13 Reasons Puerto Ricans Are Geniuses For Creating Coquito, The Liquid Gold Of Christmas Drinks

Borikén, or as it’s more commonly known, Puerto Rico has given Boricuas many things. El Coqui, Marc Anthony, salsa, bomba, beautiful beaches, arroz con salchicha and rum. But the most important and most delicious gift Puerto Rico has given us only comes around during the holiday season. That magical gift is the sweet coconutty drink, coquito! This drink is a staple for Ricans around the world and here’s why you need to have it during your holiday season!

1) Eggnog Is Overrated


During the holidays, most people go on and on about eggnog as if Dios herself blessed it. But Puerto Ricans know the truth and Coquito reins supreme! Eggnog should step aside, no one wants to drink “sweet eggs” during the holidays, que gross. When instead they could be drinking the boozy, coconut cinnamon nectar of the heavens! Trust me, one sip of coquito and you’ll never go back to plain Jane eggnog.

2) You’ll Feel Like You’re On An Tropical Vacation With Every Sip


Most of us wish we could escape the cold and spend the holiday in Puerto Rico on la playa. But plane tickets are expensive so turning up your heater is the best you can do. Luckily it’s not the only thing to warm your spirits. Because coquito is coconut based, you’ll still get that tropical island fantasy you’ve been craving with every sip. And it doesn’t hurt that the rum in the drink will keep you extra toasty. It may even help you forget the snow you might have to shovel the next morning!



The holidays are an expensive time for everyone. You have to buy gifts for all your primos, make sure you spoil your mami because she deserves it, and if you have kids, get them the latest toys. After long shopping days the perfect way to relax and take the edge off is a perfect drink that won’t hurt your already damaged wallet. Coquito is THAT DRINK!! There’s only 9 ingredients and each ingredient is less than $10! Basically you can make a drink that’ll make enough for a week for a fraction of the price than drinking at a bar. Coquito is a holiday miracle!

4) It’s Easy To Make!


I’ve gone on now about how delicious Coquito is and how cheap it is, but did you know that making it requires little to no effort? Many Puerto Ricans have different ways they make coquito, for example on the stove. But an easy way to make it requires just a blender! You just put all the measured out ingredients in a blender, hit the stir button until combined and then boom! Your sweet sweet creation is done and ready for you drink the night away with family! Perfecto!

5) You Will Get DRUNK!


Holidays can be rough, especially when you’re around your chimosa Tias asking you “y el novio?”. And don’t get me started on being put in charge of your baby cousins while the “adults” eat and have fun. You’re going to need a little something-something to get through the night. Coquito is coconut based but it is a requirement that what you put alcohol in it, it has to be Puerto Rican rum (I prefer Bacardi). And we don’t just add a splash of rum, I’m taking the whole dang bottle! You will get drunk, you will feel good and you’ll be yelling “WEPA!” the entire night. But please mi gente, drink responsibly.

6) Don’t Drink Alcohol? No Problem!


Coquito is known to be the boozy drink to get you through the holidays but if you can’t drink or choose not to, no worries! This drink is still for you! Coquito doesn’t need alcohol to be delicious, it holds its own. Just skip the rum step, and you’re good to go. The sweet coconut drink will still make you feel like you’re on an island getaway and satisfy any sweet tooth!

7) We All Have That One Tio Who Drinks A Little Too Much


Coquito is that drink that if you’re not careful, you’ll get drunk fast off it. And at a family party we all have that Tio whos doing exactly that and becomes the life of the party! Your Tio and coquito mixed together means loud singing, obnoxious dancing and random “WEPAS” over everything. Coquito will make your family loosen up during stressful holiday seasons and bring joy to everyone! Also your Tio drunk off of coquito is free entertainment right?

8) You Can Store It In Anything…Seriously.


Traditionally you’ll see coquito in long glass bottles that can be plain or beautifully decorated. But if you don’t have that, no problem! Coquito can be stored in LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Mason jars, Tupperware, water bottles, basically anything with a lid! As long as it can fit in the fridge to cool, you’re good.

9) Don’t Know What To Bring To Nochebuena? Bring Coquito!


Whether you’re going home to family for Nochebuena or having a friends one, you may not know what to bring to the feast that’s simple and easy to carry. Coquito makes a perfect addition to your Nochebuena! As said before, it’s easy to make, easy to store, easy to transport and fun to share with everyone. You’ll be making Nochebuena better than ever!

10) Cinnamon And Coconut Are A Match Made In Heaven!


Come on, cinnamon and coconut were made for each other! No other combination makes you feel as nice and cozy during the holidays than this. Coquito is the majority of these two flavors because all it takes are simple ingredients to make something absolutely delicious! Mira, so humble.

11) One Batch Of Coquito Can Last You The Entire Month Of December!


When Puerto Ricans make coquito, we make huge batches that will last us the entire month. Either because family and friends will visit during the holiday at a moments notice, or we’re gift giving but honestly we make so much because of how delicious it is. We keep drinking it all ourselves! Making a huge batch that lasts is essential to surviving the holidays.


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