The Painful Ups And Downs Of Having You Period Is Pretty Much Like A Novela Catastrophe, Here’s Proof

Being on the rag can be is always a drag. Fortunately, telenovelas like “María la del Barrio,” “Marimar,” and “Dos Mujeres Un Camino” make make it a little more tolerable to deal with the pain when we relate recontextualize what we’re going through with GIFs??.

That moment your period comes to the party uninvited.

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But you take birth control! And it’s definitely not Sunday!

¡¿Qué haces aquí, maldita?!

And you realize that underwear you just bought is shit now.

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No amount of Jabón Zote in the world will erase the regret you feel after deciding to wear nude underwear on P-Day.

This is an accurate reenactment of what your uterus looks like on Day 1.

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They say it’s only shedding, but I swear to God that there is some machete-level activity going on in there.

Your brain the moment someone asks why you’re in a ~mood~:

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^ How I wish I could react.

When your menstruangry and your mom says she never acted that way when she was on her period.

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It might have been YEARS ago, but I remember.

When you’re discretely trying to hide your tampon/pad in your pocket on your way to the bathroom…

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And it slips out.


Or, that moment it catches you at work and you’ve to get creative in the bathroom.

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Seriously by now you could make a piñata out of toilet paper.

Learning you and your BFFs — or coworkers — are all synched up.

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When you forgot to pack the Midol, but your synced up coworker has some ready for you.

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Because she knows.

Hearing someone mansplain you during a meeting.

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There’s not enough chill in the world to help you handle this on Day 3.

Finally making it to the weekend where you can just ride out the storm.

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“Sorry I’m not available this weekend, I’ll be comatose until Monday.”


That moment your period manifests itself in the form of a pimple.  Right on your nose.

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And you’re pretty sure, based on previous history, she’ll be planted on your face for the next three weeks.

When it’s finally over and done with.

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Like a true lady champ, you survived another one!


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