A Woman From Argentina Used Garden Shears To Cut Off The Penis of A Man Who Allegedly Attacked Her

A 26-year-old architect has been arrested after reportedly cutting off a man’s penis after he allegedly attacked her. The incident, which happened over the weekend in Nueva Cordoba, Argentina, has been gaining the attention of Twitter users.

According to reports, Brenda Barattini used a set of garden shears to cut off the penis of a man who had been inside of her apartment and in her bed at the time.

“There’s justification for what happened,” said Carlos Nayi, Barattini’s lawyer, as reported by Metro UK. “The information I’ve received is that she was the victim of a sex attack.”

Nayi claims that Barattini had allowed the 40-year-old man, who has been identified only as Sergio F., into her apartment because he’s an acquaintance through her brother.

“Once inside, instead of removing a musical instrument as he was supposed to, he attacked her sexually and she assumed a defensive attitude. Whether or not she acted excessively is for the courts to decide,” the lawyer explained.

However, Sergio F.’s lawyer, Eduardo Perez, says his client has a different story.

Perez explained that Sergio F. and Barattini had been seeing each other intimately for several months.

“They were in the middle of things. He wasn’t asleep. They began with a sexual game in which he was blindfolded,” Perez said. “There is evidence that was at the crime scene.”

State prosecuting attorney, Bettina Croppi, says word is still out on whose story matches up with the evidence, but what she does know is that Sergio F.’s condition is “very serious” and that it’s very likely he “lost the ability to be able to father children.” His lawyer also

The attorney also confirmed that the two did appear to know each other, but that the status and nature of their relationship remains unclear. Croppi confirmed that by the time police and paramedics arrived Sergio F. was not tied up and was being helped by neighbors. Perez says Sergio F. is still in the ICU. Gruesome photos from the scene depict images of the alleged weapon and bloody sheets.

For now, Barattini will be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation before facing questioning from authorities involved in the case. She has yet to provide a statement, but has undergone tests to determine whether not she had been raped or sexually attacked.

The case has quickly thrown users across Twitter  back to the Lorena Bobbitt case, which played out in 1993.

In that case, Lorena Bobbitt who goes by her maiden name, Gallo, had allegedly suffered years of domestic abuse and rape at the hands of her husband, John Bobbitt. Gallo chopped off Bobbitt’s penis with a knife while he was sleeping, and then threw it out of her car window while fleeing the scene. A jury ultimately acquitted Bobbitt of rape and determined Gallo was not guilty due to insanity.

The Barattini case has also outraged those who feel the media has been more focused on the penis rather than the allegations of abuse that led up to the incident.

In the above tweet, one user writes: “The media are concerned that Brenda Barattini had scissors for pruning under her bed, but they raped the girl, and well, those things happen. I’m fed up.”

While some are championing Barattini, others believe she went too far. The only general agreement is that it’ll be interesting to see how the story unravels over the course of the investigation and trial.

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Amazon’s New Series Examines The Infamous Lorena Bobbitt Case And The Dichotomy Of The Sexes When It Comes To Sexual Assault Trials

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Amazon’s New Series Examines The Infamous Lorena Bobbitt Case And The Dichotomy Of The Sexes When It Comes To Sexual Assault Trials

Few household names bring to mind the story of a man’s dismembered genitals like the one of Lorena Bobbit. The Ecuadorian-born woman, best known for severing her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife while he slept, emerged as an appalling headline emblematic of the dichotomy of the perspectives of the sexes. One point of view saw her as a symbol of female resistance in the face of brutal and abusive male toxicity. The other, as a maniacal and sex-obsessed Latina who chopped off her husband’s penis in a bout of jealous rage. Director and producer Jordan Peele sets out to explore the sensational scandal that captured our country’s attention in the summer of 1993 and continues to spark shock, awe, and debate.

“Lorena” is a four-part docuseries directed by Joshua Rofé and distributed by Amazon. This week, its trailer dropped stirring a mass of excitement and anticipation online.

In the trailer, Bobbitt, the lawyers part of the trial,  and those who watched it play out examine the media firestorm twenty-six years later.

Unlike true crime series as of late, “Lorena” promises not only to examine the actual crime and actions of its criminals and victims but to also review the events of the story within the context of other significant sex scandals of the nineties. Scenes from the trailer recall major moments. Flashes of Anita Hill testifying about pubic hairs and coke cans for the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas and bits of the Bill Clinton sex scandal bring to mind a time in the early 90s when two genders clashed extensively. As one interviewee in the series trailer notes “it’s still going on.” It’s an utterance that highlights the relevance of the Lorena Bobbitt story in our modern era where the conversation on equality and treatment feels like a rerun of the discussions and debates taking place a quarter of a century ago. Is it possible that Bill Cosby and his former intern popped up in headlines related to #MeToo and that our country watched another man accused of sexual harassment was sworn into the Supreme Court because we failed to make just judgments the first time? Rofé’s revisitation of the trial leads one to expect that it will do its best to do so while reflecting on our past and current conversations related to abuse of power and gender dynamics.

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Women Are Showing Up For #MeAt14 And Reminding Twitter That Whether Or Not A Girl Looks 14 Is Beside The Point

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Women Are Showing Up For #MeAt14 And Reminding Twitter That Whether Or Not A Girl Looks 14 Is Beside The Point

Over the weekend, another viral news headline spilled over into Twitter, where it turned into a telling hashtag that a flood of women rallied behind. After news broke of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s sexual abuse of a 14 year old girl, which occurred when the 70-year-old was in his 30s, thousands of women took to the social media site to share photos of what they were doing when they were 14 with the hashtag #MeAt14. Now, the thousands of women in these sepia-toned photos are demanding Moore to step-down.

Amidst the flurry surrounding the hashtag, women are stepping up to school Twitter and Moore on some various points, including the fact that 14 year old girls are not mature enough to consent to having sex with men who are 32 years old.

In an article by the Washington Post, a number of women accused the senate candidate of sexual abuse. One of the alleged-victims claims she was 14-years-old when Moore, who was 32 at the time, molested her. After Moore denied the reports, Republicans from his home state rushed to his defense and attempted to normalize the woman’s claims.

“Other than being with an underage person, he didn’t really force himself,” Alabama Geneva County GOP chairman Riley Seibenhener said.

“It’s not ‘forcible rape,” he added. “I know that 14-year-olds don’t make good decisions.”

Then Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler told The Washington Examiner to consider the Bible amid these accusations, saying, “Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus. There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.”

Since the initial claim, four additional women have come forward with their own experiences of sexual harassment and assault against Moore, members of the Republican party, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have called for Moore to drop out of the race and stories have surfaced of Moore’s inappropriate behavior towards young girls at malls in his area.

By the weekend, #MeAt14 went viral and lit up conversations surrounding the age of consent and whether 14-year-old girls can genuinely make the “decision” to consent to having sex with an adult, and reiterating that no blame should fall on them.

Many women used the hashtag to share photos of themselves and to highlight all of the things that they were doing at 14, instead of thinking about having a relationship with a man that was 32-years-old.

School dances, quinceañeras, Harry Potter, boys and being grounded were just a few of the priorities women recalled having on their minds at 14.

Some women used the hashtag to remind users that by 14 they were dealing with their own histories with sexual assault.

Others used the hashtag to point out that the message behind the photos didn’t entirely hit the mark.

As some were quick to point out, not all women develop at the same rate or enter their teen years with mouths full of metal or pimply faces. Some hit 14 and physically appear fully developed and mature, or are exploring their sexuality. Their point: appearance of maturity, or a lack there of, does not a consenting 14 year old make. Many stressed that Moore and other men like him should be held accountable for taking advantage of girls who are too young. By ensuring to include these observations in their tweets, users emphasized that no 14 year old should be held responsible of consenting to sex with an adult man.

Here’s hoping that the wash of photos portraying “tender” and “innocent” girls of this age does not drown out this message.

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