19 Sentimental Gifts For Your Family, Friend, or Lover This Holiday Season

credit: @Unsplash / Instagram

The act of giving is always a joy, especially if genuine intentions are behind it. But this holiday season, what do you give the person you love the most? Often, the hardest part of gift-giving is not staying in budget, but showing people how much they truly mean to you. Fortunately, there are ways to say “you mean the world to me” without breaking the bank or coming off as cheesy and insincere.

Here’s a list of sentimental gifts that your beloved family member, lover, or friend will love to open on Christmas day.

A book to map out your family tree.


As parents age and family members move away, it’s crucial to keep a record of how much the family has grown over the years. Any family member would love to get a family tree book because it’s as personal as you can get. Retails at $20 on Etsy.com.

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