During A Press Conference, Donald Trump Attempted to Keep Women From Exercising Their First Amendment Rights

If there’s one thing, Donald Trump— president of the United States, former reality television star and real-estate tycoon— has taught us during his term in office is that he really knows how to rip things off the rails.

After providing an update on the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, Trump took questions from the press and called on ABC News’ senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega.

While waiting for the mic to be passed to Vega, Trump made a string of snide remarks about the reporter including saying “She’s shocked that I picked her. She’s like in a state of shock.”

In response, Vega replied “I’m not, thank you, Mr. President.” But it didn’t take long for Trump, who clearly misunderstood some part or all of what Vega had said, retorted “That’s okay. I know you’re not thinking. You never do.”

Almost just as equally surprised as the stunned and mumbling reporters around her, Vega quickly asked Trump for clarity on his comments saying “I’m sorry?” before he opted to brush over his comments by pressing her to ask her questions.

Things didn’t perk up from there. After Vega asked the president to address his recent tweets involving the FBI investigation into his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trump stopping her and saying, “What does that have to do with trade? I don’t mind answering the question but I’d like to do the trade questions first. How about talking about trade and then we’ll get to that? Who had a trade question?”

Despite being caught on camera belittling Vega and telling her that she “never thinks,” the White House attempted to edit the exchange in an official transcript.

As the Daily Beast reported, transcripts of the press conference published by the White House read “I know you’re not thanking. You never do.”

As many users on Twitter pointed out, Vega wasn’t the only women reporter under attack by Trump on Monday.

Trump also took time to blast at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during her time with the mic when she attempted to ask Trump about Kavanaugh. At one point he griped “Don’t do that. That’s not nice.” When Trump finally gave her a chance to ask her question which involved Kavanaugh and his potential disqualification for the Supreme Court if it had been found that he had lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his testimony. When Trump attempted to deflect, Collins said“You didn’t answer my question, Mr. President,” to which Trump suddenly griped “You know what? You’ve really had enough. You’ve had enough.”

Others applauded Vega for her response to Trump during the exchange.

Because it takes a lot of ovarios to stand up for yourself when you’re being attacked, particularly by a world leader.

Others expressed their frustration with having to listen to a president who operates on a misogynistic level day in and day out.

And sameee.

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When This Man At Walmart Told A Latina To Leave The US, She Told Him “This Is My Country, Too”


When This Man At Walmart Told A Latina To Leave The US, She Told Him “This Is My Country, Too”

Another day, another Latina’s shopping experience ending in Donald Trump-inspired xenophobia.

On Friday, while Dulce Nereyda, her daughter and mother were looking for baby shower gifts at an Arizona Walmart, they were interrupted by a bearded white man who didn’t like that she and her mom were speaking to each other in Spanish.

The Mexican-American woman, who didn’t get the entire encounter on camera, shared what she was able to record from the frightening verbal assault on Facebook.

“This ⬇️ man starts yelling, ‘I can’t wait until Trump does away with you all!’ I was like, ‘Excuse me.’ He yelled ‘Leave, just leave. YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!’ All because I was speaking Spanish to my mom,” she wrote of the unnamed man.

Dulce was stunned by the sudden display of racism and was unsure what to do. After seeing her daughter’s face, she felt like she couldn’t remain quiet, pulling out her phone to record the man harassing her and reminding him that she, too, belonged in the country.

So it really F*** happened ????????!!! As my Beautiful mommi, JORDAN, and I are shopping for Beto Ramos baby shower tomorrow at Walmart on Huntington. This ⬇️ man starts yelling " I can't wait until Trump does away with you all!" I was like excuse me. He yelled "Leave just leave YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!" All because I was speaking Spanish to my mom. I was so caught off guard that I didn't even know what to do. I always thought what would I ever do if that happened to me or my mom and it did. I felt scared at first and then I saw the look on my baby girls face ????????????. So if you know me I couldn't just leave it like that. I WANT TO EXPOSE THIS MAN FOR THE RACIST HE IS! And I assured my little Queen that this is her home and WE DO BELONG HERE????????????????!!!

Posted by Dulce Nereyda on Friday, March 15, 2019

“So do you want to tell me to get out again? Because this is my country, too,” she said as the camera faced the man.

While the man initially ignored her, it didn’t take long for him to continue with his bigoted, pro-Trump rant, saying, “I wish you guys would leave, and I can’t wait till we build the wall.”  

Making no indication that she had any intentions on leaving her country, Dulce once more asserted that she is American and that English is not the official language of the United States.

She says she posted the encounter on Facebook to both expose the man for the “racist he is” and also send an important message to her daughter.

“I assured my little queen that this is her home and we do belong,” she said.

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Latina Faces Deportation After Confronting A Man Wearing A “Make America Great Again” Hat At A Mexican Restaurant


Latina Faces Deportation After Confronting A Man Wearing A “Make America Great Again” Hat At A Mexican Restaurant

Anything can trigger a person. It could either be something very subtle or very direct. People have no idea what will set someone off, and in our tense political times, confrontation can be inevitable. Whether a person goes off on someone because of the color of their skin, their hair, the language that they’re speaking, or by something that they’re wearing, people should always remain cautious. More importantly, if you see something offensive, you may want just to walk away. That is undoubtedly the unfortunate situation for a Latina living in Massachusetts.

A 41-year-old woman, who is from Brazil, confronted a white man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Mexican restaurant.

It appears from the man’s recording that the woman walked behind him and took off his hat. For a brief time, it seemed as if the two were almost playing around. They both appear to be laughing.

Police arrested the woman because she got physical by grabbing his hat.

The woman was charged with alleged assault. Once officers checked her status and saw she was from Brazil and in the U.S. without documentation, they put her in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

“Santos is currently facing local charges for assault and other offenses. She is presently in ICE custody and has been entered into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts,” John Mohan, a public affairs officer for ICE’s Boston office, said in a statement to NBC News.

The woman is now facing deportation.

“It’s just a hat at the end of the day,” Bryton Turner, the man in the video, told CBS News. “I don’t really understand why people can’t just express themselves anymore, everybody has to get mad.”

He also added: “I don’t ever want to assume people are illegal because I don’t think that’s fair to a lot of good citizens. It’s good that they got her.”

Santos has since been released but her deportation will be decided on in court at a later date.

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