I Let My Shyness Take Over Me And I Admit I Kind Of Regret Not Taking Full Advantage Of My Quince

Having a quinceañera is a right of passage for many young women and their families, but when you’re super shy and introverted, the idea of being the center of attention is a total nightmare. Here’s how I, a shy Latina, attempted to get through the biggest night in my life…

First, I tried to avoid the whole spectacle…

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Don’t worry, you’re you’re not the only one.

…and offered some other options in its place.

Wouldn’t you rather go on a trip? Or give me a car? Or a yegua?

Because the idea of being in the center of a room was terrifying at that age.

I mean, what’s so difficult to understand?

But there was no escaping that this quince was my family’s party, maybe even more than mine.

That guilt trip is good I tell you.

So, it was going to happen por las buenas o por las malas.

Not having one was a personal attack!

Mami dragged me to find a fancy dress and everything was…too much.

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Your primas LOVED it all, though.

My cousins, mom and aunts pretty much took over the invite list.

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Las tías, los tíos, las primas, las vecinas, las maestras, las señoras de la iglesia, fulana, sotana, on and on and on…

The quinceañera photoshoot was a nightmare to get through.

I could barely even take a normal family photo so there was no way a full-blown photo shoot was going to happen!

I said there would absolutely NOT be a court.

They expect me to choose dancers and THEN dance in front of ALL these people?

Then they made me dance alone, and it wasn’t fun.

Which only centered the attention on me more.

I still had to ask a guy to be my chambelan and it was nerve-racking af.

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I personally couldn’t even dare go this route, but I saw some friends end up dancing with their awkward primo, so I decided it was a no-go from the beginning.

People might’ve mistaken my shyness at the quince for being ungrateful.

I can’t help it, just get me away from the dance floor…quick!

My parents were 100% pulling me in every direction all night.

But I didn’t want this!

But my fam was proud of me and they probably just wanted to show me off.

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Yay. I made it to 15 and I am standing here in a wedding dress! That’s cool, I guess?

In hindsight, I might have a little regret for not enjoying that moment to the fullest.

I wish I had that confidence at 14 to know what I wanted for my quince, but then again, none of us will probably ever be totally comfortable at that age. You live and you learn.

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Did you have a Quince against your will or was it the best night of your life? Let us know!