14 Latinx Social Justice Statement T-Shirts To Wear At The Dinner Table This Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is in full swing, we’ve traded our iced coffees for mint mochas, and most of us are getting ready for those shopping deals. As exciting as the holiday hustle and bustle leadup can be for some of us, preparing ourselves to go back home for the holidays can be emotionally and mentally taxing.  Particularly when it comes to gearing up to be around relatives and family friends who might not totally see eye to eye on politics and social justice issues. As important as it is to ensure healthy and productive conversations about these topics around this time of the season, sometimes its easier to make a clear statement without getting completely confrontational.

To do so, we’ve rounded up the best (and loudest) statement Ts for you wear to your family dinner this holiday season.

From being straight up and clear about your feelings about current politics to being out and proud about your sexuality, here’s a list of the perfect shirts just for you.

1. There Is No Right Way by DreamHeauxApparel

For anyone in your family–or beyond–who has something to say about the “right way” to chase the “American Dream.”

Buy here.


2. Chicas Malcriadas T-Shirt by Hola Dear Deer

‘Cause you’re a grown ass woman now (sometimes, adulting can be hard, right?!) and you’re lowkey still a malcriada.

Buy here.

3. This Brown Girl Stands T-Shirt by BrownBadassBonita

You know, just to give your family a lil’ food for thought at the dinner table.

Buy here.

4. Phenomenally Latina T-Shirt by Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign  

Sometimes you just gotta’ let them know.

Buy here.

5. Pansita Power T-Shirt by Vida and Wild

Less of a political statement, but hey, you might need this one after the feast you’re about to have at your abuelitas house.

Buy here.

6. Deport Racists T-Shirt by GreenBoxShop

Just in case you gotta’ be around an ignorant audience this holiday season.

Buy here.

7. Queer Latino Pride T-Shirt by Barrio Shop

Be loud and proud about who you are, you matter.

Buy here.

8. Chingona Scholar T-Shirt by Academic Soul

If you’re currently sleighing it in college or grad school and going back home for the holidays, let your family know that you’re chingona and scholarly AF.

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9. Mental Illnesses Are Not Adjectives T-Shirt by GreenBoxShop

We know some Latinx families can be close-minded and reluctant to talk about mental illness, so let them know that mental illnesses are not adjectives.

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10. Soy Fuerte, Soy Mujer T-Shirt by L.A. Chica

Just in case anyone tries you during dinner, repeat after us, “Soy fuerte. Soy mujer.”

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11. Mujer Exitosa T-Shirt by Jen Zeano Designs

Let them know the GLOW UP is real.

Buy here.

12. Mom Didn’t Raise No Mensa T-Shirt by Barrio Shop

For those that might be testing you this holiday season––just let them KNOW.

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13. La Muerte T-Shirt by Valfre

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‘Cause sometimes you just gotta’ let your family that you’re goth, all year long. Even during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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14. Power To The Workers T-Shirt by DreamHeauxApparel

RESPECT ALL FORMS OF LABOR. You can say that again––especially during the holiday season, shoutout to all the people who work in retail and work long hours to get by.

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