13 Things That Happen When You’re A Latina Whose Arm Hair Can Detect The Wind’s Breeze

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Your hairy arms have brought you a world full of knowledge, insight, pain, and also sometimes embarrassing experiences.

Because your hair traveled all over when you were a baby, you got a lot of comparisons to furry animals.

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Baby monkeys, cats, dogs, sheep, Chewbacca. It was cute at first, but only got old pretty quickly.

And boys were always asking stupid questions.

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Like, “If you’re a girl, then why are you so hairy?” Or, “Why do you have more hair than me.”

It didn’t take long to learn that unless you waxed or shaved, bracelets would just never be your friend.

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And that slinky bracelet trend that happened for awhile? Only existed in a little place called Not A Chance In Hell. Same with the pulceritas with your name on them.

And same with band-aids.

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Those suckers hurt like hell. Especially the large ones with the cheap adhesive that would take days to wash off.

Things didn’t get much easier when you were older and wanted to shave.

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Because mom stopped you by saying it would grow a million times thicker. You knew your body couldn’t handle any more hair.

So you literally tried every hair removal method hawked by literally every infomercial.


After developing a few rashes here and there you learned you had to do patch tests first.

As you got older you learned sometimes you needed a quicker less expensive fix, so you’d shave. This meant you learned to rinse after each stroke.

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So really it was never that quick. Some of us sit in the tub to shave because we know we’re going to be here for a while.

This also means a ton of shaving cream.

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That’s right, from head to toe.

Only to find you missed a spot on your elbow.

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And you wonder how many people saw those little stragglers hanging in a patch where most people could never grow hair even if they tried.

Sometimes you shampoo and condition your arms just for kicks.


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Because hair is hair is hair is hair…

Sweater season is the best, but also the worst, because friction.

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Not to mention static electricity. Do you ever just look at how tall those little suckers stand?

Sometimes when you get upset or even stressed, people will catch you petting your arms.


It gives your the warm and fuzzies, literally.

But to this day, the greatest pain from a manicure is being asked if you want your lip waxed.

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Still, besides all of the pain and troubles your hairy arms have put your through. You know you love those babies.

Because #1 their the ultimate form of self-temperature control. And 2. they really do provide solace when you’re upset.


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