looked at the palm, you will need to put all the information together. This can take some time, especially if it is your first time but with practice, you will be able to make observations about a person’s personality and future in no time.

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