Cardi B Helped Her Bronx Community By Handing Out Hundreds of Coats Before New York’s Winter Storms

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The weather is getting considerably colder as we head towards the winter months. New York especially has been hit with unseasonably arctic weather this year. However, rap superstar Cardi B isn’t leaving anyone out in the cold. On Thursday evening, Cardi arrived at the Marlboro Houses, a massive housing project located in Gravesend, New York to pass out hundreds of winter coats and shoes to the local community. A trail of locals and Cardi B fans lined up in the brisk weather for the event. She may be used to packed venues while performing, but not even Cardi could anticipate how huge the evening’s crowd would be.

The Bronx-native passed out coats at The Marlboro Houses, a housing project in Gravesend, New York.

The Dominican-Trinidadian rapper’s act of charity came at a time when those out in the streets of New York and or unable to afford proper winter wear were hit with extremely cold temperatures this week.

“I didn’t know it was gonna be so big,” Cardi B told WABC in an interview about the night. “My homeboy Chuck, he told me, ‘Hey, let’s give out coats to our community, I know somebody who wants to give out coats in Marlboro,’ and I said, ‘I’m pulling out, what’s up?'”

The crowds of people who came to see Cardi weren’t the only ones to receive something. The 26-year-old was also presented with balloons and a cake by the Marlboro House staff. The new mom celebrated her birthday on October 11th.

Cardi B was also given a symbolic key to the Marlboro House.

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This is just the latest example of the Afro-Latina’s commitment to giving back. During the summer, Cardi donated $8,000 to the family of Lesandro (Junior) Guzman-Feliz. Junior was a victim of mistaken identity and murdered by a group of young men. Cardi posted the donation to Junior’s GoFundMe page under her real name, Belcalis Almanzar.

“We have to set an example for the kids,” the rapper explained to CBS News. “We really care for the kids and our community and everything.”


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