It’s National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day And Here’s Why You Should Consider A Dog From This Puerto Rican Shelter

This Monday marked National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, a day specifically created to raise awareness of the many different animals across the country waiting to be brought back to their forever homes. In honor of the day, the show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” used it’s platform to turn the spotlight on the thousands of dogs in Puerto Rico in need of a home.

The Sato Project devotes its time to rescuing abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.

For National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, Samantha Bee sent Ashley Nicole Black to the municipality of Yabucoa, rated the poorest of all 78 Puerto Rican municipalities, to learn more about the Sato Project and its efforts. While visiting the shelter’s dogs, Black spoke with Chrissy Beckles, the president of the organization who explained that “prior to Maria for six years we had averaged 350 dogs per year. Since Maria, since September, we’ve rescued over a thousand dogs.”

All of the dogs featured during Black’s visit were rescued after Hurricane Maria.

100 dogs taking off under the rainbow ?✈️. #freedomflight #satostrong

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According to the project’s website, the organization is dedicated to caring for each of the dogs that they rescue from the beaches and streets of Puerto Rico. Each dog is tested for parasites and blood diseases, given vaccinations, and spayed or neutered. The dogs are then taken from the shelter and booked onto flights to either JFK or Newark where they are then ultimately driven to foster homes, forever homes or to sanctuary projects of the Sato Project.

If you’re not prepped to take on a pup, there are other ways to help the project take care of these perritos.

For every dog that the shelter rescues, they have to be prepared to cover $1,000 in costs to ensure the dog’s health and recovery. If you’re not ready to take on the costs and efforts of taking care of a dog, you can always donate to the project or volunteer. Check out ways other ways contribute and help here.


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