Sephora’s Makeup Display Was Demolished By A Child Who We Can Only Hope Has A Mother Who Doesn’t Own Chanclas

credit: Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry / Facebook

A makeup artist at Sephora recently posted a photo of a display at one of their stores, where more than $1,000 worth of make up was destroyed.

Over the weekend, Brittney Nelson headed over to a Sephora store in Augusta, Georgia, and was dumbfounded when she came a cross an entire display of Make Up For Ever eyeshadows in sheer ruin.

CREDIT: @extroadrinarylifemua / Facebook

Nelson posted a photo to her Facebook page to urge parents to “shop for your makeup without [their] tiny humans.”

Nelson admits in the post that she never actually witnessed a child commit the crime but told INSIDER that right as she entered the store she saw a woman hustling out with a child in tow. All this was just before Sephora staffers noticed the giant disaster of a mess. “The glittery footprints helped us decipher it was a tiny human,” she said.

You don’t have to be a kid to imagine the terror this child felt as soon as they saw their mother’s horrified face.

For the most part everyone’s been concerned about the sad state of the destroyed makeup palettes.

The photo of the wrecked make up display has essentially driven make up lovers to react like a natural disaster occurred. There are tons of cry emojis, references to heart attacks and more. Anyone that’s ever dropped an eyeshadow palette or left a lipstick in a hot car felt the pain.

And sure, that’s all fine and funny, but we’re also worried about this kid. Like has anyone checked in on them? Did Brittney see if the child was Latino?? Because you know if they are, the little Picasso is gonna get the chancla.

CREDIT: Modern Family / ABC

Chancla-wielders in training have expressed what they’d do to the poor kid if he or she was theirs, and if their reaction reflects that of the mother, the the outlook on this kid’s future is not good.

Seriously, has anyone checked the Latino SOS boards?

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Thoughts and prayers with the kid behind this monstrosity. Because any Latino whose ever faced the other side of a chancleta or powpow knows all too well how this story likely ended.


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